Privilege / Set Me Free

I think (after scrubbing the follow-up essay 8 times) that I finally can wrap my head around Spotted Flower Chapters 22 & 23

Yup, that’s it:

See also:

4 thoughts on “Privilege / Set Me Free

  1. Wow! Dragging Mishima into it?
    No less likely I suppose than the Spotted Flower universe
    in someone’s head. Mishima of course created an a-functional
    representation of the Japanese reality in his own head and
    projected it onto reality.
    When reality did not conform to his hallucination of it
    he exited in samurai style.


    • More to the issue of Spotted Flower, Yukio Mishima’s reputation as a writer afforded him sufficient privilege that he could remain married, father two children and still cut a swath through the gayer parts of Tokyo’s floating world before setting up his own right-wing Boys’ Detective… Ooops.. Emperor Worship Club.

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