Call for entries

Why should I write this thing all by myself?

A bit of guest comment and other points of view might liven things up. And a Call for entries section on the masthead really tarts this thing up! Whoo-hoo! Ambition!

Use the comment section to contact me if you have an essay, article, review or testimonial, tip, link to a most excellent article/ paper or rant you want to share with HOFF’s 3 readers. Yup – I doubt that more than 3 people read this thing.

I will copy off the note, delete it and either use it, get back to you by email or something. If you are serious about contributing, please leave some kind of summary description – a “yeah got something, get back to me.” wont cut it – and it looks too much like the flood of spam for fake designer handbags that make up %100 of my comments. No guarantees – my boat!

I will gladly read it and if it fits this blog’s odd raison d’etre, edit the piss out of it and plop it up here.

For now let’s limit this to topics somewhat in line with those already covered.

Bonus points if you are actually in/ from Japan and immersed in manga/anime culture. While I can’t read Japanese, I have some experience  fixing clumsy/ machine translations.

1 thought on “Call for entries

  1. Hi,
    I was preparing a conference presentation on Western anime/manga fandom (case of Weiss Kreuz and how plot holes and other canon inconsistencies can be a sort of ‘invitation’ for fanfic writers) for a fanfiction workshop, and came across your website.

    The bibliography is amazing, and I just wanted to say THANKS A LOT for compiling it! (also because you included OA resources)

    Best wishes,


    Evgenia Amey
    PhD candidate
    University of Jyväskylä

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