10 years after, live

In 2 days it will be the 10-year anniversary of this blog. WOW!

Longtime readers may have noticed an absence of new posts this year. Nope, I’m not “on hiatus” (whatever that means – or maybe I am in denial?) or have abandoned this project. A few weeks ago, I posted a -why- on my Tumblr.

TL;DR: I haven’t found anything with enough “theory moe” to motivate me to grind on about.

Also, that pandemic thang. Still alive, AZ double-tap, stash of KN95s and copper-screen modded elastomeric P100’s for when shit gets insane.

Also, I miss Japan and my sweetie. Cranky am I.

Also, work.

The only idea I considered was: “Oppai inflation in women anime/ manga/ game charas since Eva“: the notion that the original Eva girls form some kind of guy-otaku baseline for non-loli woman charas, with parody/ comedy charas as a separate class; I’m guessing these take Lum as their baseline…

Well, it is about desire…  Maybe later…

Short review takes are better handled in Tweeter threads.

More homebrew recipes? I found a neat thing one can do with wine-making dregs and big cheap bottles of ginger ale. Tentatively christened “Ginger Pig“. %5 ABV. BTW, this is a derivative of what homebrewers have variously named “kilju” and “skeeter pee“. Fine summer drink. The problem was always the preservative used in soft drinks. The solution is to overwhelm it with yeast. Lots of yeast, like the dregs in the bottom of your wine-making bucket. Breweries could make out like bandits on the surplus soft drink => ethanol recycling market. (this is actually a thing and the most cost-efficient solution so far is corn husk waste derived activated charcoal.)

I should set an informal limit on brewing how-to posts here. Two are enough for now.

Happy anniversary this blog, moi.

THANK YOU, all my readers for sticking with me.

I’m still here.

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