Magic-pay-me Boxes

Support TLDR blogging on manga, anime & stuff at Hearts of Furious Fancies

I finally broke down and am [ COMPLETELY STALLED ] doing some light monetization to help with the internet-ty and other expenses for this blog. Maybe I can scrape up enough for some inexpensive shared hosting space and mirror this thing. That way I could also host small attachments, clips, texts, whatnot…

Thanks for browsing this tab and I hope you are enjoying the posts!
— Mudakun

Consider buying me a Ko-fi

OOOPS.. still working on getting this set up.

Need your own domain? (like heartsoffuriousfancies dot com)

Visit, grab one or more, use my discount code HELPHOFF and we both save a buck. Namesilo is cheap, easy to use and has lots of extra security and
re-routing features that come free with the yearly (or more) fee.
Usually under US$ 9.00 for a simple domain registration!

I have become addicted to shopping on ALIEXPRESS

Lotsa fun, why did I just buy $30 worth of LED COB light modules?
Oh.. Nize shoes! Here’s my affiliate link for new users,
NOPE, Don’t do it. Too much fake track number not-shipping on Aliexpress
for me to rec it any more. Dispute mechanism is now completely rigged
against buyers as well, so fuck them.
Get some coupons, I get a smol kickback:  or use the code INSNGUZM in the app in the “redeem invite code” section.

Everyone needs a referral link to an online pharmacy…

Jeesh, do I get spam for sex pills on this blog! Fortunately, WordPress
catches almost all the spam; odds are they are all run by the same
shady crime types who will raid your credit card and ship you
sugar pills — even if you are on vacation, run out of your prescription and/or
need to get your mittens on some industrial strength bronchitis relief.

So how do you find a “real” one? Read lots of chronic disease support forum posts,
then cross-check to build a list. Then name-search more forum posts, etc.

I found a candidate and tried them when on vacation a few years back. Sadly they do not ship to where I live but they do ship to the USA and to where I travel. Good prices and they sell what they say they sell. Payment methods are a tiny bit non-standard but no one has raided my credit card, yet. I trust them.  Previously they used an email referral system, which meant I would have to ask you to leave a comment with an email address, then submit that address and wipe the comment, which is clunky and unsatisfactory.

Update/ Oh Snap! With the COVID-19 mess coinciding with their website redesign, they have suspended their referral program. If you are desperate for a source, leave an
email in a comment, I’ll wipe the comment, email you the site. But I won’t post it
out in the open, lest scammers pile on them and create 100 “looks like, almost” sites.
Sooner or later this will all sort out and besides, you shouldn’t try dosing yourself
with chloroquine because it will rot your eyeballs out.

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