In my own country I am in a far-off land
I am strong but have no force or power
I win all yet remain a loser
At break of day I say goodnight
When I lie down I have a great fear of falling.
– Villon

Like Piper’s (H.B., not Adrian) “fookshoot”, once you peel away all the layers, nothing remains, yet the further inward you get, the more bitter the layers become.

To the innermost layer of geek was added photographer, journalist, chronic academic, computer nerd, and finally, multi-media artist, and cultural worker.

Got me lotsa university time, degrees, can thow around the usual jargon; sometimes I even get something useful out of it.

Much to the amusement of she-who-up-with-me-puts, I cling to my delusion that absorbing obsessive amounts of manga and anime can lead me to understand her country. When I get to visit, my laziness in failing to learn rudimentary Japanese lets me experience vicarious illiteracy.

I spend most of my time in south-western Ontario, Canada.

The Commonwealth of communities that encourage, bring together and support those of us with too much enthusiasm have been a great part of my life, but I also realise that accommodation with the world, and disenchantment is inevitable, and necessary. The Villon quote above is nothing more than a 15th century drinking-game riddle; the answer is the moon. So much for dramatic entrances.