Spotted Flower Chapters 22, 23: les etrangers

Spotted Flower Chapters 22, 23
Kio Shimoku
Rakuen Le Paradis, Vol 24, June 30, 2017

WARNING: Spoilers ensue. Methodical, theory-sodden clinical speculation on cartoon man-sex scenes and grating 4chan excerpts below the cut line.

LATE NIGHT FINAL UPDATE: 9 months after chapters 22 and 23 were published, the English fan-translations surfaced in mid March 2018. In light of this, certain concluions, based on personal machine translations and the story told by the pictures must be modified. The disappointed 4channers were closer to the story line than I was.

A number of follow-up posts are indicated:

On the surface, there should not be much of any big deal that two manga characters get written as having cartoon sex. After all, they are represented as adults and nudge nudge wink wink, if their continuity from a previous incarnation under a different publishing house is considered, they have been interested in trying -something- with each other for years. That they are both male, although one presents some manner of gender fluidity shouldn’t be that big a deal either. This is the 21st century. Whatever, play safe.

In chapter 22 of Spotted Flower, Kio Shimoku has his Alternate Universe (AU, could be a continuation) looks-like-an-older-Madarame and looks-like-an-older-and-transitioning-Hato finally succumb to their long suppressed -what-? Longings? Love? Curiosity? Fantasies? They end up in a clench and from then on, it’s an Ogiue doujinshi moment:

My characters are making love!

So much to consider here. What a surprise. What a shocker! What an opportunity! Unfortunately, the chapter in question is so far only available to us diaspora fans as e-book format purchase of the Japanese Rakuen Le Paradis magazine issue, [ Kindle version here, get legal:…Le+Paradis ] grey-sourced postings of images of the same and one European language scanlation. Same for the next chapter, wherein (lets adopt a senior blogger’s convention and dispense with the looks-like-an-older, the alt- and the not- prefixes and adopt the [!] exclamation point prefix) !Hato Kenjiro may or may not share some or all of the details with their manager and lover !Yajima Merei. The latter then may or may not decline to feel betrayed and instead go full metal fujoshi on the news. Or doesn’t. You try pointing a smartphone’s Google Translate app at a laptop screen and see how much sense you can get out of the words; especially when these are vernacular terms used for describing intimacy, romance and relationships.

The urge to do some pop literary criticism is overwhelming. What is Kio Shimoku sensei up to? Can we adduce themes, strategies, impulses and the rest of the whole critique-y ball-o-wax? I’ll get to that, I promise. More interesting as first and second stops are the reactions of the Genshiken fandom(s) and some of the odder characteristics of the presentation of the intimacy.

Never underestimate Kio Shimoku.

A reaction from review:

5 stars Madara Mezu Uke
Format: Comic
Anyway, Mr. Kidio’s “Spotted Flower” is a shocking development. It certainly was a collective reception, but it is a deployment that this husband does with this husband. It is a two-talk composition of 28 pages and 4 pages, but the punch line of the second talk was the best. Information on the release of the book at the end of September is also included, and I am very much looking forward to it.
–Contributor BT_BOMBERTHE BEST 500 REVIEWERS, June 29, 2017

Google Translate is, at times opaque.

The ‘western-anglosphere’ male-gaze fandom caught wind of the two new chapters some time around July 5 or 6. Scans circulated and debate on 4chan’s /a board started up. Predictably, many anon did not liek.

>your wife gives birth
>ex boyfriend visits her in the hospital along with all their other friends and family
>acts like a normal person and talks to him
>you get jealous
>get drunk
>go home
>wife still in hospital with baby
>this tranny that you both know from college comes to your house
>you try to fuck
>can’t get hard
>tranny fucks you in the ass right next to your newborn’s crib
>stinking up the master bedroom to the point where the tranny needs to clean it with Lysol and shit
>tranny goes home and nonchalantly tells their girlfriend about cheating on her and fucking you in the ass
>yet you still wonder if you had an affair or not

>Does Kio Shimoku have MPD? Genshiken Nidaime and Gonensei were bad enough.”

More fan reaction from 4chan’s /a board:

July 7 thread on Not Genshiken (dead)

July 13 thread

Note how the thread discussions play out based not only on the original undersatanding of the chapters from the Japanese language “raws” but that errors and ommissions in the summaries are not questioned or corrected. For starters when !Hato shows up at the husband and wife’s apartment, while I can’t make out whether or not it is a surprise visit; or who invited or inveigled their way over or in; what is apparent is that the outfit that !Hato is wearing is some form of cosplay. I can guess that the character it represents is somehow considered young, innocent, “virginal” because the conversation between !Mada and !Hato turns to the issue of neither of them being virgins any more. They talk some more and then embrace.

Only one panel at the beginning gives a hint that !Mada might have been drinking before !Hato showed up.

Moving along to next misapprehension, specifically:

>you try to fuck
>can’t get hard
>tranny fucks you in the ass right next to your newborn’s crib

The character Hato Kenjiro (and !Hato) has been written as having held fantasies of ‘taking” Madarame as a sou-uke or ultimate bottom. It seems that the some of the enraged fandom has internalized and amplified these same fantasies, even against the evidence of their own eyes. Please examine the pages in question. Whatever reasons !Mada had for a reluctance to try “doggy style” anal sex with !Hato, the subsequent cowgirl/ boy/ otokonoko/ trans woman pose is impossible without a maximum degree of !Madarame ardor. It is also, a ridiculous position for butt-sex and deployed only to mirror the wife’s (!Saki’s) manner of taking her husband on their honeymoon — presented previously in the Vol1 extras.

If you really want to quibble, I think one or both noticed the other’s excitement during the initial clench scene.

The prosecution and the defence must therefore stipulate consensual, mutual anal intercourse between both characters. The transcript shall be amended to:

>you fuck your tranny friend in the ass next to your newborn’s crib.
>tranny then fucks you in the ass right next to your newborn’s crib.

It sure looks like !Mada got his bit of happy first.

[UPDATE: Nope, good try but hydraulic failure! Lets try: “you attempt to fuck your trans friend in the ass…” Don’t they have blue pills in Japan?]

Only then does !Hato declare that ze would really like to make hir dream from university days a reality. If the European language scans are any indication, the moment is also an occasion for !Hato to make a classic, if abbreviated Song-of-the-heart-of-the-wind-and-trees-of-Thomas declaration of eternal body and soul love to !Mada.

Pay attention, this is not nit-picking, or a cudgel directed at a segment of the fandom.

This is the heart of the matter.

From a pure story-telling perspective, the negative fan gloss picks up on and amplifies the potential for homo-panic within the scene. Madarame and/or !/ not-/ alt- Madarame has fallen from his role as senior uber-otaku avatar into “faggotry“. And not just with another guy. With an otokonoko, a fictionalised, fetishized female presenting male homosexual, yes, c’mon say it, those obnoxious, hateful words;  “tranny” and “trap”.

He should then be impotent and “beta as fuck“. Then, as some of thread posters ventured, it will turn out that !Kousaka, the wife’s ex-boyfriend is really the father of her child and !Mada is also a “cuck“. Oh my! Kio-sensei has refrained from depicting any fellatio. What a lapse. !Mada has missed out on being a “cocksucking beta cuck” as well.

Read those threads. You can cut the rage, betrayal and disappointment with a knife.

If this was 6 years ago, I too would have been stricken with somewhat similar feelings (though I would have avoided flailing around about it on 4chan). This blog, the research it impelled, the limited exposure to the fantasies of fujoshis and the even more limited exposure to the made-by-gay-guys-for-gay-guys product as well as the safely denatured studies, academic talk-talk, theoretical go-out-on-a limb and the painstaking sociology and testimony from fans of all persuasions and proclivities, as well as the testimonies of the real people, whose lives these little cartoons are shadows of, have damped down the knee-jerk reactions that my tribe were born into and grew up in the midst of – and of which I too carried a full measure of. Abjection, otherness, fear, shame, vulnerability, violence, scapegoating, unperson-ing. When I was young, I knew what it meant to be called a “fag” to your face. It was like being called “jew” in the middle of Nazi Germany. Police and courts gave get out of jail free cards to thugs who offered the “he-came-onto-me‘ defence. Was anyone back then really afraid of honest-to-goodness gay people? We were all afraid of our thuggish peers and the brittle constructions that surrounded our manhood.

See also: American black inner city c.a. 1970-1990’s use of the epithet “punk”

Things have changed a tiny bit in the better neighborhoods. There is still much work to be done.

If you are not a mythical “Social Justice Warrior”, even if you are a Chicago School of Economics utilitarian anti-humanist HR manager (about to be pushed off a train platform to die and be reincarnated as a war-loli-magical-weapon-platform) you must still eventually admit that a complex technological democratic mass society cannot tolerate this kind of stupid lumpenproletariat criminality. It leads to lawlessness, corruption, stagnation and eventually to civil war, societal breakdown and barbarism. Pure Mad Max time. No new good jobs, medicines, tech toys, clean running water, easy to get food, electricity and/or mildly competent dentists.

I don’t give a fuck what kind of worms are in your head but if you let them slip while working the tech support line, you will offend a customer and endanger the contract. Beware the impulse to coddle or fetishize incompetence.

So endeth the Epistle of Saint Tanya.

That wont change one single mind. Even if one or more of the posting anons could have instead offered that they were unconvinced about the set-up, character motivation and the rest, they didn’t.

Try this on for size instead: All that homo-panic, posturing, fag cuck suck ass-fuck muck wuk wuk male hysteria is like honey for the fujoshi impulse. Why do you think they commit their narrative violence on straight male characters and find gay male characters too boring? “I’m not gay its only you” is all fine and cute, but to have one screeching rage-filled man-child fall smitten with another after all their homophobic ranting and bashing turned out to be a projection of their deepest fears and desires…

Whew! Sooooo hot! Steamy!

Stop throwing raw meat at the fujoshi. It’s kind of weak.

I understand when one’s fears and the feeling of being overwhelmed by social change gets loose on an anonymous image board; when discussing the “downfall” of a character and/or your disappointment with a series that you once felt spoke to you.

If one manages to put such “panic” feelings aside, it’s a lot easier to see how we got played. Polite version: how a master story-teller just pulled off a narrative flourish. It is supposed to induce whiplash. Feature, not bug. You wanna ur widdle hapwy ending alla da time? Why such a big deal? Someone sell you a lying President or something?

>>Feels like the author got assblasted that everyone kept yelling for Madarame and Saki and they kept hating on Hato, so he went into a scorched earth kinda fit and turned Not-Madarame into a cheater, so he can now point to it and say “see? why would you want Madarame and Saki to hook up? See how it turned out, even though I didn’t have to write it that way?”.

On the subject of pandering to fujoshi:

>>Absolutely not true. Fujos didn’t give a single shit about Nidaime. There was zero fujo fanart, no fujoposting on Twitter and most people on 2ch threads were male. I was pretty into Nidaime before it went to shit and browsed Nip sites to read discussions, there were no fujos.

>>You browsed the wrong sites then

>> Where are the right sites then? Do you have an actual source for this or “Nidaime had a fujoshit fanbase” was you talking out of your ass?

>>Those are the 2ch general Kio threads I used to browse back then, no fujoposting there.

>>Really? You sure of that?

>>Amazing that Hato managed to kill 2 separate series “”

–4chan /a discussion threads

Kio-sensei meant to do it and meant to do it this way, for his reasons. I doubt however they are as simple as suggested above. Regrettably I am a bit short on western fujoshi/ slash, BL-fan, HatoMadaHato shipper reactions to chapter 22. Last year’s Tumblr contingent has moved on from their disappointment with Nidaime‘s ending. I suspect they may be loath to revisit the scene of their dashed hopes. My own lame attempt to gauge their reactions to this newest turn was marred by a clumsy beer-fueled late-night post that read like an admonition directed at them, rather than a sigh of sympathetic regret for what the two characters were written into trying. Kio-sensei’s illusion field is strong. You read about !Mada and !Hato (and their precessors) and exclaim with disbelief when they fall into dramatically self-destructive behaviour. If you don’t watch how you express this, you make fail big. (gehhhhhhhhh!)

What did you two fools just do? Oh My!

Warning, warning. Pull up, pull up! Characters; written. Not real. Warning!

What a ride.

“They wanted each other, in the worst way…’

Well, that came close. But before I get into a further examination of sneaky author tricks, what else can be gleaned from looking at the work in front of us? Not having accessible dialog text is an opportunity to look harder. Kio-sensei is an artist first, an author second. The pictures do the heavy lifting.

The clench scene: the three-panel progression from hug to ass-grab is tender.

One would think they would kissu more, some, at all. No spit-swapping? The absence recalls sex-worker “service”. Perhaps someone forgot to floss?

!Mada spending some time nuzzling the back of !Hato’s neck is a call-out. Per the Sue wrestling match in Nidaime (ch86), Hato and therefore !Hato goes bonkers for this.

I already mentioned the other missing foreplay. What we are given a glimpse of is a bit odd. Where are you putting your hand, !Mada?

Once again: a correction and an oblique sop to the paleo-otaku fans: !Mada most assuredly could get it up and as his wife mentioned, being an otaku has in no way affected his virility. Doggy style scared him temporarily — perhaps because that is supposedly his wife’s fave position. He’s good with girl-on-top. Still spineless and wishy-washy, but more than adequately functional. Hooray for Otakus. All that frustration over moe-bait pays off. It’s those steroid-eating body builder types who will disappoint their wives. Unfortunately that means that !Mada was really into it with !Hato. reversible and versatile. Was it that !Hato was “on top” for both rounds that stings?

[Update: Nope, kinda wrong. Looks like !Mada couldn’t stay hard while attempting to score some long fantasised about otokonoko intimacy. Still he tried. Why he might have failed and left it at that is gonna take a few more essay posts.]

!Mada! Take off your glasses. They get bent and can poke and scrape your partner. Oh, you wanted to see everything completely clearly then? Hmmmm. Symbolism.

I saw luv but I didn’t see glove. Tssk Tsk! Tsk! Both of you! Also: how did they manage without a tub of magic yaoi lotion?

Why did Kio-sensei go out of his way to re-invent the BL schmex scene? Reports as to the formalism within the genre are 10 to 15 years out of date for diaspora fans, but it looked before as if Hato and Ogiue (per second cours, Genshiken anime episode 5, 2007) were very big on tradition. This is another of those Fujoshi / BL things that annoy the heck out of IRL gay folks. The exaggerated parody of male:female role bonking that the yaoi bishies used to strictly adhere to sacrificed practicality for symbolism. In male-gaze yuri, a similar effect happens with “tribadism”. Not very functional, but very symbolic for the audience. Even Korean doujinshis do a better job of (clinically) depicting how a MadaHato butt-sex session could reasonably transpire.

In the absence of the full BL fantasy clip from Genshiken 2 Ep5, here’s a cheesy AMV made from it and some Gundam clips.


Cue the two main “western” fan primers (see also this blog’s bibliography section) from the early 2000’s:

A typology of how sex progresses in a yaoi sex scene: “That Japanese BL Scene Page“
blog now defunct, see the backup at:
…which turns out just to be a reworking of an earlier article at the long defunct Aestheticism fan site, “Yaoi Field Guide (what comes of reading too many djs and BBGs)” archived here:

Rather than what c.a. 2000, etc., fangirls got wrong about gay male sex, consider these as a rough map of their wayward hearts. This is what the fen wanted to see. Recall herr Doktor Freud’s Big Question? Here’s the answer for at least some of them. A time-tested baseline for a good pr0ny man-sex fantasy made by and for women. One could spend weeks tearing it down to the metal. Or one could watch it being sent up over the moon in that Genshiken anime episode.

Kio-sensei goes out of his way not to draw his version of m:m intimacy this way.

Objectively speaking, it is a very disenchanted BL sex scene.

Would real guys who want each other go at it like this? Who knows? That’s way beside the point. The point is that both old-school het-guy otakus and HatoMadaHato shipping fangirls are going to be sufficiently thrown by the proceedings as to let the slight-of-hand slip by. Jarring. Something wrong. In the marriage bed next to the baby crib. This didn’t go off quite right. Suffering continues.

Sneaky sneaky Kio-sensei. Put down the hammer.

“There is a big secret about sex: most people don’t like it.”
— L.Bersani (1987)

This leads to a common complaint from the other side of the avenue. Apparently depicting your “gay” in too straight and/or too vanilla a manner is considered by some as a waste of time and/or a betrayal and/or a buzz kill. “If I want music, I’ll turn on the radio!” The reason why these shadows of IRL minority sexuality/ gender expression romance and intimacy end up in stories is because the “desert of the real” so oppresses; feels like an inexorable life (or death) sentence to some of the readership.

“In the context of spotted flower at least, this is very heterosexual so i’m not sure anyone invested in the ship for “rotten” reasons got a payoff they want. ”
–Tumblr user on Spotted Flower ch22

When the fantasies of the BL storytelling world meet the realities of a politicized, activist tojisha community, all manner of competing concerns pop up. From the Twitter commentary on a recent panel discussion at an academic conference in Japan about what happens when BL gets lose in the rest of Asia and becomes and aspirational fantasy for their nascent gay communities:

“In his response to the panel, Patrick Galbraith raises the problem that many BL fans may in fact create new normativities #BLinAsia –Thomas Baudinette‏ @tbaudinette Jul 2

He also notes that Fujimoto Yukari points out how early “shonen-ai” was much more fluid in its gender and sexual politics #BLinAsia –Thomas Baudinette‏ @tbaudinette Jul 2

So some BL fans, in rejecting violent sexual fantasies (for example) may be producing homonormativities… #BLinAsia”
—Thomas Baudinette‏ @tbaudinette Jul 2


Given so much powder that can be burnt, is “realism” or even adherence to “canon” tropes a hill that an ambitious mangaka wants to die on?

Back to that sex scene. What can we say about it besides that it sure looks like the two characters took turns bonking each other, !Mada kept his glasses on and !Hato declared true love?

  • Is it schmexy hawt? Erotic?
  • Are both or either of the two dripping with sweat, drool and other classic ero-manga markers of intimate passion?
  • Is it disrespectful of male:male or cis-male:trans woman intimacy?
  • Is it tender, compassionate, romantic?
  • If not, is it over-dramatically fetishistic? Marked by role-playing?
  • Despite !Hato’s wish for !Madarame sou-uke, does it adhere to rigid pairing roles?
  • Could you imagine ANYONE using it as fantasy material?
  • Could the mangaka have done this by accident?
  • Do you think he did it this way to hide the fact that he cannot draw a stereotypical BL schmex scene?
  • Do you think he did it this way to hide the fact that he doesn’t get man-sex?
  • One more time: do the internets not function as a pr0n delivery system in Japan?


There is something about the over-all “feeling” of the scene that does however bring to mind certain classes of disenchanted straight and gay porn; a “we’re just here to fuck” urgency. One page. Six darkened panels of !Mada on !Hato foreplay then “Ooops, doggy style reminds me of my wife. Ok, this works. I got mine, [or not…] your turn. You want what? Eh. Fade to waves crashing on the…   Yamete, oshiri ga itai

Ho hum!

Kio Shimoku has gone out of his way to draw and write this scene exactly as he has done.

Ghu knows how many rough takes he had to crumple into the wastepaper basket before he got it just the way he wanted it. This took work. He is showing off by showing what he is not showing.

Sensei, we never doubted your Art degree.

Now we can begin to edge towards literary-ish critic-y-ness. Making the sex scene convincing enough but somehow “less’ or “off” or “jarring” greases the great grindy gears of nemesis. Kio Shimoku is a friend and admirer of Nisio Isin; perhaps he wants to do his own “everyone will be equally unhappy, together” story. Certainly infidelity puts an extra bit of oomph in any continuing tale of a young couple who just had their first child, whether or not they have interesting friends and/or hobbies.

It is also a good time to consider a change, or at least a pivot in Kio Shimoku’s understanding of his target audience.

Here are a series of interviews with Kio Shimoku from 2015, on Spotted Flower, early influences and his “new” main audience in Rakuen Le Paradis magazine. (In Japanese, translate plug-ins work well enough.)

Part 1: 2015/05/25
Part 2: 2015/05/30

While Spotted Flower has ambled along in Le Paradis, a few pages per chapter, three times a year for years, the last few issues have seen an expansion in the chapter page counts. Spotted Flower is now the mangaka’s main property. More pages per chapter also mean less time between tankobon volume releases. Rumour has it some manner of book is in the offing as well. (1)

Time to play chopsticks on the new piano, in the major key of marital infidelity immediately after childbirth.

!Mada you fool! Remember to launder the sheets. And what’s with the Febreeze variant !Hato is spritzing around? Was ze drenched in hir usual fave scent? Better air the apartment out.

!Mada lies on the couch after the deed is done, reportedly asking himself if this counts as “cheating”


What a progression for Hato/!Hato: from crossdressing male fujoshi to transitioning gender-queer BL ero-mangaka, to homewrecker.

Naw… Just boys’ night out. Very Mishima. The wife (!Saki) need only worry if the lads start wearing old military uniforms and rising sun headbands.

The order of forms of the Japanese family is not threatened. The wife (!Saki) remains as good-wife-wise-mother head of the domestic realm. She also controls the household finances. Buddy boy just bought himself a cut in his weekly sarraryman pocket-money allowance. In a few years his wife and child(ren) will hold him in silent contempt; his only friend will be the family dog. He’ll be saving up his spare change for a monthly visit to a hostess bar so he can whine to !Keiko. This is what happens when sarraryman-san can’t keep it in his pants.

So much for genderqueer transgressive romance.

Meanwhile the “realism” of !Hato’s doujins get a mild level-up due to fieldwork.

And that could be it; with or without subsequent Rubu Hotel trysts. Where’s the fun in that? Where are ‘The feelings that all !Madas and !Hatos And !Yajimas and !Sakis must endure”? On the other extreme, I hope that Kio-sensei isn’t aiming for high Japanese variant modernist literature, otherwise the schmex is going to get violent and our two foolish heroes will have to jump off the apartment building roof together because that’s how one proves that love is true in a Japanese romantic tragedy. It says it right here in the ops manual.

!Mada and !Hato could sneak off to a tea-house, eat sex drugs and hole up for 4 days of debauchery before !Mada dies of a stroke and !Hato, mad with grief wanders around Ikebukuro with a cut-off souvenir of her lost lover.

Wait! Howabout !Saki leaves him, then !Mada listens to an ancient war veteran tell horrific stories and then gets the urge to climb down into dry wells! !Hato follows. Much angst in dry wells ensues…

Oh fuggettit. Don’t wind that bird.

If we consider Spotted Flower as an unofficial sequel to the Genshiken and Genshiken Nidaime, chapter 22 represents a radical shift, a rupture from past light slice-of-life comedy that smiled ruefully at otaku and fujoshi foibles. Expanding our consideration to Kio-sensei’s short-lived Princess of Hell/ Jigopuri
[ ] series, with its goth loli cosplayer single mother and her twin sister trying to cope with the responsibilities of precarious parenthood, gives us a view of how the mangaka has tried to explore situations that were a few steps removed from the safe, carefree days of university clubs in the early 2000’s. With the Genshiken, Kio Shimoku won an otaku audience. With Genshiken Nidaime he sought a second demographic while trying to hang onto the first. Per years of the grumbling chorus on numerous forums, he might have lost some of his original otaku fans in the process. Attrition was to be expected. Nidaime, as an examination of a fujoshi social remains incomplete but far more complex and nuanced than any number of “Oh-those-wacky-fujoshi-girls-in-high-school” efforts.

Did Nidaime ever gain a significant fujoshi/ female audience? Doujnshi output suggests that while recognised and respected, the Genshiken was never a barn-burner parody property. 1 or 2 doujins per year max. Only the publishers and their secret polling firms know for sure. That time has passed. The fandoms of Japanese youth and young adults have radically evolved. Twitter commentary from professor Rachel Matt Thorn speaks of a younger, socially engaged, media savvy, sometimes even activist and often queer fandom. The denizens of /a would spit white-hot venom at them. I suspect the denisons of /a are getting old.

I know I am.

There will be no Genshiken Sandaime unless Kio-sensei snags a part-time gig teaching Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture at some university. (No one need ever know, as long as sensei and his nom-de-plum are never connected). The new breed of otaku and fujoshi would be impossible to understand without field study. Besides the ever-present tyranny of write what you know (oh middle-aged married guy), Kio-sensei’s earliest major works were dense, messy, angsty chronicles of young relationships falling apart. The mangaka always had a taste for writing josei-ish stories. This time, he’s got a decade and a half of experience behind him and a slot in a magazine that will let him stomp the pedal hard. Le Paradis prints sex scenes. Even sex-fail during pregnancy scenes. Enough guys, even straight guys read Le Paradis. Yumm! Fresh demographic, one that he always wanted to write for.


While Nidaime was still ongoing and even after, while it was still fresh in memory the short thrice yearly vignettes of Genshiken-perhaps-to-come were sufficient. Now the mangaka can, if space is made for his story churn out longer chapters featuring otaku baby raising, mom tips from !Ohno, daddy war story sessions with the married guys as well as chronic sleep deprivation and diaper duty. All the while !Hato and !Yajima navigate going pro and outing !Hato with a public gender-queer presentation. Add to this the shadow of infidelity, plus the odd effects this shadow casts on the relationship between !Hato and !Yajima. English language scanlations are currently lacking as well for chapters 21 and 21.5, when !Kousaka (ex-boyfriend of the wife) visits her hospital bedside. We also await the details surrounding the revelation to !Hato’s editor that her new charge has a complicated backstory, as well as the pillow talk between the mangaka and hir manager. Did !Yajima sanction a “get it out of your system” foray? What did they talk about? Is !Yajimacci ever going to tell !Hato that their relationship needs to make progress? Or are !Hato and !Yajima too far into the Japanese variant of Too Het! Too Vanilla! to get serious?

Another curious thing about the /a board chatter: it was full of oblique references to NTR when griping about Spotted Flower; as a fashionable weeb-ish alternative to “cuck” and as denoting a voyeuristic cuckholding fetish. Flavour of the month but consider; the only character NTR’d/ing so far is !Yajima and only because she is torn between her affections, her fangirling and the duties of her office. Keep the creative idiot drawing. If he/ she/ hir needs to bite the heads off chickens in order to keep drawing, order in another dozen and find a stronger brand of mouthwash.

While the characters, as future versions of their earlier Genshiken incarnations have undoubtedly aged, can we also take note of how or if they have grown up? Matured? With only a few pages three times a year, the readership wasn’t going to get much in the way of deep character sketches. Some of what has been seen so far is already troubling. !Saki remained Saki, but lost much of her previous worldly, no-nonsense attitude, replacing it with frustrated horny pregnancy. “Your wife is needy” — that’s pretty well all of her. !Madarame is just as spineless as always and can still get away with it because he is just as privileged as he always felt himself to be. Show up for work, come home, eat, open a cold one and play otokonoko games. Even when he met with his old university kouhai, a truly unique and complex individual, the conversation stumbled and devolved to mumbling about rare doujinshis or his marital complaints.

!Mada! Your kouhai is a famous ero-doujin mangaka who is undergoing gender transition and is shacked up with another ex club member. Has !Mada ever asked !Hato if !Yajima and !Hato are a couple? An item? Just dating? She ‘services” me to keep me drawing? What??? Any curiosity about the doujin business? What’s it like being a famous ero-mangaka? Meet any cool people? Adventures? Anything in Jump that you both find interesting for different reasons? Say, sensei did you ever get around to playing any josou games? Wanna borrow some?

Why do you and !Kousaka have the same magic-seal-of-Solomon patterned silk scarves?

The problems with this lack of “progress’ or “progression’ were already tragically visible years ago in chapter 12. !Mada was still “spineless’ and !Hato still wanted the never realised fantasy fling. No one had learned anything. Time had stopped for them even as they aged.

Japan makes a big deal out of high school and university clubs, sempais and kouhais. Perhaps this “time freeze” effect is a well-worn antimony in popular fiction and experience. The “why I don’t go to class reunions” effect. I however found the restatement of this effect in Spotted Flower particularly savage, even as it was delivered with surprising economy within the story.

You can only pull off such a trick a few times before it wears. The Genshiken‘s Hato was an over-wound ball of contradictions who was on the edge of bat-shit crazy from their internal turmoil before he and she made peace with some of themselves. Even then, when sewed into her fujoshi costume, her behavior, her “presentation” was severely constrained. Demure or full-bore BL goggles. Now, in her ero-mangaka incarnation she is only goggles, except when she cranks up the “independent professional woman on the prowl” act. Her new character is markedly thinner despite her v2.0 presentation. Has !Hato the trans-fujoshi ero-mangaka ever told her lover and manager about “the Stands“? Do they still, occasionally appear to her in all their simple-minded, compulsive splendor?

Or has she become them?

Likewise, supporting characters have also become as willow-wisps who threaten to melt into air. !Ohno has become a bovine caricature of motherhood, Sue a boob-grabbing fangirl monster and vassal to her ever-offstage liege.

An expansion of Spotted Flower‘s page count allows the mangaka to address this problem, Kio-sensei has loaded on the plot complications in anticipation; even as he will have to rely on his most complex creation to fully exploit them. So far the only glimpses we have been given of !Hato’s contradictions in their V2.0 form have degenerated into, as one senior blogger pointed out, a burlesque routine from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. “Where is the foetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?“. No! BL could not make everything happen, even as finally having sex with your sempai will not resolve the howling contradictions within !Hato’s souls.

Beauty will be convulsive or not at all
Nadja, André Breton

Kio Shimoku’s Genshiken was never shy of acknowledging the “libidinous charge”, so championed by Dr. Saito Tamaki that ran through Otaku and Fujoshi fandoms. Stories give rise to fantasies or they fail to carry sufficient emotional charge to re-enchant the real world. But !Hato has gone too far and/or has used them for their own conflicted purposes. They no longer re-enchant, neither do they resolve. They delude. Being fucked by and fucking Mada in the manner it transpired is another proof of their misapplication. Kio-sensei has refuted Dr. Tamaki, even if he has had to stage an unlikely thought experiment to do so.

!Hato consumes BL, but the consumption, hysterical as it is has begun to feel incidental. !Hato only consumes BL as part of the act of consuming fujoshidom; which is his accommodation with that part of his and her soul that would otherwise be either a gay man or a trans woman. !Hato’s friends-with-benefits approach to (not with) their manager can even be read as part of this effect; his creator has internalized the surface form of the impression that the lesbian fujoshi is one of the most powerful iterations of the type. No doubt that !Hato can be comfortably written as enjoying sex with !Yajima. The hesitancy to throw more of their heart into the relationship screams out that while the form has been appropriated, any deeper substance has been held in abeyance.

You thought that your manager would want to run off with !Sue?

Taking his sempai as a seme requires !Hato to “remain” male, or at least retain some part of the male self for the deed, even as these same fantasies processed his initial “receiving” role as a BL character: male, albeit the fantasy “new half” or “okama” of fujoshi-scavenged Japanese gay male historic lore. Note well the cosplay outfit. !Hato was not present at the banquet as becoming-woman, or always-have-been-a-woman-even-if-stupid-society-deemed-my-original-body-male, but as a twice-borrowed creature of female fantasy narratives, forever inscribed as male despite any surface appearances.

The sex, reversible, versatile and even originally imagined and rendered out upon the pages remains as symbolic and formalistic and ill-suited to deeply romantic connection as the earlier mentioned male-gaze yuri porn “tribbing” or any fangirl sex scene script from a long-defunct year 2000 fan site.

Only their initial embrace spoke to a truth of longing.

Our two protagonists were not alone in the bedroom and the ghosts they dragged in with them exacted a steep price. Mada brought with him his jealousies and insecurities, his fear of adult responsibility and fatherhood, his silly otokonoko game fetish, a faded envelope full of cosplay pictures and the memory of an exciting kouhai that once he had almost mustered the nerve to “give it a try’ with. Why had the kouhai never been able to say those few simple words to fully acknowledge his interest?

!Hato’s declaration of love was therefore part of the price to be paid, but paid in the suspect coin of a genre cliche and followed by a very strange look on !Hato’s face. One last evasion. A simple I love you, one word in Japanese would have cost far more than !Hato could pay. Likewise, !Madarame’s accedence to !Hato’s semexuke fantasies was a price that he grudgingly paid to avoid a heavier toll.

Both of them were fucking their ghosts far more than they were fucking each other. Perhaps it was their ghosts who were fucking them.

Tell me oh salaryman-otaku, do you yet deserve love?

Tell me again oh ero-mangaka: who do you love?

!Hato’s project of becoming-fujoshi as accommodation to becoming/being-woman allowed or required breast enhancements and hormones (those hips) but remains unresolved, not from questions of the body and medical procedures, but from the contradictions within the structures of the fantasies that were used to accommodate the shape of the Hato heart to the world. The strategy contains its own trap within the fetish of the male bodied characters it requires. The cathexis of fantasy impels but ultimately hobbles and blinds.

What if even radical disillusionment cannot resolve the impasse?

Tell me again oh ero-mangaka: who are you?

Pure literature, pure comedy

“All our desires are just things we impose upon others.”
Hato Kenjiro

There are stories that need to tell themselves, and many don’t have happy endings that the reader can binge on for easy comfort. Neither do they end in high dramatic or even melodramatic tragedy. Somewhere between Mary Sue and Double Love Suicide lies Kio Shimoku’s ongoing chronicle of how a generation almost made it to the promised land. For those who critique such stories for being too vanilla, isn’t hysterically overwrought transgression the new vanilla? Between the poles of both the happy huggy fluffy straight or otherwise romance and violent fetishistic queerer than queer fantasy lies a common, silent agreement that mutual happiness, love or some measure of satisfaction somehow remains within reach. Their arguments are merely about mechanics.

“The dread of losing the self and of abrogating together with the self, the barrier between oneself and other life – the fear of death and destruction, is intimately associated with a promise of happiness which threatened civilization at every moment. Its road was that of obedience and labor, over which fulfillment shines forth perpetually – but only as illusive appearance, as devitalized beauty.”
–DOE p33, Adorno & Horkeimer

An up-to-date Sendaime‘s characters would scratch their heads in disbelief at the complaints and disappointments of their precessors. Stuck in your life as an aging salaryman with only your odd hobbies to comfort you? Try the gig economy, precarious labor, freeter-dom. Does shufu-hood both attract and repel? No matter, most of the young’uns will never have to worry about that. Raising a child is scary? Who can afford to marry and start a family? Infidelity? To be able to worry about such things. Desire? Sexuality? Gender expression? Whatever. You can be as straight or as queer as you want, all the time or on the weekend. Why not start a blog or tweet about it? Everyone still wins a minimum wage temp job and the planet will still go to global warming hell. In the meantime no one will have any power to effect their lives or their society; at least until the old ones who hold all the power, the capital and positions of authority finally shuffle off the stage.

Bad millennial, bad. Stop reading that Isekai crap. Let us instead pester them into reading John Updike novels and buying approved products advertised by approved agencies.

The rest of us must acknowledge that Kio Shimoku understands the full breadth of meaning behind the term slice-of-life-comedy.


(1) Rakuen Le Paradis is a niche market, boutique josei magazine. From the interviews, Kio-sensei understands the magazine as primarily for an adult female audience. Oh lookie: a free summer web extra edition got a link on the main landing page. Will have to check back and see if anything Spotted shows up before the end of August. [ ]

Meanwhile on the company site footers, Le Paradis is remarkable for it’s absence. Ok, so it does have two box-y links in the Magazine & Web magazine section of 1997-era mini web-banner boxes near the bottom of the page but c’mon! As a 3-times per year anthology magazine some committee probably had problems figuring out how to categorise it; it seems to have its own odd niche called “Books handled comics

Loud Outlander to Hakusensha suits: Huh? Hmmmmmmm?

No link on the page footer stylesheet?
It’s your publishing house, you want to hide one of your products, go fer it.
A buy e-book version link or two on the magazine’s page when we finally find it would be nifty as heck too. Just sayin’…

22 thoughts on “Spotted Flower Chapters 22, 23: les etrangers

  1. Well given it is a comic strip it may turn out to be a dream.
    Meantime it may bring out all the homo/trans/phobias hidden at the back of our brains. However if real it will validate !Hato as bisexual TG. And I have to say I have known husbands and wives who did the same things and I mean with TGs.

    The hermaphrodite image is still powerful and many TG advertisements show up locally in “Entertainment” newspapers. Some TG are also exhibitionists who make careers in performance art as impersonators of idols from Elvis to any female singing idol you could name. Most TG are retiring folks who stay away from the spotlight to avoid family problems.

    Looking at Japanese active fandom i.e. people who produce works derivative or original inspired by the manga they prefer I tend to think of the wasted talent in the USA where the same impulse confines its expression to a lot of bathroom walls.

    I am not going to say we need these people as active fans because in the USA we have so many graphic artists working in every genre from the old fashioned Super or merely costumed hero to biographical, historical and autobiographical. Have you ever read Harlem Hell-fighters about the Black men who went to war against the Axis and the way they were treated by society when the survivors returned? Or Binky Brown and the Virgin Mary, about the cartoonists upbringing. Or Fun House? Or Maus?

    Well I am not fujoshi or even a / fan but a old-fashioned general purpose reader of whatever the hell looks interesting. I hope Spotted Flower becomes more accessible in the near future for English mono-literates.

    I enjoyed Genshiken because even if I has made it to university in the 1950s there would have been no such club. I enjoyed Genshiken Nidaime both for the previous reason but because it continued the tale of creator Oguie and her kohai.

    When I hit 65 some years ago I started looking at Japanese manga and anime for a change of pace from the SF/Fantasy, history and bios I was reading. I have found it extremely rewarding but after years of monotones manga I know find the newspapers daily comics in color more irritating that satisfying…

    Even literary adventures have their hazards. For the teen-aged minds that object to portrayal of sexual activity on the part of same sex participants or old people or anyone but themselves in missionary position I can old say “grow up”.

    If you need straight romance go watch “Only Yesterday!” where everyone accepts the necessity of all women being married and hopefully mothers of more Japanese. Or better go read or watch Maison Ikkoku which had me laughing so hard a few years ago that I missed a bus stop or 4.

    While you do that I will keep reading, “Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood” y Higashi Koyuki, Masaharu Hiroko and manga by Sugiyame Emiko though I will never have a lesbian lover nor any possibility of a child.

    bliss – 74 years of comic readership and 15 years of manga enjoyment
    and studies.

    • Thanks for dropping by and for the rec’s. YIKES! Binky etc., traumatised me in my youth, physically ill level. Quite a work on deconstructing a certain type of strict religious upbringing. “Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood” is interesting and valuable. “Only Yesterday!” was beautiful but the INEXORABLE DESTINY vibe was jarring, off-putting, even 15 years ago when I first watched it.

      Despite the stuff that I stray into in this blog, I am a big fan of straight, gushy fluffy romantic romance. And stories about it — as long as they dont rub my nose in the “fetishization of power inbalances”. I am suspicious of over-reliance on fetishism. It is inconsiderate to one’s partner when one ends up fucking the fetish instead of showing interest the other person who has agreed to spend intimate time with you. Dealing with a real live other person is a lot of work; one should try make the best of it and pay attention to them.

      I wonder why this is so difficult a concept?

      (Aside: Have you ever cut a swath through Charles Stross’ Laundry Files series? Some of his other stuff is obnoxious as fuck, but after the first book with the stupid girl-in-distress climax, the series comes off quite well. Bob and Mo are a wonderful couple. Plus both of them have literal demons that get in the way of happily married times.)

      In any case…

      Kio clearly wanted to do something else than soulful and fluffy in these chapters. It might later be necessary for the story, but I found it somewhat… hmph. I have no idea. Perhaps Kio got his hands on a copy of Sedgewick and has decided to shit-headedly invert her(his) thesis: that literary male friendships covered up repressed physical desire. Because !H and !M know almost as little about each other after their romp as they did before it. Maybe now they can be bros? I still insist both of them would have been happier had they sat down and killed a case of beer playing vidja games. America’s favourite threesome. They still can. Play some damn josou games; it will break the ice. If they want to keep sneaking off to sex hotels after, whatever..

      T a l k t o t h e o t h e r p e r s o n.

      (Hmmmm… no indication of post- pillow talk either… hrrrrmpphh!)

      Some idiot might even learn to talk to his wife. Some other idiot might learn to talk to their lover/ manager.

      After all that build-up. phhhtttttttt!


      • Indeed I have greatly enjoyed the Laundry Files.
        Seems like it may end unhappily with the hero becoming the most dangerous individual alive(?)!

        Also in fantasy Seanan McGuire and her October Daye series.
        Harry Turtledove for all the alternate histories.
        Lynsay Sands and her Argeanue Atlantean blood drinkers, simply for the repetitive theme, of the immortals finding mates.
        The SFPL is not keeping up with the “Into the Storm” series fighting monsters on an alternate Earth.
        Elizabeth Moon for all her series, medieval and futuristic.

        But for yuri Takashi Akida for “Whispered Words”, first read online then purchased the manga on sight. then some Morinaga Milk as in “Hana and Hina After School.”
        There are serious books on every topic with childhood Transgender and homosexual feelings covered in Hourou Musuko translated to English by Fantagraphics but which should be online, It is such a happier story by Takako Shimura than so many I have heard in RL.
        Even Intersexuality is covered by I.S; I.S.; Inter Sexuality; Intersexuality; by ROKUHANA Chiyo

        And straight romance is nice and easy to find but… Maison Ikkoku and Kimagure Orange Road are stories that hooked me.

        My hands are cramping now.
        So later.

        • (late Oct, 2017)
          Your note occasioned me (for some reason) to look in again if there had been any updates to Shimanami Tasogare. Re-read the last 3 chapters that had been taken on — as a temporay measure — by a group that really works at getting the LGBTQ nuances more explained in the margins. Also read that the series is on hiatus in Japan, switching magazines and the main scangroup waiting until a further published volume emerges. Finally puzzled the title out, it is most likely something like -Shimanami, the place name- Twilight. What was odd was the comment section on Batoto. How unsightly to slop one’s cognitive dissonance all over a public forum. I hope the mess isn’t all just an elaborate troll-job.

          Otherwise, although falling nicotine levels in my bloodstream have temporarily left me unable to carry the thread of an essay in my head long enough to finish any one of 3 or 4 stalled long posts, I can recommend:

          HOSHINO ME O TSUBUTTE – HS guy gets roped into an odd group of busybodies.

          HIBIKI – SHOUSETSUKA NI NARU HOUHOU – HS girl is natural HIGH CHURCH AUTHOR (and a bit psycho because of her world view/ comitment ot her art)

          JITSU WA WATASHI WA – is just such good CHEESY ROMANTIC CHEESYNESS, CHEESE, cheese (I love the “line” in the drawing style too) And the cheese.

          DISCOVERY is interesting, THE ORVILLE is a Mary Sue for Chads, or rather WORMHOLE X-TREME, the spoof TV show dreamed up by the alien refugee who went on to become a hack hollywood screenwriter in SG-1.

          And I promise to finish Princess Principal and Made in Abyss, except that they both feel a little too “dire” to deal with at this point, though I rec both highly.. Fall anime season hasn’t done much for me yet. Holding off on Magus Bride and the odd Harajuko thing for now – is just me…

          I like the writing style at:


          I should do SOMETHING on Spotted Flower’s Ch 21.5 with !Hato going full metal fan-out. Typical Kio-sensei shell and pea game. The excited bulge is distracting from how, for the second time in 2-3 “chapters” !Hato has gone into full metal fujoshi enthusiasm. Mebee I am erasing !Hato’s queer but this sure looks like that over-the-top, socially out-of-place enthusiasm.. FANNOUT is posited as the core of what Hato and !Hato wanted to/ needed to be (as chara/story construct, perhaps as Kio-trapolation from some idea like that in the “Otaku Culture and Its Discontents” by Takahiro Ueda:

          “Is Otaku a “substitute” – or even a “sublimation” – of the absence of gay culture? I don’t think so. In my opinion, it’s rather an “oppression.”” — Takahiro Ueda

          Ouch! Well tough, It gonna change, liek it or not… History stalls without Electricians.. Whoooo Haaa!

          I also swear I will sooner or later get up the spine to watch UTENA, because it keeps getting recommended by people in ways that tell me that it has depth and resonance and complexity and is still ultimately a (dare I say it?) “revolutionary” work. So I will NOT keep thinking of Columbine, Hothead Paisan, Apocalypse Now (ARCLIGHT! ARCLIGHT!!!) and Giant Meteor Impacts as I watch a story set in a fantastic High School that is designed to be problematic. However… if Murciélago was ever to do a Utena send-up I would be so all over it…

          Ended up spinning a reply to your comment into a substitute for the update post I have been too distracted to make. Ha!
          Cheers /M

  2. I had been letting the Spotted Flower chapters languish for some reason. But, ah, well – seeing as how short they are they were easy to catch up on. I enjoy its take on HatoYaji the most. It was also one of my favourites in Nidaime. It’s the kind of relationship I can enjoy for what it is and what it brings out of the characters – regardless of whether it floats as a ship or crashes and burns. Yajima’s spotty relationship with the way she polices Hato’s gender to enforce her expectations of Hato as a recipient of her feelings, and how she eventually starts to let the first part go… In Spotted Flower not!Yaji and not!Hato are also kind of tentative and insecure in a way that’s fun to watch.

    re: 22-23. Imma withhold any protracted analysis until our dedicated english translators get on the ball but, yea, probably not the most satisfying conclusion to the will-they-or-won’t-they HatoMada mess, although Kio’s work has never really been about reader satisfaction. The charm is how little it caters to what ppl want to see and believe about the world. (Was surprised and not-surprised to see Gonensei thrown under a bus there :p) I think, both from the fujo and non-fujo contingencies, what’s always surprised me is the idea that Mada is somehow ‘above’ the kinds of decisions he routinely makes. That he’s above being attracted to or romancing a trans woman. Or that he’s above being too cowardly to chose Hato, or Sue or another one of the girls. Or that he’s above cheating. Mada’s lack of backbone and willingness to take a stand – regardless of morality or who gets hurt in the fallout – is pretty well established.

    Sorry for the not-reply to your post, but certainly the weekends you spend playing eroge and the gender of your lover are merely drops in the bucket compared to the stress of prospective fatherhood and salaryman life in Japan. Back to reality with you~

    • ” way she polices Hato’s gender to enforce her expectations of Hato as a recipient of her feelings…”
      is so wonderfully concise! Wow. And yes, less now they they are in their alt/not incarnations, though I too really must wait until the dedicated volunteers enlighten us.

      I hope that posting all these considerations didn’t violate some larger “sense” among the senior fan community to wait for the English reveal. From chatter, I know they know of the content. Oh well, I get to drop a ‘buy the original on Kindle’ link into the preview. As previously mentioned, I am massively impressed with Le Paradis and I wish crunchy or some official service that does manga would cut a deal with them.

      As for Kio-sensei & the paleo-fans; I have been trying to tumble the events over and over and over in my head as to what was pulled off. For those of us who don’t mind the Hato continuum, even find their great project proposed by their creator as ambitious and a fine intellectual puzzle, the incidental that alt-/ not -/ !Hato is what they are: transwoman, genderqueer, not-cis non-binary fujoshi seemed incidental to their decision to never give up on their university crush. And as for double-double universe Madarame; the year since he wiggled out of the harem but then spazzed around until a consolation prize was dropped into his lap has not been kind to his memory. He is becomming a gendered societal critique; no longer a complex character. Something like the outlander males economically skewered by Kaori Shoji over at Adelstein’s Japan Subculture Research Center [] …Or Babbit… Or Rabbit.

      I wish Kio had been able to carry more of what was shown in their embrace forward.

      Of course that wasn’t his plan, even from the next page on. Shoganai.

  3. I like Japanese manga but I read a lot of things and today I found this from China.
    I believe, and you should look at it as cross-cultural studies.

    Released:2017 Author(s): Artist(s): Rakugaki
    Genre(s):Unknown Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life
    HS (fujoshi girl children of otaku) and a son who is very
    normal(maybe) but with a cute young friend.
    What is “Macho Cheese”?
    What girl has realized that her parents are much
    like other parents.


    • Second that rec.
      Also, a senior blogger finally reviewed “Shimanami Tasogare”
      and likes it -lots. I wanted to pass on the rec, but held off.
      Felt like I’d jinx it.

  4. I’m sorry, I just can’t find any entertainment in this sudden plot twist. I don’t understand why Kio would do this, just like I didn’t understand why Kio wouldn’t make MadaHato canon despite all their development (I didn’t ship them, but if Kio was going to fucking start some kind of commentary on homosexuality and fundashis, he should’ve had the balls to go all the way rather than backing out at the last minute). I guess Kio just does whatever the fuck he wants, giving the middle finger to his fanbase.

    Maybe it’s still in character that all this happened. Maybe this means that no matter what, Madarame and his pathetic insecurities will always ruin himself from having a good thing. Maybe Hato will always be still in love with Madarame, to the point that appropriateness won’t matter. But it’s just disappointing. It’s disappointing to see these are the kind of adults they ended up being, and that they’d cross the lines of morality for the sake of fantasy. And Saki doesn’t fucking deserve any of this shit. I hope she files for divorce.

    I was also so disappointed that this chapter ended with Hato and Yajima actually FANGIRLING over this. Genshiken, to me, was that at the end of the day, they’re people. Over their hobbies, they have insecurities and internal struggles. Maybe next chapter this’ll be explored, but the latest chapter just ended with a joke in poor taste.

    • Thanks for dropping by and the insights. Yeah, it does look like a massive fuckup and a middle finger to the fans…

      (TLDR warning!) Kio likes to “skewer”. His project has always been the surgical disection of weaknesses in socials and communities. The fangirling is tragic but what else can !Yajima do to protect her “consistency”? As for !Madarame, I wanted to write a big essay on his character last year after Nidaime ended. To me, the proof of concept was when Mada threw away all the self-confidence gains he’d made and wallowed in front of his peer group until Saki fixed things and he “got thrown a Sue”. That set off my rage registers until it hit. The concept/talking point of “male privilege” is still new in Japan (though the effect has been cast iron since the dawn of… Sheeeit, only the post-war constitution finally banned female bond-servitude sex-slavery!) but here’s the kicker: It only works for guys who faithfully follow the surface forms and rules. Mada/ !Mada, for all his otakuness follows the rules. !Hato calls/ed it “spineless” but it is not conventional cowardice, it is fear-driven, engraved-to-the-soul conformity.

      Old Joke in Japanese expat community: How do you order beer at an after-work get together with your Japanese coworkers?

      As long as Madarame seeks group approval, consensus and behaves on the surface as a good go-along-get-along salaryman, he can get away with (approved varieties of) murder. But he must continue to conform. And now he is trapped. When the descriptions from Ch’s 22+23 hit, what went on in ch. 21 was vague. Oh sure, he’s a tad jealous and feels inadequate in front of !Kousaka. But now we see he is also mortally terrified of newly minted lady-of-the-house-mother-of-his-child !Saki. She is no longer “the wife”. Under their roof, she is by custom and practice in Japan, God-Emperess of Dune in all things “family”. There is no pride in his child, no “have a cigar’ beaming new dad, He is just waiting to be told by his peer group what to do. And he knows it. Christ, Kio hung a lampshade on it for us.

      The conformity pact extracts a heavy price; watch as it unfolds. This, I believe is what Kio is up to.

      Oh, and the women characters (until they ascend to mom-Emperor status), have to carry the can.

      !Mada quite cynically and selfishly instigates a fling with !Hato. That is allowed by the salaryman specs: gender/ sexuality details are irrelevant. !Hato cannot resist and thereby betrays !Yajima, who of course is “only” a quasi-lesbian fujoshi friend (with benefits) and !Hato’s manager. !Hato retains his male “core” and its perogatives. And all the BL and genderqueer and transgressive cannot upgrade the baseline specs of the parts. So much for the brave new world that hath…

      A very old and bitter yuri trope; A. Mizoguchi was cheesed at Maka-Maka for that kind of shit more than 10yrs ago. (And if you read some of my earlier speculations, note I have odd ideas about how Dr. M. comes into play when Hato was created)

      ….Or Kio is stringing together Josei-genre plot chestnuts and the only way I can process emotional dynamics in a story is via an overlay of kitchen sink social anthropology. We’ll know more in anywhere up to 2 months when the fan xlation pops up.

      Whew! now I feel less guilty with myself for sluffing on that MADA YOU CONFORMIST SHIT essay last year.

      Oh; about ordering that beer. The approved response is: “I’ll have what everyone else is having!”

      • If there was supposed to be some kind of commentary on the fears of marital hierarchy post-pregnancy going on, I must have missed it, because my reading to why Madarame was driven to cheating was nothing but petty paranoid thoughts (and considering that we saw how hard Saki tried to please Madarame, I’m confident that those thoughts are baseless). I do agree though that Madarame is afraid to become part of the social norm, and maybe that’s why he ends up cheating.

        It’s just that. No, I can’t find any sympathy for him for doing what he did. I’m honestly tired of seeing Madarame seemingly putting his life together but then proceeds to completely shit on himself due to selfishness until someone else has to save him (and so far, it’s ALWAYS been Saki) over and over again.

        Also what kind of man cheats on his wife on the day she gives birth, and cheats on her on the room their baby will be in? I’ve followed Genshiken from the beginning, so long ago, and the anger I’m feeling is the kind wherein that guy you used to admire a long time ago turned out to be a giant scumbag now. And god, I really hope that we get ACTUAL consequences this time, unlike how Genshiken Nidaime even gave Madarame a consolation Sue prize.

        What I do find interesting though is the dismantling of MadaHato as a healthy relationship. Clearly their attraction to each other revolves around the fantasy, the otaku/fujoshi fetish, and they don’t even stay to talk about what just happened between them. I know a lot of people were convinced they would be good for each other in Nidaime, but to me it felt more like they craved that forbidden otaku/fujoshi fetish, and I honestly doubt Madarame can handle actually dating Hato and facing the struggles of homosexuals in society. Hell, he can’t even handle a heterosexual marriage.

        What makes me sad is that if he can do this in the Saki-end timeline, then it probably won’t end well in the Sue-end timeline either.

  5. On chapter 20 they even joke about the name Saki when the grandma is helping with naming the baby by saying ” you have to know there’s an actual manga that uses that name”, then they name the baby saki, proving the wife isnt named saki herself or they wouldnt have even mentioned another manga using the name (this is just a common sense thing here, would completely make the saki being in another manga part pointless in the rest of the dialogue they had in them panels if the mothers name was saki, i’m sure she didnt forget her own name). You will see alot of these little jokes and referencing genshiken, in the spotted flower cause that is what the author was going for since genshiken is his most famous manga

    In this interview the author is asked this question
    What is the relation between your other manga “Spotted Flower” and Genshiken?

    Hm? There isn’t one.

    …And that is my official statement.

    The title name was just a playful idea that I came up with after creating the concept of the couple and noticing them feeling very familiar to me. I’m honestly not sure what to do with the big reaction that it ended up getting from the fans afterwards.

    Even from the planning stage, there was no intention of making the two titles related in any way. The idea never even came up during discussion with my editor either. interview link

    Im sorry for the people who were hoping it was them two, but the author himself has confirmed multiple times that they arent the same characters. I can really tell by looking at pictures of these 2 female characters (Saki and the wife) side by side that they look nothing alike in anyway. Even if they are much older there is no way they would look as different as they do in spotted flower. This is Saki at the end of the last manga Here is the wife in spotted flower

    They dont even look anything alike, if the wife looks like anyone, it would be Chika Ogiue end of genshiken manga and here are 2 animated pictures of ogiue, Ogiue definitely looks more like the wife then Saki

    This is a picture of the husband, again no way a sane person can look at that and say he is madarame (the husband doesnt even have madarame trademark snaggle tooth that is always hanging out and there are plenty of wide open mouth shots in this manga, the dot sized pupils ( anyone that has read genshiken and watched the anime know what i mean, his pupils are almost literally a dot, maybe 2 dots on top of each other) that are also a trademark of madarame look, and only a few spots does he even remotely look like madarame, mostly when he is looking to be in a panic)

    This is a colored picture of the husband and wife from vol 2 extra, you seriously trying to say these 2 are madarame and saki, come on really.
    This is the 2 color picture of saki from anime from manga, not only do they not look alike but saki has good size tits in both the manga and anime while the wife in spotted flower is flat chested til she gets pregnant and even then they aren’t that big.

    Here is Sue in the same anime outfit (saki isnt the only character to ever wear that cosplay)

    This is the author at a signing, you cant see his face, but by his build and even the glasses (look just like the husbands) you can tell he probably draws atleast 1 character after himself atleast a little, that could be why some characters look similar even though they are different characters. For example, i could take an entire character from one manga and put them in another with a different name and backstory, then bam not the same character even though carbine copy

    When it comes to the same manga artist, alot of their characters end up looking like each other, that is just the way it is for most of the artists, it is easier sometimes to just throw a face that you are use to put some different eyes, hair, etc on them and call it another character and that is what happened here, as much as some people want it, this is not saki and madarame, again sorry to disappoint.

    Here is a picture of his newest manga Hashikki Ensemble, but these characters have names and guess who they look like, as you can see here he recycles characters features but with a different name and backstory, these characters are no longer the same just like the spotted characters. Just more proof that the characters in spotted flower and genshiken are not the same, just recycled features ( which again the wife looks nothing like saki and more in line with Ogiue if she was based off someone from genshiken)

    He relates to ogiue in this interview where he says she is based on him and his experiences giving more credibility to him using her as a base for the wife not saki ( just use find and type in ogiue name if you dont want to read whole interview) Shimoku is the author btw if you didnt know when you read the questions

      • Ok.. I’m Back!

        Amazing that this can still stir debate some 9 months after it was published!

        A week after my return I may still be on Japan time, 13 hours ahead but I can throw out a few approaches to a subject that, to be fair, had been heavily grinded-on in the comments sections of the now-defunct Batato site, among others. The end result remains the same: As fictional characters, the husband, wife and genderqueer mangaka and the rest of them can be pretty much what you or I or anyone want them to be; especially if any of us care to reg up an account at AO3.

        As for Kio Shimoku (remember that name is a nom de plume as well) the charas can be anything he cares them to be at any particular moment and there are no rules saying that he has to be sworn under oath when he shares his opinions about them. The official disavowal was always noted in context of Japanese intellectual property and contract law & practice: Spotted Flower ran/runs in a magazine that was/is owned by a completely different publishing conglomerate than the one that ran Afternoon Magazine which ran (and was running) Genshike Nidaime (initially at the SAME TIME!).

        Ha Ha! In some ways, the plot of Spotted Flower was previewed by the IRL situation. Kio was CHEATING on Afternoon Magazine of the house of Kodansha while running around with that strumpet Rakuen Le Paradis. Of course he wont rub Kodansha-chan’s nose in it! That would be TACKY!

        So much for official word-of-author disavowals.

        The lack of snaggle-tooth is the strongest card in your argument’s suite. The trouble with characters is that authors can do anything they chose to them, including boob enhancement, the traditional ditching of fashionable make-overs and hair styling/ dying during pregnancy for Japanese women or even having Madarame or not-perhaps-alternate-author-doujinshi-AU-version Madarame piss off an evil magical girl who will turn him into Godzilla — wherin he will waddle off and attempt to rape a freight train. Not-perhaps-alternate-author-doujinshi-AU-version Kenjiro Hato will then drop their digitising tablet and start running up and down the steps of an obscure old shrine with the hope of securing the favor of the capricious deity that resides therin and convincing it to turn them into a far more alluring freight train…

        At which point Margaret Magazine and Ayumi Komura’s lawyers and manager are going to be after Kio’s hide. A war will ensue in the aisles of the next Comiket as each release counter-salvos in doujin form.


        Recall as well that the Spotted Flower title can be read as an elaborate Japanese pun that can read in both Madarame as Maadara/ (mountain flower or something) plus a kanji that supposedly references the Saki name. (or something, I’m going on hearsay bout this) Kio is being too slick by half.

        That said, what IS really tasty about about this kind of “slip” is how it serves as a mirror surface which reflects our own individual preferences and boundary issues back at we, the readers. One blogger I seriously respect dropped coverage of the Nidaime anime when the English subtitles started using AP-Wireservice Style Book approved pronouns for Hato when they were in girl mode. That was a line that he COULD NOT cross.

        For myself, the initial idea that uber-geek avatar Harunobu Madarame might, might consider man-sex with a still mostly male but crossdressing student Hato Kenjiro as ‘otokonoko’ took a bit of work. It took a lot of work in my head to ponder whether it would be a level up to SERIOUS OUTSIDER LITERATURE themes (a bit of drunken same-sex fumbling was de riguer in late 50’s through 1970 American ‘beat’/ New Wave fiction) or (or and/or) lazy pandering to fujoshi.

        Compare that to the barrels of black powder burnt by Frederik Pohl in the Heechee Saga. Aw fer krissake! Give it a break! You get that neurotic over a drunken fumble and you could end up with one or two accusing hallucinations floating nekkid above you whispering fearful things.

        I miss The Stands.

        My boundary limit was that I was deeply suspicious over any Eyes-wide-shut frenzied bumping together of Mada and Hato (or their shadows) that included The Otokonoko Fetish and Yaoi scripts. These must disappear for me if the two are going to try to make a mess out of intimacy. And they have to talk. They can also agree later, in the cold light of dawn that perhaps it wasn’t that good and maybee they should stick to the X-box for future amusement. I would have found this incredibly funny because it would have been a theory-laden joke-turnabout of a famous big queer theorists’s slashy literary theories. Hence the “Most people don’t like sex’ snark-quote (from another big gay theorist) in my essay.

        To me, the tragedy of chapter 22 and 23 in Spotted Flower is that both of them are still entangled in their own weird delusions/scripts and are no closer friends than they were before. Hence the essay title.

        Another correspondant however has articulately championed their point of view about the desires that reflect for them off of the surface of Spotted Flower and the Genshiken saga. It is hard to ignore Asandyrabbit‘s joyful, exhuberant, enthusiastic YEEHAW over what Kio drew. Their team got sorely jerked around by the climax in Nidaime and this sure looks like a rematch win for Team Hato. The mangaka-character HAS been carrying a torch for (perhaps) THE ONLY MAN I WILL EVER LOVE for a DECADE or so. They wern’t just “Mwah Hahh Hahh here is a str8t boy I can corrupt”. The besotten mangaka drops everything and runs when summoned. The mangaka is hopelessly in love, even if they are risking their relationship with their manager and behaving like a puppy dog everytime “He” glances at them.

        If anything, I could expand/ subvert YOUR argument and advance the idea that Genshiken Nidaime after chapter 124 is not Genshilen, or at least that Harunobu Madarame was replaced by a schizoid wimpoid pod creature. Or he had developed a horrible need for vengeance upon all of his aquaintances and began to plot out a long game of destruction upon all who shamed him and let him be shamed during the Niko trip and, heck; during the entire last year of his involvement with the club..

        “You want whiny, privileged wimpy salaryman? You rig it so that if I play along I’ll get, and can get away with everything? Anything???? ”

        “FINE THEN! Watch my smoke…

        I will bring all your proud houses DOWN!”

        Which explains not-perhaps-alternate-author-doujinshi-AU-version Sue’s rack. So easy. Just needle her about her chest while dating. Then ditch her.


        (cf this)

        SON OF BITCH!

        It is Madarame
        And he is EVIL!
        Speak not his name in shadows!

    • Well, you see, this is 100% Madarame since he got bonked in the ass in a way that none other than adorable sou-uke Mada could get bonked.

  6. Well so much ado about a few lines of ink on a page or electrons on a screen.
    Is seen every week when a certain CIC tweets, or an official resigns.

    I hope that Spotted Flower continues until the author has used it up
    and that the new work which features a fujoshi yaoing the male leads is
    popular enough to make it to the USA in real paper and in scanalations.
    Presently I am watching Hyouge mono aka Tea for Life, Tea for the Universe.
    and if I see more chapters of the manga I will read them as well,
    The central character is an Otaku of Tea, despite being straight
    in 16th Century Japan as he courts the favor of Oda Nobunaga, then Hydeyoshi
    and maybe even Ieyasu.

    Presently reading the 4 coma Otome_Danshi_Ni_Koisuru_Otome aka
    the maid in love with a man in drag, she is androphobic, but a professional
    TV helps her on the train to escape a nasty old man and she finds herself
    in love with that man in drag. One of the School boys who like her looks
    gets dressed up to be with her. Up to 181 pages and she is finally seeking


    • Howdy Again! Hey, did you notice Ayumi Komura’s Kami-sama no Ekohiiki ?
      Very odd, very very SHOUJO, how-do-we-pair-X-off-with-Y-without-hurting-Z genderbending exercise that flirts with BL and Yuri in a heteronormative draw-within-the-lines Margaret magazine framework. Lots to wonder about but I admit to being moved when girl version finally… No spoiler!

      Aw heck, I will read ANYTHING by Ayumi Komura.

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