Thinkin’ about Hellshake Yano

“I just want to stress this: Yano lost his entire band. He didn’t lose 20% of his band. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole band. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why I’m thinking about Hellshake Yano.”

Mwah Hah Hah Mwah! While other peeps were thinking about Hellshake Yano, I was busy. Went and spent real money; money I could have used to buy food or booze on registering up  Surely, there is something wrong with my sense of judgement (1)

Namesilo had a domain reg sale on and I had a credit in paypal. You want to go reg up a domain name cheap? Go to, grab one or more, use my discount code HELPHOFF and we both save a buck. YEAH, THIS IS A BLATANT PLUG.

1) I can leave it until the registration runs out next year.
2) Give it to someone with a great idea for it.
3) Put a high price on it and sell it to an ad-sense farmer.
Done! There’s a $200 price on it, (LATER: now $50, Bargoon!) Someone can just go to Namesilo, type in HELLSHAKEYANO.COM and buy it if they have more bux than judgement.

4) Go to the commercial Shared Hosting Offers section of  Web Hosting Talk forum, find a $10/year hosting company and go completely nuts making a HELLSHAKE YANO shrine site.


Use the comment section to add suggestions.

Not gone to Japan yet… Oh heck, one more time: 

(1) I think my judgement was already blown to ifny when I regged up last week because I grew annoyed with a certain congresscritter and their low-rent PR stunt that bounced a domain to a facebook page. Fer krissakes, a domain reg co will redirect for free; I could just did a redirect of hellshakeyano dot com to here; my lowly wordpress blog! This is what they call a “cloaked” redirect, so even if you go to “Home” it will always read in the url bar, if you came here that way.
Hmmmmm maybe make a hellshakeyano shrine site and direct Californian republicans to it?
Oh, yeah, OMT: Don’t call me Shirley.

LATER: I have been one-upped by a pro. Someone snagged and did a cloaked redirect to 4chan’s /a board.

Well Played!

MUCH LATER: I got bored and let the domain lapse. You want? go to namesilo and snag it.. use code HELPHOFF and get $1 off. Enjoy…

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