– Genshiken (and others), the Otaku and the Mirror of Desire.

“Who can gaze into the mirror without becoming evil? A mirror does not reflect evil, but creates it. Thus the mirror bears a glimpse, but not scrutiny.”
– Saito Ryokuu (Saito Masura) 1899

An examination of the ways in which desire is reflected in the narrative universe of Genshiken, with detours to other manga, western sci-fi, pop culture and anything else that falls off the truck.

As I have gone completely obsessive on this one, made pages of notes, and then started lurking-posting odd, tangential weirdness on other folks’ blogs it is time to put up or shut up.

Muda, as far as she who up-with-me-puts has been able to explain to me, means wasted effort though it also seems to be used also as a kind of “You are Doing It Wrong!” admonition.

Sensei: “Moral? Since when did Art start being moral?”
Agitated student: “WHEN DID IT STOP ????”


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