Do a survey: Okazu Yuri Fandom Survey!

Erica Friedman’s Okazu blog is running has done a Yuri fandom survey!
The intro post for it is here:

This one is IMPORTANT!  Erica Friedman’s Okazu blog and the Yuricon fan community
[] have been supporting and promoting Yuri fandom for over two decades. As well as almost-daily reviews and news on Okazu, Friedman has recently published her landmark history of Yuri: By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Anime and Manga []

Book cover Illustration of "By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Anime and Manga" by Erica Friedman

Go to the post for the link to the Google forms survey page. If you run multiple Gmail accounts, you may wish to log into your preferred one first. The survey is a very reasonable length and will stay open until January 11, 2023. A summary will be posted soon after on Okazu.

UPDATE: Result summary posted:

I could go all fan-happy on this but in memory of a long-ago Survey & Research Methods University course, will curb my over-enthusiasm. (Yes, I filled it out already!)

Good Job!

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