Legends of the fall, conditions of the fall

The fall Genshiken web

Spoiler lamp ON for Genshiken Ch 110.

Once again Reality is reality and fantasy is fantasy is the fall-back mantra for Kio Shimoku’s fave conflicted Genshiken character. I should be doing a big wrap-up of the whole Kuchiki’s farewell trip arc, but it ain’t over yet. Yet a few things are already nagging me, and the jet-lag from my return trip is refusing to let me sleep.

As ch 110 ends, Hato-as-kun has just been tripped over and is pinned on a bed, drunk and helpless by an equally drunk Madarame. Rotten girls everywhere are letting out small squeees, or perhaps only grudging “hmmmmmmmm”s. Three full pages with explanations were needed to explain the mechanics of how A tripped and fell on B. Surely, thou doth protest a bit much. (Don’t call me…)

Aside: Qualia‘s last chapter has surfaced. Amazing how another clichéd trip and fall into the arms of… can disrupt the entire structure of reality across multiverses. And some folks thought that Sasameki Koto went to insane lengths before the happy girl-couple nerved up to share a smooch…

Qualia clench web

A clichéd fall into each other’s arms scene, one of the oldest tricks in the book. Is it ironic presentation? A forced trope moment to send a confused and no longer “objectively viewed” (and directed) Hato into a full BL fugue state? Service to the rotten- girl readership? (if so, it is pretty vanilla, we’ve seen steamier in Haganai) or pure burlesque?

tomodochi get goggles real bad web

An otokonoko version of a hotel room scene would be obvious and direct.

typical otokonoko fall web

A yaoi version even more so. (insert your own…)

thomas_fall web

A restrained 1970’s shonan-ai version would drag on a bit longer, be drawn in wispy lines and come with a floral panel and an over-the-top vow of eternal soul-mate-ness that would transcend time and death via both re-incarnation and the “other shore”.

Thomas web

(Are there no Photoshop users among hardcore Genshiken fans? C’mon; Hato, plus a rose-filled floral background, plus big, wordy word-balloon! Am I the only one on this fricking planet who would find such a pastiche funny???)

Other options are as quickly dispensed with. I note that when considering how the Genshiken could” play out (eg: “the playset”) I lean towards more dialogue. So apparently do more than a few fanfiction writers – it is a common error: Genshiken is a visual narrative, not a light novel.

Kio Shimoku stages the scene in his own way. His authorial voice, his style demands that he write it like a middle-aged married guy mangaka who is peeking in on the current version of the male otaku of his youth and the newly emerged tribes of rotten girls and then arranging his characters to play out situations that highlight certain weaknesses and contradictions in their social codes. All with plenty of light chiding humour and enough economy of dialogue and enough movement to keep the story going. A very skilled, veteran middle-aged guy mangaka…

Hackneyed tropes will be deployed, but they are done so in a manner that looks like a shout-out, or an ironic presentation at first glance. Only with closer consideration do they morph into something else, something in the way.

HSDXD clench fall web

Why does it take 3 pages for Mada to fall onto Hato? Three pages that could have been better used, perhaps for talk-talk?

Kio Shimoku has always maintained a distanced, anthropological view in his slice-of-life relationship-py manga. It is a guy’s take on the more serious Josei form and/ or a holdover from 1980’s 1990’s manga that attempted to fuse comedy with some aspects of social realism. Slice of Life says a bit about what he is doing; how he does it is far more interesting.

With the excessive amount of porn in fan materials why are his characters almost all 3D intimacy-avoiding virgins? And while at university? What the effing hell is university good for if not for losing it? It is not as if they are trying and failing – even nerds can find true love if they clean up and try a bit. That’s how we get a technical class. All the Genshiken critters are experts in 2D intimacy and scared crapless of the messy random painfulness of 3D affection.

CJVC narratives are full of way too many happy young folks who are too paralyzed to make a move. That allows their authors to pile on even more shiny young characters, usually female and run the usual gags. But the Genshiken is set up with older characters, 19-22 age range, at a University, who are enthusiasts of the diverse genres that trot out all of these cheesy tropes.

So each trope that plays out on and with the Genshiken characters is at once a shout-out, an ironic presentation, a curious deja-vu moment, something to go along with for fun and a nuisance, and an impediment to authentic 3D human interaction and friendship.

Saki’s presence, as bullshit detector and reality check is sorely missed.

Note the economy of dialogue between Madarame and Hato-kun. Recall that Mada and Hato haven’t really talked much anyway, which is part of the problem if not a formal structural law of romantic manga and anime comedies of error. Nope; there never is enough time to talk over the “important stuff“. The urgency of the exchange when it finally takes place can be cut with a knife.

“You stopped coming by!” “I was afraid!” “I am not the fantasy I created – chose someone else!” “By the way, I need pantsu to draw…” “OOOOPS!”

Of course keeping the dialogue lean and to the point keeps the story moving along at a fine clip. A newb would drown it in text, Shimoku-sensei reins in the urge.

But then…

We now pause to consider the prodigious drink intake by Madarame (and Hato) over the course of the evening as well as the effect of Kuchiki’s weight on Mada’s knees, his general state of exhaustion, the previously highlighted thrown shoe, plus the angular momentum of the earth and the gravitational constant of ….

3 pages later…

Trip and fall accomplished!

“Buffy: The next thing I knew we’re being attacked by this mutant ninja demon thing, and then we’re on the floor on top of each other, and it’s just really confusing being around you.”  – Slavoj Žižek

Resume game.

F1 – Black out
F2 – Throw up
F3 – Kissssssssu!
F4 – <user input> “Would you like a bucket of pudding?”

Of note to cross-cultural students of rotten-ish western mass culture; the BBC’s Sherlock has made it over to Japan and is doing fine business as a dub, with light novel adaptations (covers by a noted rotten mangaka), plus manga treatments. Shimoku sensei could have pinched the Holmes/ Watson piss-up routine…

…but nooooooooooo….


Holmes and Watson are friends.

Hato-as-kun and as-self is about to pop. He should already be in fugue state, acting out a BL script or fanning over the possibilities, with him as main character. He most likely already is: selflessly sacrificing his love for the good of his sempai, Madarame is in the curious position of being the only adult in the room not under the influence of a delusion field.

I wonder what could be (/written as) going through his head?

“Dumped again, aw shit… Sou-uke? Hmmmmmph! Harem lead? That was a lot of work. Well, the food and attention was something… Oh wait, I guess I am the “circle queen” about to destroy the Genshiken, as the members vie for my charms.”

“A scary furreign amazon wants to have a convention romance with me, then vanish. As if we could even talk to each other, my English sucks. Keiko wants to sully me, if I get laid, she’ll make sure it feels like shit. Sue is a cute – why didn’t I notice sooner? She might be a bit interested in me, but she can barely manage any Japanese and is too shy to even talk to me without a kinky setup – which could be fun later, but too weird a way to start dating and besides she wants to see a stupid BL story play out between me and Hato – why? The rest of them are all rooting for that stupid BL story to play out between me and Hato too. And then there is Hato. He’s bought into it, or he’s the one behind the whole thing; he’s kinda cute in girl-mode, but doing it??? Oh wait, yeah, I blushed. And I’m playing otokonoko games. Well fuuuuuuuck me! Am I supposed to suddenly be seized with the irresistible urge to ass-rape Hato, chan and kun? Don’t we even get to talk a bit first? Go on a date or something? Nobody tells me nuthin!”

“This sucks!”

“I should just tell Yoshitake that she is the only one I want, but she has to dress like a boy. That would screw up their stupid BL thing right to the moon. Leave the Genshiken? They came and dragged me back, dammit! A fine way to treat an ex-president and a sempai!”


Kio Shimoku would never use this much internal blah blah. TL:DR. And he can’t fall into the trope either. I’m guessing that no first kisssus will be stolen. Likewise, I will be sorely disappointed if the moment ends with Mada jumping back as if electrified, or Hato managing some ninja wrestling escape/ attack move. I’ll forgive it if…

Nawwwww… Don’t tell me…

Becoming Sasahara V2 wont work. I’m guessing that Madarame has to become Saki.

Keiko was never up to the Saki role. Saki was always much more than the riajuu girlfriend, and Keiko can’t even manage that. As a riajuu girlfriend, she fails miserably; her floating world experience and kogal-girl teen misadventures put her squarely in another fantasy-land, a few blocks south. She gets the mechanics of 3D relationship delusions, but has only the slimmest understanding of how the beloved lore of fandom can serve as an enabling mechanism for avoiding messy 3D personal interaction. The side bits about Keiko not grasping the full BL/yaoi implications and the rotten-fantasy potential of a prettied up Hato-kun going back with Mada to a hotel room is pointed out for a reason.

More importantly, she lacks something else: Keiko cannot serve as the Genshiken’s bullshit detector. Reality check was Saki’s main role and that’s why she wasn’t just “the riajuu girlfriend”, but a mainstay of the Genshiken. Yoshitake and Yajima are too caught up in their own stuff, Ogiue has her hands full with day-to-day club ops, she has done nothing to intervene in the HatoxMadaxHato melodrama. Ohno has to be Ohno the fairy godmother.

Shimoku-sensei likes mirroring tricks and parallelisms. if you use Saki for a mostly guy Genshiken you need a guy for a mostly girl Genshiken. He has to be an outsider, at least to fujoshi lore but he has to also be sympathetic enough to the dangers of over-fanning to sound the bullshit alarm, without sounding like some guy who thinks he can tell rotten girls how to behave, who would then be a complete outsider, the enemy, a jerk.

Which, if you step back a bit is the giant yawning chasm that Kio Shimoku has been edging around since he turned the Genshiken into a rotten-girl hangout. What the heck is HE doing there anyway?

How many male mangakas are out there creating somewhat-serious social studies style slice of life manga in the Seinen genre right now? The “serious” stories are all owned by women. Seinen and Josei, especially the more female concerned (if not feminist) Josei are continents apart. What is Kio Shimoku doing with a new series in Rakuen Le Paradis ???

What can Madarame-sempai bring that is of worth to the new Genshiken? The Genshiken fails if Hato cracks up from the pressure of trying to be a male BL fan without being overtly queer (Aside: new research on male BL/yaoi consumption in Japan suggests that perhaps the yaoi ronso/ appropriation of voice concerns have died down a bit as the diversity and perhaps the quality of the genre has leveled up a notch or two. Some Japanese guys who like guys reportedly now credit it as a niche product, a related form of narrative by somewhat queer-ish allies, or at least a gateway or emergency substitute. More on this available soon.)

…And what kind of story would that be for Shimoku-sensei to spin? Yaoi and BL turns guy readers into a gay caricatures and/or makes them crazy?

Similarly the Genshiken fails if HatoxMadaxHato ever gets off the ground. Lookie at the middle-aged straight boy writing ham-fisted BL. Is he making fun of a venerable woman’s narrative form? What a jerk!

What if Madarame is left hanging as the perpetual butt of an endless elaborate rotten-girl joke? There is no room for the old-style male otaku in this brave new world. They can all go crawl back to their moe-pits and dream of incest with their busty big-eyed adopted kid sister waifu charas, perhaps with a giant robot or a magic battle tossed in every other weekend. And as for middle-aged straight boy mangakas…

Is everything you worked so long and hard for is now obsolete?

Back to our steamy hotel room scene:

Hato’s “look at myself objectively” thing has always been a bit vague. Now it is in tatters. What he really meant was “remove part of myself from the role to a safe position“. Hato has never really talked much to Mada because he doesn’t know how to, so he takes refuge in the character he has created – who must always be flustered. And now comes the dramatic moment, with no Hato-as-omniscient-author-director to watch over it. But he is still playing a role. It is perhaps his biggest performance yet to date.

“Watch as I make the ultimate sacrifice for my sempai’s happiness!”


Hato’s entire confused liminality, his neither fish nor fowl, gay or straight, trans or cis, crossdress or cross-play, yaoi consuming, harem joining, nadeshiko levelling up and Sou-uke yelling presentation over the past Genshiken year has been pure and utter shambulatory late onset chunny, lashed together creaking and about to fall apart… bullshit.

There may be real feelings hiding behind the mess, but who can tell. Even Hato can’t tell, which is probably why he built the mess in first place.

Keiko may instinctively feel this and the fallout she thinks is hitting Madarame is annoying as all heck, with or without shadings of homophobia/transphobe-ishness. And it is blocking the little drama that she wants to stage. But what Keiko and the rest of the girls will probably never wrap their heads around is how much Hato’s over-the-top, self-deluded bullshit looks more and more like a ritual gift being offered to the closest person he has to a male friend, in the subconscious hope that Mada will call him on it.


“Hato-kun, no, Kenjiro, really…”

“…you have to wear pantsu to be able to draw yaoi?”


“Ufu Fu Ufu…”

“You read waaaaaaaaay too much BL!

Don’t I get to prepare my heart?

Were he so inclined, or given enough dialogue pages by the mangaka, Madarame could easily tick off the absurdities. He is long overdue for a Picard-style “Enough of this farce!” exposition. Start with the violin solo accompanying the “I am not the otokonoko you think I am, forget me” song. Madarame plays otokonoko games and can be safely assumed to have read some of the other materials in the genre. Madarame knows otokonoko. The most Hato has let on knowing about otokonoko is lurking 3D cross-play hobbyist sites for makeup tips. Mada should gently break it to Hato that he makes a lousy 2D style otokonoko. Hato don’t know shit about (2D) otokonoko. And don’t the 3D ones do it as a cross-play-ish hobby? Perhaps he has seen a fujoshi version or two in dojins but the fujoshi variant would leave out all the girl+/plus stuff the guy versions play with: better than ‘real’ girls, the magical man-preg nonsense, the flirtatious challenge and promise of a transgressive, but still easily manageable fantasy kink. Aren’t they also supposed to come with an appropriated manga/anime chara costume variant, cat ears, school-ish uniform, magical girl costume or something?

Sorry Hato, you are not the otokonokos we are looking for.

Hato cross-dresses as a shoujo heroine from 20 years ago, before they got spunky. One of the sad ones. And she can cook! Wow! A shoujo otokonoko? So cross-playing-as-fujoshi Hato creates then offers cross-dressing Hato to Mada for him to fall for in a harem story. Oh goodie! Is that for Mada? For the rotten girls in the peanut gallery? For the secret heart of Hato Kenjiro?

Cue background music: Un Bell di Vedremo or The Flower Duet?

Mada most likely continues to see Hato for what he can be “objectively” described as in Mada-ish terms: an otaku guy. Otaku, otaku otakuuuuuu, from planet otaku. Hato likes reading BL. Excellent! It’s a hobby. No biggie. It’s not like Hato is into scat robo-shota guro twincest. Hato wanted to fan over his fave genre with the girls, so he started crossdressing. He got good at it and found he likes cross-playing a fujoshi. Again, no biggie, the Genshiken fujoshi accept it. Hato reads too much BL and overdoes it… Over-fanning happens. But it looks like all of this is at least enabling Hato to draw, and creative output is sacred, so what to do?

But now Mada has to ask: “What’s all this about stealing (or declining to steal) my first kisssu Kenjiro Hato? This is the first time we’ve talked mano a mano since Comiket.” What of Hato-chan the cross-play fujoshi Genshiken member? “Haven’t seen her since the school festival”. “Is it Nadeshiko Genshiken Hato-chan, the demure domestic angel routine that you have been practicing while cooking for me, that you are speaking for?” If Hato is dumping Mada, which Hato is doing the dumping?

One blush means hard gay? A girl’s heart in a boy’s body? What’s next? An evil twin? Amnesia? A Takarazuka dance number?

How about a good mano a mano fight over “goggles”?

The rotten girls see the belligerence as sublimation, but they discount the foreplay.

Hato is either completely caught up in the hall of mirrors of his enthusiasms, which is an otaku complaint, or he has fused his runaway otaku enthusiasms with an underlying sexuality and/or gender dysphoria issue, in which case he needs to untangle the fandom from the personal issues and get some support from folks who can offer knowledgeable advice. The Genshiken is a supportive community for otaku, but it would be foolish for any of them to be written as primary advice providers to a young gay person or trans person trying to grapple with their emerging identity. Especially when labels like gay or trans don’t seem to fit very well in any case.

The situation was funny; now it is getting heavy.

Mada has asked Hato before: “Are you sure you are not gay?” Does he have enough pieces of the puzzle to now ask: “Hato, where are those feelings coming from?” and “Who says 3D has to go like a BL story?

Faced with a person whom he knows in such distress, could Harunobu Madarame start spewing homophobia and/or transphobia at Hato? Could he recoil in horror and refuse to help? Most people would just throw up their hands and tell the Hato continuum to deal with their own shit. But Madarame has been honored in a curious way: Hato trusts him enough to have a meltdown on his doorstep. Not in the clubroom, not in a heart to heart with Ogiue, or Yajima or Yoshitake or Sue.

How is Kio Shimoku going to play this?

As a mirror reflection of the last great circle-trip romantic crisis, this situation is far more littered with real-life landmines. The mangaka doesn’t have to be politically correct, but if he writes it mean or stupid, his magnum opus will take a hit.

Stuff like this is what one finds in josei and adult shinso yuri. I have no idea if some BL tales take on this level of emotional complexity, or if any of these genres can at the same time play a similar situation for laughs.
Here is a weird thought: If the subtext in this story was yuri rather than BL, and the characters were all girls, then Hato would be doing a classic type-S sempai crush. Mada could get to be Bakemonogatari‘s Hitagi Senjōgahara to Hato’s Suruga Kanbaru. It ain’t going anywhere, but be gentle with the kouhai’s heart.

The kid only falls for sempais?

So… kick the can down the road a bit longer?

Mada jumps off, cringing while doing a mortified jaw-drop Gehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! An equally mortified Hato bolts out the door into the cold night…

Cue a repeat of the “go after Ogiue” scene: “He hasn’t made it back?” “What did you do?” “Go after him!” etc. Which postpones any reckoning while ramping up the confusion. More confession-ing to ensue in a park or at the train station as dawn breaks. Does Hato have to sit down with Mada and show him all his clench drawings once they get back?

How Marxian of the mangaka.

How to keep it light and funny but respectful of any underlying issues of sexuality or identity?

Complete Aside: Anyone notice that the weird manga/ anime franchise Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! takes place at the “same” university as the Genshiken? Lookie at all the monorail sequences!

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    • “She-who-up-with-me-puts” shares your opinion about how I go on and on and on, but I remain a poor editor. This post is actually only some %40 of what I wrote, it is just really hard for me to keep the train of thought going and break up the exposition at the same time. The stuff just pours out. Rest assured that shorter, more pithy posts (and/or writing/formatting the the longer ones so they are easier to digest?) are high on my learn-to-do list [grin!] The 2 “highly subjective” posts a while back are even worse (yikes!) I have a Comiket 6 special report up soon, I will see how that can get parted into something more manageable. Cheers and thanks for the suggestion and for dropping by and reading my stuff! /M

        • Believe it not, I thought I had severely clipped it! (And now I better edit this reply, as it has gone South as well) Long story short; in the process of throwing too many things together, I tend to focus on getting one thread to hold together and so I fear breakage. Somehow the condition of feeling “alienated’ from something one previously enjoyed got mixed in with every fall-into-the-arms-of’s I could find. Then I ran into Ogiue Maniax’s review of the chapter, plus the comments on one of his more heavily subscribed posts : https://ogiuemaniax.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/internet-culture-fandom-and-the-tendency-to-offend/#comment-14809, The ones by cabaggepatch, were particularly concerned; I excerpt:

          “”that’s why characters like Hato, or the writing that surrounds them is so damaging, outside of word of god, all of Hato’s actions and feelings revealed in the manga come-across from as a trans woman who’s figuring herself out and is working through her denial about it, especially to trans women who relate and have repeatedly said how similar those experiences are to their own. Hato’s shown consistently they are someone who’s coming to terms with both uncomfortable and dysphoric (Hato’s extreme reaction to facial hair and being perceived as not female in the context of Genshiken) who’s depictions of their inner selves and the people they aspire to be are female (the stands) and is trying to juggle how their perception of self ties into their sexuality (how Hato’s personal hatoxmada bl drawings ended up becoming images of Hato presenting as female with madarame)[emph. mine]. Hato’s consistent folding and lying about the reasons they do what they do and being shown to be wrong and in denial just at to this.””

          Note the emph’s section. Never caught that take.. Interesting!

          But Shimoku’s Hato is not easily dismissed as a clumsy trans mash-up: He made Hato a unique weird pile of fractal denial in otaku cam pattern (female, grey, urban) Compared to the usual “obnoxious trap” things, Hato is a restrained and mostly respectful creation. I bet that the mangaka did lots of research – he usually does (one might have to lay the blame for clumsiness at current pop-level Japanese psych writings on issues of gender dysphoria, which I am willing to bet are not exactly up to speed with current concerns by those in the life) Also, what word of god sez in his one cautious interview to outlanders in the last 10 years is hedged to the max.. The mangaka is very secretive!

          Add to this the anon xlating team’s long ago decision to innocently use “trap” for otokono: I would hate to burn them at the stake for it – short word fit balloons good.

          Even the bravado shit-talk of 4chan can yield up a bit of insight (like my last March for April 1’s post quoting a 4chan exchange on the subject, which said a lot about how guys process various phobias, fears and kinks)

          …Which led back to the tightrope the mangaka is walking: I think he cares, but he also is trying to balance a ton of other concerns too, so he tried to create a completely new take on the issue. He must simplify, or be paralyzed.

          I suspect the story of the new Genshiken will turn out to be a certain otokonoko-ish young person’s story and how he finally writes it and himself.

          Reflections go deep in the hall of mirrors, they go on forever…

          Writing while exhausted and jet-lagged can be creative, but editing after is a chore.

          Cheers /M

  1. If you want to fit Hato into a box and label it, you are denying the chaotic nature of humanity. Even transgendered and transsexual real 3D people have a wide range of stories and various degrees of denial of any motive they consider less than proper.
    So Hato can only draw well while wearing panties. Big woof. I would wear 19th Century undergarments if they would confer such talent on me. As for being disquieting for the less radical members of society – is that not the very Nature of Art?

    Go Shimoku! What will the next generation of Genshiken look like? Maybe they will watch all the hot shows, play the hot games and read the hot manga on smart phones? Will they come to Genshiken to study the manga/anime classic stories?


    • Yes indeed, which is what I am working on for the next post. One interesting thing popped up as I endlessly re-write it. Kio Shimoku’s recent interview and the translated musings of a Japanese fan of the Genshiken that Ogiue Maniax posted both went on about how otaku and fujoshi are no longer transgressive rebels hiding their enthusiasms in the Genshiken cloister. They are a mainstream hobby and a market niche (though Japan still prefers that folks not to go on and on about one’s hobbies in public) Hato not only provides an ongoing “guess what I am – I’m not even sure” puzzle, he recreates the feeling of outsiders banding together. Plus the portrait of the artist as a young… thing is interesting too. So Hato = no 1 source of Genshiken plot juice now, though some fans, much like Keiko, find him obnoxious.

      The whole thing has also led me to read some stuff that I would have previously been uncomfortable with. If I can put up with Hato, can I wrap my brain around Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick ??? I doubt that it will make me bleed from the eyes, but it is a bit hard to process at first glance. “Hi! I look like a nice Jewish Granny but in reality I am…” Ok… and at night you were a crime-fighter, neh? And now I am really itching to see what Shimoku sensei is up to in “Paradis”. And I wish someone had scanlated “heat haze”, one of his earliest works – raws can be found, it looks very emotionally heavy, but unfortunately…

      And yup, if one really has the art bug, you pay the price gladly, even though, as someone late to the arts I go a little bit further and add that sometimes you have to make the art fit what you can and want to do. Hato-as-kun’s drawing might be a Kio Shimoku joke, but Shimoku either can’t fake bad or is letting something personal slip. I find it interesting, and far more “authentic” than mundane good cartooning. I want to see more “Where will I go?” drawings! If I want music, I’ll turn on the frickin’ radio! Dammit, they are at double-double universe art university! Gimme some moar “shock of the new”!

      Cheers and thanks for dropping by!

  2. “Hato’s entire confused liminality… . …Even Hato can’t tell, which is probably why he built the mess in first place.”

    This. THIS. THIS!!!! This entire section just sums it up PERFECTLY.

    Is Shimoku dealing with the fact that otakuness has changed and left Mada–and by extension himself–behind? Is he using the comic now as a vehicle to explore how he’s obsolete in this new otaku society?

    Damn. Goddamn. This post is awesome.

    “Were he so inclined… magical girl costume or something?”

    That’s the thing, dude, Mada can’t. Firstly, it would be directly confrontational and that is very not how Japanese do things, ESPECIALLY Japanese like Mada. Second, Mada himself is confused. The thing with loving Saki is that he never had a chance so she was SAFE. Mada having a chance with one girl or half-a-dozen doesn’t matter, at some point he’s going to have to choose a) to be in a relationship or b) be forever alone and he’s TERRIFIED because he has NO IDEA WHAT HE’S DOING with (a), knows (b) inside-and-out but knows it isn’t satisfying. Saki had the internal wherewithal to be able to be the Genshiken’s Bullshit-o-Meter but Mada is and always has been in over his head with the fujoshi and Hato.

    • Wow, thanks! Yeah, Mada is in waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over his head, but he has reserves. He snapped to and was authoritative – even as he was understanding during the binoculars brigade episode some Genshiken-months back. He’s can deploy backbone, especially to kouhais if he sets his mind to it. If only he can hit exasperation mode before he goes catatonic, he might just get Angela or even Sue.

      Recall the puss n boots (Shrek reference -Disney big in Japan) “sad eye cute kitty” face he made to Sue during her weird little interrogation routine: she melted! Old Mada would never have tried that. As for Hato, Mada has had male friends. That gives him reserves there too.

      I still believe that one of the weaknesses written into Hato is that he didn’t have many, or any male friends. I don’t think its a gender identity thing either; he just spent too much time at the dojo and trying to live up to his brother’s lead and missed out. The he gets his head full of fujoshi weirdness and fujoshi puppets don’t do friend. So, the mangaka-kami isn’t writing himself out of the brave new world, he’s setting up an argument for his (through his proxies) continued place in it.

      Reminds me a bit of the rhetorical trick at the end of Dickson’s “Soldier Ask Not” (the original short story – the novella goes on too much and blunts the tale). Splinter cultures.. Yup..

  3. ummm, what is the name of the 4th image you used there?
    the one with the “there’s just no way i can stop myself from doing this”

    • From a “classic” example of “josou game style crossdressing” (aka trap) manga: Bait and Attack by Suemitsu Dicca [https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=6999] [https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/27796] previously discussed here: [https://heartsoffuriousfancies.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/everything-that-rises-must-converge/] as an example how current “josou” crossdressing manga are a break from early gender indentity manga and owe more to yaoi creators filing the serial numbers off their usual stuff and trotting it out for Mada. NSFW, unprotected man-secks and “whoa- the human body don’t do that” ensues. Rather easy to find in the usual grey places.

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