My new found popularity

Sic transit gloria mundi

Much to my surprise, people are reading this blog. Why is another matter. WordPress makes available to bloggers a running statistics page about our blogs, with page views, unique visits, countries and …. and…

…Some of the search terms used by folks who ended up here.

Fret not, most of the searches don’t seem to get stored by WordPress. Per their help page:

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons.  That’s why we don’t always know which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at your site from a search engine.  When we don’t know the search terms, we show them as “Unknown search terms”.

UPDATE: In September 2013 Google started to rapidly expand the number of searches that it encrypts, which results in a higher proportion of “Unknown search terms” in your stats.  According to some sources, this expansion will eventually result in encryption of all Google searches.  This is being done for privacy reasons by Google when someone searches at, before a visitor arrives at your site.  Therefore we don’t have any way to unhide the search terms.  We recognize this means a loss of stats information for you and we will look for other ways to show you how users arrived at your site.

But for those of you who don’t https:// …

It’s nice to be fancied, but gosh and jeepers, they’re ain’t no hawt pr0n here no how. Just a lot of “wow! lookie at that, wonder why they did it?” on Japanese manga and anime, and some sloppy attempts to throw some of it at theory and academic studies and see what sticks.

ooops.. busted...

It’s a hobby.

I wonder what the lists from senior, serious bloggers and blogs look like?

I want to feed this stuff into a random poetry generator, or…

What were you all thinking? (warning: naughty words ensue below the cut)

For everyone else, here they are:

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And there you have it… Whew!

I guess that list was just too weird to pass up, I had to do something with it.
If I ever want to monetize this site, I know what (some of) the public wants.

Much Later: It seems that by posting these terms, I have once again proved the internet adage about “porn, cat pictures and linux distros“. This post gets a LOT of search engine hits, and i doubt the majority of them are doing scholarly research on fan interests… Or maybe you are, in your own way…

I pdf’d this post and stuck it up on a site that collects scholarly research, and the same effect replicated itself. For January 2016, I am in the top %4 of “research papers” searched for on the site. Which just goes to show that loading a web page or document with keywords, a hoary old hit-generating strategy from 1998, still works, especially if the term are shmexy.

Oh, and the list, taken as a whole is funny as all heck. You gotta admit it; we humans and our desires, they really are never-ending.

Peace, and a happy new year to you and to all.

4 thoughts on “My new found popularity

  1. I’m devastated that “flower” only shows up in one search phrase, considering your best running gag yet. Ah well. Lack of people searching for “floral background” in general, I guess.
    (BTW, I found this blog by clicking through your name on one of your comments on OgiueManiax)

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  3. Eh! I searched the long long long long list for Fudanshi Family aka Fudanshi Kazoku
    Author: SUZURI Machi
    Genres: Comedy Shoujo Slice of Life Shounen Ai
    Saotome family also known as the family full of fudanshi. From the single dad to his two sons, BL runs in their blood.

    Really over the top…

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