Sometimes a popsicle is just a popsicle. . .

But not this time!!!

What the heck is Sue doing ??? (Ch 67)
Is there more to this than fanservice fun?
Here, in case you missed it, the xfer student, Sue is (unconsciously ?) demonstrating a rather involved way of eating a popsicle as the genshiken fujoshi gang natter on about showing solidarity with Hato, so that he will not be shamed within the group by the revelation of his prurient interests to Madarame and the rest of the old-guard male members.

I am getting a feeling that there is yet another sneaky subtext in Genshiken, first tried in G1, and to be further explored in GN. Is S. Sensei trying to suggest that if, (big if) a guy is able to win the heart (and the stereotypically slightly dishevelled, mildly plain/ overweight, pasty body) of a fujoshi, (Hey Otaku Dude: you ain’t no great prize yourself) that she will surprise him by being extremely well versed in yaoi rebu secrets ?????

Perhaps this only works with angry American female xfer students, or Its easier to get away with it with the Sue Gaijin character.

Is it being suggested that if fujoshi spend so much time reading and drawing the stuff, they are going to pick up a few tips from the conventions of the genre? This is somehow very wrong on so many levels! Wasn’t the entire enterprise supposed to remove males to a manageable 2D / fantasy world? Empower female fantasies? Dispense with the need for weak-willed 3D (mirror to solid real) guys? Is this just an updating and mirroring of the same ole same ole debbil patriarchy? She’s a virgin and yet she has the skills of a whore! (or at least a rent boy.)

In contrast to an earlier ridiculous stereotype of japanese female passivity in bed, is Genshiken really trying to creative a new form of school romance / pairing/ mating narrative for the Otaku and general population manga readers?

Behold the Genshiken fujoshi:

1) Neglected / shuns most males, a guy pursuing her will face little competition in the 3D (mirror to solid) world. Probably a virgin.
2) Libidinous to obsessive extremes of secrecy and shame.
3) heterosexual, though interest is displaced to 2D fantasy material that has the surface appearance of male homosexual play. (reinforces 1 & 2)
4) Extensive theoretical knowledge of sex techniques that “work” on males.
4b) “Groomed” to take an active, (even the uke is active once they get into it), rather than passive role in play. She won’t just lie there…
5) Expects her guy to at least be forceful, if not a bit of a brute.
6)  Hopefully the bishie thing limits itself to 3D.

Wonder what REALLY went Sasahara’s mind when he read Ogiue’s
SASS X MADA? You Dawg!

Is it time to swipe terminology from the Yuri canon and declare her an S-Class Fujoshi?

Whither Fujoshi-dom?

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