on doing it wrong:

It becomes obvious that Hato’s ??? (Hato) X Mada must fail.

Hato remains as an excellent plot device, but his Yaoi must be a bit “wrong”:

Radiant, Isn’t she?

Fujoshi and Yaoi are given big roles to play in Genshiken Nadaime, but to pull it off Shimoku Sensei will have to navigate a storytelling minefield: Male fantasy/ porn in society is understandable. Female interest in cosplay can be explained, especially when a male character is there to support it and be paired off with its powerful female advocate – who also happens to just love to cosplay really sexy outfits: It’s the only fanservice this series has.

Yaoi however is a bit obscure and likes it that way. Sure we all know that some/ lotsa women like it, but what do they like and why? and is the Genshiken Yaoi yaoi enough?
If it is, can he plop it down in front of the (male) reader on page 22 and . . .

“”Arghhhhhhh Brain Bleach Now Please!!!!!””

Funny to yell Sou-uke! at Madarame, unprofitable to deploy the full monty at the general (read male, or non-Yaoi friendly female) reading audience.

Shimoku Sensei had all the companion Kujibiki Unbalance (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kujibiki_Unbalance) and the forgettable Ramen Angel Pretty Menma (a visual novel/ero game) extras in G1 to flesh out (somewhat acceptable, male gaze) desire in the story. Plenty of extra pages, and naughty unbalance dojins, probably with heavy loli/ Yuri content, could be shown blanked out and still assumed by the readership. They work even better that way – let the rubes do some work.

Society posits male-gaze fantasy material as riajuu/ neemu? Internal Genshiken logic, and external solid logic sez: All Fantasy material is considered for dual use.. Narrative enjoyment and sexual enjoyment are posited as a given and as a fact. Pleasure of the text and all that. . .

Under these conditions, Yaoi is dangerous for a male author (unless a gay mangaka), He cannot blithely assume detailed reader knowledge of the inner workings of Yaoi, nor will its champions take kindly to him proclaiming expertise in the subject (at least without some noteworthy apprenticeship, like creating a working Yaoi arc in Genshiken ?).

Put it another way; i’s hard enough for a (mainstream?) male author to develop realistic female characters (conventions help) but when those characters draw/ write specialised amateur porn, and you might be expected to produce samples, better find some wiggle room fast!

From this vantage point, a male character who finds himself exposed to, fascinated by Yaoi, and who develops an idealised “female” alter-ego to process it is not just developing a psychological defense mechanism, but also a mechanism for attempting to understand, replicate and internalize his desires. Hato therefore serves as a narrative bridge to the vast numbers of readers male and female who DO NOT UNDERSTAND – DO NOT LIKE!!!

Sue X popsicle ain’t gonna hold the boys forever.

Quick run to demotivational poster generator with pic of ch66 Hato and caption: YAOI: turns boys into girls

But while Hato has been ingesting the stuff like female hormones before surgery, and while it would be reasonable to posit that as a technical exercise may be able to whomp up some canon yaoi, it remains plausible and necessary to posit that his/her “my special personal fantasy” (c.f.my special day…) is just a bit…. off. Note that he/she has not yet said that he/she was going to ship her male self and Madarame.
(Nope, gotta be, what else could it ????????????)

This can be worked with! This shit is gold! We done invented all the different kinds of deodorant and shampoo in the world, but if we can invent a new form of Pr0n…..

Especially if Sensei makes Ogiue-sama divert Hato into doing something a bit less xxx rated for a second try. There has gotta be some pesky festival in the offing soon.

Sensei gets a beard to hide behind, story keeps rolling, Hijinx Ensue!
Tankobon gets extra pages! Wheeeeee!

<Out comes the playset>

Hato proudly shows Hato (or ???? – nawww its gotta be Hato) X Mada to the Genshiken fujoshi: Gasp! Huh! Well, Yikes, That works, That is huh? Sorry, Muda Muda muda!

“Pray tell Why? -snif-”

The fujoshi tribe gets insights into their oeuvre.

Readers get insight into Fujoshi tribe and lite field guide to Yaoi with much funny patter.

Sensei gets to explore Freudfrage.

Everyone can ask everyone else “Why does this work for you?”

Could get a bit tedious, but if it does: more popsicle!

2 chapters later…
… Madarame waltzes in, armed with a sack of Yuri themed pr0n..

This stuff makes its own gravy!

I can’t wait for Ch’s 68 etc… And when is Sensei going to deploy a fully characterized “Out” lesbian? Her absence is conspicuous; I guess Madarame has gotta be gnawed on a bit more.

Once again, Thank you!
Also, I swear I will get the bibliography etc sections up soon.
and catching typos 
seems to be a never-ending chore!
Geh! Another typo! -Sigh!-

Does this get easier?

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