Genshiken Ch 91: Full Moteki Panic!

Warning, Spoiler lamp is ON! The good news is that sooner or later a far superior English translation of Ch 91 will probably appear, somehow.. You may wish to wait for it.

UPDATE: This is now obsolete. I was much closer than on this one than previous attempts, but I missed one REALLY BIG detail.. see extra notes at the end.

Genshiken 91_13 detailTime to learn how to use cut-lines

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Genshiken Ch 89: or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Wherein I do some random practice using machine translation and post the results

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. Whew, I got the broad strokes, but really missed a lot of important nuances.  Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok I admit it.. I might be wrong about the provenance of the Peruvian scans, and for that matter, the Haitian Creole ones. Still, I was so curious about what went on in chapters 89, 90 (and now 91 – from what I can see of 91, Kio Shimoku has really, really gone overboard with the slapstick) that I was compelled to take matters into my own hands.

Not too great, but better than nuthin’… ¬†SPOILER LAMPS ON!

And if anyone has a better translation. localization/ approximation for any of this, please do not hesitate to contribute…


What a mess! See below the cut..

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Genshiken Ch 90 – The hard way

Wherein the universal translator is giving the crew trouble – Spoiler lamp is ON!

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. This was the first time I tried re-translation, and it is the sloppiest. Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok, I couldn’t wait any longer. With the help of much Google Universal Translator and online Peruvian and Bulgarian scans, not to mention the Haitian-creole ones (or so says Google xlate autodetect) I sat down and approximated out the dialogue script for Chapter 90. Or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Genshiken 90_02

I think I have the hang of these new-fangled cut-line things

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