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Hot off the presses. Get your copy Now! 

Shimoku-sensei can be proud and happy that his characters have slipped out of the pages of his work and are running around on the net, and in the hearts of his fans. I am honored to have snuck into the fray. Check out the fine essay by Ogiue Maniax‘s proprietor and Genshiken blogging sempai. Congratulations to all the contributors and the powerful editor/ organizers!

Now stop reading this and go read Hatozine!

Cover art from Hatozine  by Kori Michele

All is vanity

Since I am now able to spend a bit more time with my affairs, including this blog, I have decided to take a (whoo hooooo!) major step and get a bit more serious about the “brand“.

I started to worry about securing the name of this blog. Hearts of Furious Fancies has been around for a while now and It actually gets a bit of traffic. That doesn’t mean that I will start filling this blog with ads, but it did prompt me to pony up the $8.99/year to reg up a domain for it.

I note that a famous researcher on Shoujo manga in Japan lost his domain and now his address jumps to some pyramid scam page. I didn’t want that to happen here.

Pay up and go official: heartsoffuriousfancies.com will now bounce you here.

Or it might go to a bounce page if wordpress.com gets pissed off that I am slipping around their slightly more pricey (US$18/yr) service.

After much research and hunting around, plus testing with 2 other domains, I am satisfied with Namesilo‘s domain name service. They don’t add a whack-load of weird fees and I can figure out their control panel. They did not hike their US$8.99/yr rate for the second year. They don’t add fees for ditching them. They also mask my WHOIS info, take paypal, give you a free parking/ bounce web-page and/or allow you to set the thing up to seamlessly forward to your (this) blog. So, yeah plug for Namesilo!

By the way, If you want to help, or feel tempted to do the same thing with your blog please use my nifty coupon code HELPHOFF (in caps) to save $1.00 when you order some stuff from them (com, biz org etc regs & xfers) Good prices, lots of security extras, and even I could figure it out. I get a small kickback to help pay the rent here. Discount code good through Dec 2017.

Now I should get to work on those posts about Keiko as The Adversary as well as an examination of a neat PhD thesis in Arts Education, Lacan and identity formation in manga fans who engage in secondary/ transformative production; in short, the kind of paper the fictional First President of the Genshiken would have been working on when he faded from view oh so many years ago. Whottheheck, it has Zizek citations in it!

On the other hand, the back roof needs soffit trim work, if I don’t want critters wintering in the eves. Whew!

Next month, expect a spoiler-full review of the ancient, long ignored Genshiken light novel: The Return of the Otaku. Yup, I coughed up CA$7 on Amazon and a battered copy is wending its way towards me. I realise that the thing is odd, but it fits into my hobby-horse that Kio Shimoku is his own most ardent fanfiction writer. I had no idea that an English version had been out for so long.

And speaking of fanfiction, soon, soon, Hatozine will be out!

News Flash- Deadline extended! Moar Fic? I can wait!

“Second: due to all the travel that I’ll be doing between now and Halloween, we’ve decided to extend the deadline by a month, to November 15th. So if you missed the original deadline but have some ideas for work you’d like to submit, there’s still time, and we’d love to hear from you!” – Hatozine

I worked my brain box until it hurt and I think I came up with a tolerable submission. Perhaps they will include it. Rumour has it that other senior bloggers and enthusiasts put in submissions as well. And art-work! There will be Genshiken fanfiction! The skies will be full of ships! If most turn out to be a bit rotten, such is the nature of the process and the fandom. (Mine is vanilla and farfetched – no machine fic, promise!). I hope the explosion in Genshiken fic warms the hearts of fans and perhaps even the heart of the elusive mangaka.