nao wot?


The temple dates are over. Someone is looking overwhelmed…



Chapter 121 raws have appeared and the course of true love remains rocky.
Please, Mada, don’t screw up!

(and wtf is roku/ro-go-go-san/sa/za-go ?)


c121p13 cryptic number.jpg

Much Later: Turns out the cryptic 65535 on p13 isn’t Japanese number slang;  5-5 = go! go! No  ro-go-go-san-go. It is a Japanese forum-slang reference to counter memory limits in old-school games. For instance, the maximum amount of cats that one could ever lure into visiting in your Neko Atsume game, or something. Somewhat like “power level over 9000!” but more in context of “At Maximum”or “Overload!”,which could apply to confusion level, embarrassment, or any number of things.

Meanwhile, a fresh review of chapter 121 is up at Ogiue Maniax:
What’s all this talk about Saki? Why did her name come up? Keiko? Sounds thin to me.