Wait for Tankobon

Apparently some folks are too into speed-scans and quick releases:

speedscans web

Does not read at all like One-Piece

I thought there was a crackdown on this kind of stuff underway.

A good write-up on speed-scan & scanlator blues from Astro Nerd Boy:

Your own ill-gotten copy here:

All the details at one of my fave Jp politics sites:

I tried to read it, but it hurt my brain. You could DL it and run find/search for all kinds of words. I betcha you will find the incidence of them wanting if you find any of them at all. Must be a translation error…

Wow, Great Typesetting Too!

Not official policy document. DRAFT. For discussion purposes ONLY

Perhaps if they put out a manga version of it.  Just a thought…

LATER: Looks like they left something out of the translation. Seems some of the catch-phrases in Japanese are historically fraught with militarism and angry ghosts. Time to burn some incense. Or it is all a wily ruse? See:

Genshiken Ch 91: Full Moteki Panic!

Warning, Spoiler lamp is ON! The good news is that sooner or later a far superior English translation of Ch 91 will probably appear, somehow.. You may wish to wait for it.

UPDATE: This is now obsolete. I was much closer than on this one than previous attempts, but I missed one REALLY BIG detail.. see extra notes at the end.

Genshiken 91_13 detailTime to learn how to use cut-lines

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Genshiken Ch 89: or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Wherein I do some random practice using machine translation and post the results

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. Whew, I got the broad strokes, but really missed a lot of important nuances.  Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok I admit it.. I might be wrong about the provenance of the Peruvian scans, and for that matter, the Haitian Creole ones. Still, I was so curious about what went on in chapters 89, 90 (and now 91 – from what I can see of 91, Kio Shimoku has really, really gone overboard with the slapstick) that I was compelled to take matters into my own hands.

Not too great, but better than nuthin’…  SPOILER LAMPS ON!

And if anyone has a better translation. localization/ approximation for any of this, please do not hesitate to contribute…


What a mess! See below the cut..

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Genshiken Ch 90 – The hard way

Wherein the universal translator is giving the crew trouble – Spoiler lamp is ON!

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. This was the first time I tried re-translation, and it is the sloppiest. Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok, I couldn’t wait any longer. With the help of much Google Universal Translator and online Peruvian and Bulgarian scans, not to mention the Haitian-creole ones (or so says Google xlate autodetect) I sat down and approximated out the dialogue script for Chapter 90. Or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Genshiken 90_02

I think I have the hang of these new-fangled cut-line things

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Genshiken ch 90: I find a review and wail in frustration

Oh MY GAWD! Why cannot I learn Japanese! She who up with me puts has tried to help, for the last 10 years even, but I can’t even get the Katakana alphabet into the memory banks.


So I have to rely on Google Translate. Yeah right! How’s that working?

So when I find a short review of Genshiken Ch90 on a Japanese blog, I am no further ahead. Forgive me, oh writer of http://orezui.blog91.fc2.com/ , I do this only to illustrate how far us miserable furreign types will go to get our GENSHIKEN FIX!

For those of you gifted with facility in Japanese, the original is here:

—–  Begin Google Xlate Dump of Genshiken ch90 review ——

(With spoilers) 90 story second generation impressions Genshiken

“God of our earthly desires” 90 story.
130724002The very busy, hands’m supposed not to stick to blog, but I’m stash impression even easily as this.
Is Yokatta and had painted interwoven alternately the figure of each spend a third day while Megurase and discussion of Mote period of matrix waiting for a third day winter Komi, the speculation in various ways, the (small par cans)
Last time, Hato-kun as the exchange conditions to buy a BL pigeons, tried to Angela Kuttsukeyo the Madarame (speculation that give up to a packed Because it could put in a love for Madarame ants on the back).
Thus the absurd … Ya.
I was worried Mr. Madarame is or accidental discharge, but I …… attitude hold up Komifesu end, mood of Yajima and Susie would become rather bad.Sue surprising Madashimo,

Yajima is’s let out the grumpy feelings openly. Yoshitake thinks it’s “Yajima → Hato,” but, in not know it other?However, I wish pigeons will do not buy BL with … hup.


BL and Dressing is whether that inseparable.
MUST be included even act on their own to as “draw”, Do not Paddles not able to enjoy the BL state of any man (?)The inscrutable little cousin N there.

“I’m not it saw”

It was said Yajima are having, it is not a romantic feelings for thoughts on Hato I wonder if there’s also willl the “things to say”. As has been accused of 60 story, it has been found that a dove, it admits, is not something persecution, so their’ll I say even a man leave.

And …?

Hey, but I want to enjoy the Hato-kun.

Although idle sore is painful to look at why author existence was bad this time rather air.

The Kosaka, though I felt so at the sides have put one look at the previous frame to …… rose Is it revealed the “Madarame Mote stage theory” to read such a situation.

I think I have a meaning to help as a result pigeons, but how it lead to any result and in what circumstances, Wakarimasen w Since you have not read.

But, it is a powerful drug is a solid-gas Swarovski soot key “reason that period Mote something come to me is not” of Madarame in the state as it is like a title Ranobe.

Then, in Mote period talk, reaction of bamboo plaque when one of the “four” has turned out to be Keiko fun w. Rose Mr. Kosaka’s powerful drug basis, but Ogigami’s also demonstrate kindness not to leave. In conjunction with Sasahara,  I Hitohadanui to ease tensions within the circle.
I put on my I mean.With up to cosplay, as president Do not’m “tight body”.
What she called after becoming president, and, Na has shaved himself in for the whole.
There was also that before, you have published “Sasa × Mada” the picture for Hato-kun then you also feel a reverse effect in retrospect you ……… array but I thought (the result to me, “I said to draw” It then has worsened with combination to reverse Hato was is mass-produced “dove × Mada” the picture).

By the way, cosplay girls’ team of the day was ” Moretsu! space pirate from

Ogigami: Quartz Christie A.

Sue: Guryueru Serenity.

Ohno: Chiaki-Kuriharaan: Misa Ground Wood.

Yajima: Luke Yoshitake: Courier

Yoshitake Chara w you are eating candy when you can also, following the apricot in the summer of Komi. In, dove when I joined leading role it was (Kato Jasmine incense).

Sue scary when I noticed the figure of Hato (Hato-kun deflect the line of sight is pretty). In addition, Sue of screaming when the male team is cute sac.

W to recognize the value of this issue just this frame

Then, in the cut and lines of Madarame “Sue me …… how funny is wonder in front of me recently ……” of, and w was feast enough as followers of Sue × plaque .

Word of the pillars does Gozara also time to look … that I do not know.
The “deliver happiness to everyone” in the trailer, from Jewel pet Happiness.

— end Google Xlate fail of what looks like a great Genshiken resource—-

If only I could read it!

Well at least I got a tip as to whose costumes come from where, for whenever i can track down ch90, like in 3 years from now when the official version finally hits our heathen shores…



Perhaps I will have better luck with the Bulgarian and/ or Peruvian scans.