12 days 2018 #4: Find and watch Wood Job

Wood Job! (2014) 116 minutes
based on a novel by Shion Miura

For my 4th post for #12Days(of)Anime(etc.). a small diversion from anime/ manga: this is still a massively fun thing to spend time watching. You should find and watch the 2014 Japanese movie Wood Job!

Shion Miura, of “Run with the Wind/ Feel the Wind” as well as the novel behind the 2016 anime version and the 2013 live-action version of The Great Passage wrote the original novel. Talk about a track record!

Young guy can’t get a job, bumbles into a forestry intern project, ends up in nowhere mountains rural Japan, learns forestry, falls for the girl, gets roped into big secret village ritual (based on similarly dangerous but less symbolic real ritual/ festival) and wins true love.

Possibly THE WORST ENGLISH TRAILER EVER MADE. Really stupid joke angle fail:

Better trailer:

Japanese guys in fundoshi miraculously avoid splinters!

2 thoughts on “12 days 2018 #4: Find and watch Wood Job

  1. Sounds good. Men of all ages in fundoshi! Better than men of all ages in boxers
    or tighty-whities or nothing at all(impossible in Japan of course).
    Honestly it sounds like a fine story.

    Fundoshi reminds me that recently I saw a PBS program: “Sacred”
    in which one Japanese couple visited a phallic shrine where
    they bought a phallic replica at the shop then wrote their wishes
    for fertility on it and added it to literally shelves of similar inscribed
    phalli and walked up a path to get to the shrine building surrounded
    by phallic statuary of all sizes. I thought the Meji Restoration had
    included suppression of these charming customs.

    Sacred seems to be a survey of world wide religious practices and the
    Japanese couple was one episode in a show that covered all the larger
    and persistent religions in the world.


    • Japan is wonderful and also resolutely bull-headed in keeping it’s festivals and public rituals, even if they might look charmingly weird to outlanders.
      JAPAN CULTURE capital letters must not wither away. The same effects pops up negatively with whaling. The more the rest of the world looks askance, the more Japan doubles down. Yum, whale (uck!) NO! Whale on the menu every day at the parliament cafeteria, whale for free school food (Blerghhh!) They really should sit down and give that one a serious rethink. If it involves guys doing dangerous sweaty public rituals or guys and gals shocking the living heck out of the world with the giant 3-days dick festival, they are all in. Neener neener neener. Even Wood Job! plays with this. The ritual in the movie is cranked to make it even MORE weird. Any more will spoil the flick but, yeah…

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