2 minus 12 days (of) anime 2017

I haven’t been too productive here lately, for a number of reasons but that is all going to change in 2 days. I have signed up for at least ONE variant of the venerable 12 Days of Anime Challenge. That there are a few different organizing nodes surrounding this event is not surprising: anibloggers are harder to herd than cats.

I didn’t know we ‘ad a king! I thought we were autonomous collective.

I was considering sandbagging some posts and setting them to go live via the wordpress.com timer thingy but I think I will go for the full, live, daily challenge. Expect me to miss a day or two, double-up on some posts and mess up in all manner of ways.

I also intend to keep these posts short, or at least shorter and with less of some kind of =>>THESIS<<= to hammer at.

Time to try new things!

Meanwhile, if you are on Twitter, the hashtag #12DaysofAnime will find you one node of the 2017 project’s sign-up(s) spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/forms/Ymo2XHxIO4MxnQ703

I cheer these folks on but never got my crap together to make the introductory Youtube video that they requested, which may or may not be an affiliated/ associated effort of anime v-bloggers. Who knows? Some have suggested that the #12daysAnime hastag ( note no ‘of’ )  is the youtubers

I did however sign up for another #12DaysofAnime project:  their sign-in form  is at:
via this blog:

I resisted the urge to start my own variant:

Meanwhile, lookie up top o’ post at the fine US$30-something stocking stuffer I found on a certain large, far-eastern e-commerce site. A BOOTLEG OUGIE!!! Ain’t she cute? And I wouldn’t feel guilty buying her for IP reasons but I won’t because a certain wonderful person who up-with-me-puts has made it very clear how she would regard any such fit of extreme weeb collecting mania.

That reminds me! This 12 days thing is a perfect excuse for me to dig out those small Genshiken figurines I snagged on yahoo.co.jp during a vist years ago. That will take care of ONE of the days’ posts. Time for a teeny tiny modelling shoot! I almost ended up sleeping under a bridge when them things showed up in the mail at….


My Neighbor Totoro Miyazaki Horses The Smiling Face of The Umbrella Nuggets Do Diy Micro-landscape Landscape Doll Action Figures

I do not think I will catch it for the $1US bootleg Totoro-ish thing with umbrella pvc figures.

I will NOT get the bare-assed Nausicaa figurine, though I commend it to niche collectors everywhere. 


As you may guess, I am a fan of the Bootleg Stuff @Bootleg_Stuff [https://twitter.com/Bootleg_Stuff] Twitter account.

And so…

Two more days until it starts.

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