3 thoughts on “Spotted Flower 21: appointment in Samarra

  1. I have read chapter 21 of SF and I have to say that !Rame-san and the rest of the crew look cool enough in the hospital room and he acts like a typical male with the 1st baby. And he acts just like a man jealous of his wife’s old lover. But the response to !Hato call is also typical of a now sexually experienced male who having established heterosexual credentials with his first child is now willing to risk everything he has for a fling.

    But this is Sensei’s work and what happens if idiot !Rame actually falls for !Hato who is quite adventurous or even vice versa?

    What happened between !Saki and her former lover? That is an interesting question in my opinion and I hope Sensei answers it in the forthcoming work.

    bliss-now 80 querulous years old – still told I have the soul of a teen but s/he can have it back anytime now but must present proof of ownership.

    • Excuse me if I bounce a few more ideas off your comment. All this would be easier if !Hato went batshit crazy again and the Stands re-visited. Heck; !Rame needs a Stand too – his should look a bit like Monogat’s Meme Oshino (ps: Owari is out, wheee!) but more “yankee/delinquent. (didn’t Kio do a joke frontspiece like that years ago?) Only when Madarame “slips his leash” does he ever show some “spine” — although as pointed out by a recent correspondent, it always comes off as juvie self-destructive.

      As for !Hato; adventurous? I’m betting that their “only man I’ll ever love” vow holds, not out of “love” but out of preserving an internally consistent character for themselves. Now he is “experienced” in the man-sex they have been drawing for the last x years. At long last, thank you sempai.

      As I mentioned in a comment for the ch22-23 post: it looks like lots more than jealousy over !Kou at the wife’s bedside. Uncomfortable holding his child, uncomfortable with the raw physicallity of his wife’s post-partum condition, uncomfortable with her assertive promise to revisit the cosplay (she should be embarrassed while wearing it or it don’t get boy stoked), uncomfortable with the life that stretches out before him. “Don’t sneak off!” Point re-emphasised as he walks home.

      Betcha he later freaks about her stretch marks.

      HatoMadahato shippers (cf Tumblr, pace) wanted to see the pair end up happy, at university (or shortly after) age and fiercely IN LOVE. I seriously doubt that Kio-sensei is voicing any opinion about minority sexualities and gender expression finding love here; he’s being specific to two man-children.

      Speaking of immaturities: Hey screen-tone face! Yeah, you, alt-Sasahara. You smug little cypher. Still alt-Ogiue’s “boyfriend”? Gehhh! And !Yajima the shadow-lesbian, forced to play out the 2003-2005 grating yuri classic Makka-Makka: her friends-with-benefits-lover returns and complains about her date with the boy. Gehhh!

      On the other hand, I recently overloaded on Jp pop culture and tried some “serious” lit, so I absorbed some Murakami. I don’t see much of a quantum level jump in narrative. Kio Shimoku has room to play in LeParadis, a nice Josei-ish stage prepped and ambition to burn.

      This could get interesting.

  2. People keep freaking about Hato who is a bi-sexual TV which is not too uncommon in the world today. But there is a full story of a real Transsexual in manga as well. And you can see the difference easily. It started as a 4-coma adjunct to the blog of the artist/writer. it is only 9 chapter and all are up online now.

    Released: 2016 :
    Author and Artist: Chii
    Genre(s) Gender Bender(transsexual), Romance, Slice Of Life

    Chii and her husband are like any other happily married
    couple, except for one thing: Chii was assigned male at birth.
    Chii details her autobiographical account of growing up with
    gender dysphoria and ultimately deciding to transition in
    her early adult years. Shortly after Chii starts transitioning,
    she meets a man who is instantly enamored by her, and
    although he is surprised when Chii eventually tells him
    she used to live as a guy, he still wants to go out with
    her. As Chii continues to transition, her boyfriend supports her through the process, culminating in their marriage
    once her transition is complete.

    9 chapters up now which is completes and a fairly clear exposition
    of the author’s case and lots of information about changes.

    Just trying to round out your [lists of] gender dysphoric manga for the better information of readers.

    Bliss – working on the 81st year of reading more.

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