Go do a fanfiction survey

I might be a bit late on this but it is still interesting. The folks at Fansplaining [http://fansplaining.com/] posted a Twitter invite to participate in a short survey on Fanfiction. Off I went and filled it out. You should too.

Fansplaining‏ @fansplaining Mar 20
It’s time for a new Fansplaining survey—this one on the definition of “fanfic”!
Go, take, and share widely! https://t.co/eWcSLmKsfF

See also the call on their main site: http://fansplaining.com/post/158797773333/take-the-fansplaining-definitions-survey

Ok, I spoiled a question. Wait, I got that pic on Twitter, so it’s only a second-hand spoil. Or something… Personally, I had a lot of NO IDEA WHATEVER replies but that’s part of the exercise, right?

In other news:

I am two thirds though my Japan visit and so far it has been more of a decompress time than a run-around-and-buy-experience-things visit. Only 2 more Genshiken volumes left on my hunt list, a ten-day cold shared with she-who-up-with-me… a sprained ankle and some light bicycle trips. The weather has turned cool and wet – sakura blossoms will be delayed a few days. The steampunk fair is still interesting but the door is expensive.

Of course the food is insanely great here, even the cheap stuff that I get chided for indulging in, the air is clean along the Sagami Bay shores and Japan remains wonderful.

I promise I will come up with something to TLDR essay post on sooner of later.

Meanwhile, have a sunset.


6 thoughts on “Go do a fanfiction survey

  1. I did the fan fiction survey.
    It had some interesting parts as to how “Fan” may be defined then was foolish enough to ask what I had been a fan of. That took a lot of typing because I have been a fan of various stories since I was about 5 years old nearly 75 years ago. Also I am a Linux fan and tossed that in nearly the end of the survey.

    Meantime you are relaxing and unwinding in Japan, lovely sunset by the way.

    I wish we could get Tomehane! manga licensed which is a story about a
    Calligraphy Club. The translation stopped about 8 years ago for some reason. But the first 63 chapters are delightful, the boy joins after having walked in on a Club member dressing. All else are girls and he is a student returned from Canada whose spoken Japanese is poor but whose kana and kanji are legible due to frequent letters from his Grandmother another lady interested in Calligraphy. So we have shonen, harem, and much culture.

    Some genuine effort ensues with good strong bits of hilarity mixed in.

    Presently have volume one of Hana & Hina Afterschool aka
    Hana to Hina wa Houkago Manga which is a Yuir manga about
    HS girls with somewhat similar interests who work in a shop
    together (against school rules) and go to the same school
    where the shorter cute girl is sempai to the tall model cute girl,
    Things seem to be proceeding at a nice rate, volume two will
    be along shortly and we have some few chapters online
    By the way this is a Milk Morinaga story.

    Boy Skirt is out with a sequel featuring a tough girl in contrast
    to the cute boys and girls of the original series. This is conceived
    as a 4-coma strip but the strips are not treated as in TOMO-CHAN
    WA ONNANOKO! Manga with a single days strip as a chapter but
    as in Toma-chan is a Girl! hilarity ensues.

    So keeper of the Blog enjoy yourself in Japan. We are having
    fun here as well.


    • Thank you for dropping by and for the recommendations.

      Wholeheartedly agree on Tomehane! I was following it ages ago; I recall it was set around Kamakura too. Or I might be confusing it with the giant floor calligraphy one?

      Will check out your other recs. Trying to get enough ideas together to do something on uniforms, rank and complicated fanservice for the Japanese reader, using Blue Exorcist’s Shura Kirigakure. It will have too wait for 2 more weeks.

      Only lack vol 20 and 21 of Genshiken now, plus vol2 of Spotted Flower. One day I will be able to read them. Google phot-rec xlate however is frightening magic, so I might try that on them.

      Cheers and best regards… /M

      • Spotted Flower has a new chapter on the sites.
        20.5 Rather longer than most and concerned as far as I can see with p-Hato’s desire for main stream publication
        with of course the scenes of Comiket

          • Isn’t it cool how his girlfriend is managing him personally and professionally. “Massage your breasts” might indicate that
            p-Hato is on feminizing hormones and that they are sore from growing and stretching the skin. We will have to watch developments closely. How can I write that simple fact without making at least a double entendre. so ambiguous.

            Now I have seen numerous references to TG mangka and so I
            suppose there must be one at least and likely more. So maybe he is pulling biographical details into the story.
            And yes I have seen the late lamented “Family Compo”. I was pretty sure that Shion was a girl because she was younger than the orphan but more mature emotionally and physically.


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