Ch122fic: another final fantasy

Go hard or go home web.jpg

Madarame: “I’m sorry. I can’t go out with anyone here, I already have someone I like!
Hato: (removing wig, male voice)Sempai ???
Madarame: “Glad you could make it. Your answer?”

Last bit of fic before Chapter 122 hits the shelves.

Mada is even too shy to date Hato-chan.


4 thoughts on “Ch122fic: another final fantasy

  1. Another possible outcome. Not even the craziest possibility. The wait is starting to kill me.

    And- I’m sorry, I just noticed the watermark on the side of the page!! Was it there the whole time?!

    Ленин политехнически момче-момиче мангафанове общество
    The Lenin Polytechnic Boy-Girl Manga Fan’s Society


    • ***WINNER!*** GAGNANT!*** Congrats, you are the first person to notice and comment.

      Yup, you found the infamous “Bulgarian Scangroup” mark of The Lenin Polytechnic Girly-Boy Manga fan Society! Personally, I wouldn’t trust their scanlations – they have vivid imaginations. Then again, as the local demiurge of all things Genshiken that I can understand is prone to ire, I thought it prudent to leave the mark on their efforts. How the heck did you get the cyrillic into the xlate box?

      Yup, one more day or less, then the hunt for a quick summary, then the Dr.Maniax consideration, then finally, the word from the holy mountain – which is amazing work, we are lucky to have it, ‘sayin… We diaspora fans get to really drag things out.

      Burnt too much late night oil on this month’s wait. Poor Mada, poor Hato.
      Poor Sue, poor Keiko, poor Angela.
      “A plague of Fantasies”.

      • I am too sleepy to even understand how much I am getting played. I’m actually feeling kind of bashfully proud. I’ll graciously accept my prize! I couldn’t have gotten here without everyone’s support!

        *double checks* Okay, when I threw “момче-момиче” into x-late, I didn’t even check to see what language it was, since I understood the rest via rudimentary Russian. A crude oversight on my part~ I may have been overenthusiastic for reasons. One of my elusive dreams has been to successfully infiltrate the runet fanspace. I want to play compare and contrast anglo-russo fandoms. And I know someone somewhere in the former Soviet Bloc is sitting on a treasure trove of Harry Potter fanfiction! *shakes fist*
        I get lazy when working outside my native language, tho, in typical lazy anglophone fashion. Must work harder.

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