A raid for the shippers

I am at times overwhelmed with the enthusiasm displayed by some communities in the Genshiken fandom, especially those who champion the merits of a romance between Madarame and Hato. Not to everyone’s taste, but I admire their fervor. I find it sweet.

So I couldn’t help but think of them when I ran across this “name the ship” contest.


“The public are being asked to name the UK’s new polar research ship.

The £200m, 15,000-tonne, 128m-long vessel is being built at Cammell Laird on Merseyside, and is due to become operational in 2019.

Anyone can propose a suitable name on a special website which will accept ideas up until 16 April.

The new ship will replace the existing polar fleet – the RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton – and work in both the Arctic and the Antarctic.”


Slash-folk and fujoshi types are supposed to be resolute in the advocacy of their “favorite ship”.

Hijinx suggest themselves.

MadaHato or HatoMada would be wayyyy funnier than the current leading suggestion “Boaty McBoatface”, although I must admit it has its own charm.

Plenty of room for MadaSue and KeikoMada in the entries too!

For low vote count entries, it is easier to just suggest the entry as “new”. The vote will then be added to the name. The site is a bit slow, it might be under heavy load. Perhaps even some script kiddies have decided to play games. Multiple refreshes eventually get through.


The site is open to suggestions until April 16 2016


Ps.. reminds me of long ago days when trek-fans agitated until the 1st shuttle mock-up was named Enterprise. We were all so earnest back then.

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