Another fan survey

This blog supports research into fandom, so I will highlight any interesting research that I hear of and even suggest that you, oh gentle reader, may wish to participate in.

Ogiue bliss

This one showed up on Twitter and on the TWC site:

Help a Researcher Study Slash

Are you a reader or writer of slash fanfic? If so, University of North Texas (‘UNT’) student Allison Bradley would like your help. Allison is studying the relationship between media, slash fiction, and LGBTQ+ identity and would like to ask slash creators and consumers to take part in her survey, available online. The survey is completely anonymous and should be completed only by fans over the age of 18. Read the consent form here.

I did the survey, fanned out a bit, it took less than 20 minutes.
Survey closes March 1. Quite painless.

You probably should be somewhat into slashy fanfic, western variety, to be interested in this survey. I don’t know if fans of CJVC/ dojins and scanlations of BL and yaoi are the audence that the researcher is looking for, but what the heck. Bonus if you have tried writing some fic.

Otherwise, nothing much going on around here.

Watching Mononoke (waugh! keep the weird drugs away from the animation crew! – reminds me of the Takashi Murakami 500 Arhats show I saw in Tokyo) and thoroughly enjoying Showa Rakugo, even as I have to swat away the fluff lobbed at me by the author’s subtext popgun.


Looks like Murakami (or was it one of his superflat crew/ associates?) had a hand in the chara design for Mononoke !!!!! (1)

Awaiting an English scanlation of Genshiken chapter 120 (can’t read the Bulgarian one) to see how far overboard I fanned out. Plum blossoms are early in Japan, Early cherry blossoms are already starting to pop (they are wayyyyy too pink) and even here in the frozen North-lands, the sun is finally peeking out on some afternoons.


(1) Off Topic: This is a blog mostly about manga and anime, so veering off into high-church post-modernist art is a bit out of place; nevertheless, the way Takashi Murakami puts his shows together is closer to anime production than to traditional “art studio” work. It is also many levels more complex than something like Warhol’s “Factory” 50 years earlier. Add to this that Murakami hires lots of young creative people and involves them in the production process. What results is a giant “Murakami alumni mafia”, much as anime studios foster webs of acquaintance and cooperation. He also goes whole hog on media mix marketing, so you can load up on art-otaku crap at any of his shows.

2 thoughts on “Another fan survey

  1. Genshiken 120 is out.
    And if TG is your thing you might want to check out:

    Released: 2016 :
    Author and Artist: Chii
    Genre(s): Gender Bender, Romance, Slice Of Life

    Chii and her husband are like any other happily married couple, except for one thing: Chii was assigned male at birth. Chii details her autobiographical account of growing up with gender dysphoria and ultimately deciding to transition in her early adult years. Shortly after Chii starts transitioning, she meets a man who is instantly enamored by her, and although he is surprised when Chii eventually tells him she used to live as a guy, he still wants to go out with her. As Chii continues to transition, her boyfriend supports her through the process, culminating in their marriage once her transition is complete.

    4 chapters up now fairly clear exposition of the author’s case and lots of information about changes, treatments, politics et al.

    • Yup, saw it last night, put something up on my Tumblr and ended up staying up too late. (grin) I was surprised how “honourable” Madarame behaved and how Hato, reluctant to the last, worked hard to fess up exactly why he and she were so conflicted -and did so with a minimum of over-dramatic bullshit. I have yet to hear “I like you” from either of them though. Perhaps in ch 121. As always, my interest is drawn to the margins: Keiko’s comment at the end; why Hato mirrored Ogiue’s “I won’t run any more” (that makes my Kio Shimoku treachery alarm go off)

      I have meanwhile been enjoying Showa Rakugo, the 2007 anime Mononoke (and relation to the superflat Art Movement) Cuticle Detective Inaba (no one catches the Edogawa Ranpo pokes), the idea of doing rather than being Iyashikei, the fact that Koi Dano Ai Dano is FINALLY FINALLY getting the couple together – only to wrap the series in two more chapters (they are sooo cute!), AND….

      Whether I should frame any further considerations of the Madarame and Hato as a Dear Prudence advice column.

      It would sooooooo WORK!

      So thanks for dropping by, and for the tip.. I don’t really go out of my way to collect TG manga series, but I will peek at them if they look theory-useful with regard to the “sympathetic-realistic portrayal” VS the “why are straight folks making up fantastic queer again” continuum.

      And speaking of fantastic, Do you do Twitter? Are you following the US primaries? How the ^%*%*&%*& did the shade of Richard Nixon end up on Twitter (and Mashable) doing commentary ????

      Working on that post and it’s relation to cosplay right naow!

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