Better a pig than

I was a bit amused when a teeny bit of my hobby fell off the truck and recently got dragged into the debates surrounding the Republican presidential candidate nomination circus going on stateside.

Then I got annoyed.

Got news for you, asshat; we’re better than that. Even if some of us have -ahem- rich fantasy lives involving 2D characters. (1)


Other than that, I suspect a lot of the fandom’s politics runs to the progressive side of the political spectrum. Perhaps M. le GOP mouthpiece knows this and figures that he can insult commie faggot otaku all he likes, even to the point of conflating them with… geh … supporters of Donald Trump.

And what of the fen-dom? I really can’t see many fen and American rotten girls supporting Trump. How traditionally conservative to write off the women-folk.

Meanwhile his masters are getting ready to panic and bow down to the Trump, should he win a primary. The analysis on the larger clip, that all the ideological stuff in the GOP was just a cover for reactionary nativist anger duped to the service of plutocrats is delicious.

Entire clip:

donald-trump-single-men and for more on this.

Coincidentally, I got to watch 4 episodes of Gotham, season 2 on the flight back from Japan. Billionaire super villain trying to seize political power, over-the-top ham acting…

Do I detect a certain amount of clumsy topical satire?

Maybe M. le GOP mouthpiece has heard of right-wing otaku in Japan. How would he know of them?  Suspicious.

It would be funny if a lot of USA fans decided that someone needed a lesson and went off and volunteered for the dems. Then again, perhaps some fans are pretending to support the hairpiece in order to watch the entire right-wing mess assplode.

Lying to pollsters is always good fun.

It might be time to dust off Thompson’s best bit of writing, the one that sometimes gets overlooked in favor of his more vernacular writing.



Or perhaps I have been watching too much Rachel Maddow.
Her stuff usually lifts my spirits, except when it depresses the -eff- out of me.

In the immortal words of the heroic ace of the Adriatic:




(1) I must stand in solidarity, with my brethren who have yet to embrace 3D happiness. Compared to supporting Trump, even taking your hug pillow out on a date and/or marrying your DS lite waifu is at most, a harmless display of personal style.

MUCH LATER: I am glad I was not the only blogger who cares about CJVC to catch this. The amazingly researched anime news powerhouse
Anime Maru ran this follow up. Good Job!

GOP Consultant: Sanders Supporters are “Happily Married Fathers Who Don’t Masturbate to Anime at All”

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