Enter the dragon


Slack off for a few days and the Genshiken-verse throws you a surprise, or even a treat!

Lookie who just popped up in Spotted Flower:

Sure looks familiar2 Spotted flower600

If that aint a Sue Hopkins gapple-san, I’ll swim back to Canada. …And is that a hint of competition that we are being treated to? …Or just service-y ribbing? Meanwhile Kio Shimoku has slipped another one past us. Please recall that original-Sue has so far given no hints of drawing ability (assistant-work aside) or interest in developing any.

Which is a shame. Of course Sue is at least as monomaniacally focused and adept at picking up and mastering skills that are dear to her heart as Hato is. With the focus on Hato and the “be able to draw my fantasies” plot anchor, I have often wondered if Sue had the itch to draw and what her fantasies were. And didja catch Yajima-gappel‘s “Tell Sempai I said Hi too“?

What’s up with the sempai thing? Or was not-Yajima referring to not-who(?)-note-accent-perhaps-Yabusaki?

I always thought that SueHato would make an incredible power couple and provide enough kick-in-the-butt for Hato to assume a more “out” presence in and around and even outside of the walls of the clubroom; say as next Genshiken president. Can’t hide from the stuco boy forever.

Yeah, I ship SueHato, how boring of me.

But, yeah, gappel-Yajimacchi makes better sense.

…The patience of a saint.

Aside: Vacation ending soon; will get back to work and do all those posts I have been promising to do: Return of the Otaku; a re-jigged version of a scrapped post which was a follow-up on the “propaganda fide” Hammer post – fixed so as not to step into fake controversies or insult sempais; a crap-load of boring crowd pix on a Flickr slide show of crowds at winter 2015 Comiket (too flustered to do many close-ups which politeness dictates obtaining permission for) and a short thinky piece on what happens when boring old vanilla guys like moi (and certain mangakas) begin to clue into certain theories written for a select demographic then blunder in and mis-appropriate some of the core themes. (grin! – Of course we check our privilege, we check it almost as often as our wallet) Oh, and the last is as applied to that most persistent of questions; what in the world is Hato Kenjiro?

Wind blows, rain falls, fire burns…

Complete Aside, but worth noting: A good discussion of “the male gaze” and moe along with some notes towards defining a “female gaze” at:

CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE LITERATURELinkle, the Female Gaze, and the Sailor Moon Paradox [http://japaneselit.net/2015/11/21/linkle-the-female-gaze-and-the-sailor-moon-paradox/]
Zettai ryouiki? That explains a bit more about some of Hato-chan’s outfits.

Hold ‘de presses! Nicholas Theisen’s [COMICS] AS READING, published as an ongoing work on his blog WHAT IS MANGA? is wending towards the finale. The latest chapter, CHAPTER 5 – INTRODUCTION, OR [COMICS] AS GUIDE TO TEXTUAL SUBJECTIVITY PT. 3, is a wonderful bit of mythic narrative on a subject dear to my heart, and this blog’s “masthead”. You go read it right now! (please… )

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