day1 winter 2015

I am following the hashtags #comiket#C89 and #comiket89 on Twitter to see what I am missing on Day 2 of the big event. It looks like the lines are far longer today then they were yesterday. The weather is sunny and cool but not chilly and it looks like it will be a fine day. Yesterday was majority but not exclusively fujoshi day; there was also a good deal of loli yuri to keep the guys happy. Today is supposed to be game-centric and tomorrow is a hentai-fest for guys. Don’t take my word for it: you can ride page translate and sign up to view the free online catalog at https://webcatalog.circle.ms/


  • FC (jump ball)
  • FC (jump Other)
  • FC (Youth)
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Gintama
  • FC (girl)
  • Creation (girl)
  • Creation (JUNE / BL)
  • Animation (Other)
  • Anime (Sunrise)
  • Gundam
  • FC (boy)
  • Hetalia
  • FC (pounding) (Gangan)
  • FC (novel)


  • This ship
  • online game
  • Game (RPG)
  • Square Enix (RPG)
  • Games (Other)]
  • Swords Ranbu
  • Game (love)
  • Game (history)
  • History and creation (literary-fiction)
  • Special effects · SF · FT
  • TV · Film and entertainment
  • Music (western-Japanese music)
  • Music (Male Idol)
  • Sport
  • Eastern Project
  • Railway, travel and Mekamiri
  • Game (power required)

Day 3:

  • Creative, Anime & Game (man propensity)
  • Creation (boy)
  • Gaku漫
  • Digital (Other)
  • Cosplay
  • Creative, Anime & Game (man propensity)
  • Critic and Information
  • Coterie software
  • Original Goods


Now that I have done the haj, that’s enough for me this time… The next time I attend I will make it a point to either(/or): (1) Have a rudimentary ability to read hiragana and katakana and be better able to carry on limited conversations in Japanese. (2) Be actually at a booth selling or helping to sell something. (3) Be a part of the volunteer army that helps to keep the whole show going. Accumulate experience, not stuff.

I scored a catalog and a few give-aways yesterday and that’s enough. I really don’t need any heavy, pr0nish souvenirs to annoy she-who-up-with-me-puts or to box up and ship to myself lest the customs officers at Pearson take a dim view of my hobbies. I have more than enough stuff to last a lifetime and a half. I really don’t need any more. Hooray for a hobby that has almost all of its content online and in digital form.

Yesterday I watched as legions of Big Sight employees received load after load of skimpily clad chesty waif emblazoned oversized shopping bags at the trash bins, along with Comiket catalogs, (heavy as a phone book – scored one minus the tear-out coupon thing in the front pages) tons of industry flyers, promo pamphlets and cards. Japan has top-notch recycling mojo; still the sight of so much printed waste is a bit shocking. I was also disappointed that the old mainstay of promotional giveaways, the little packet of tissues seems to be out of fashion. Them things are handy when you are traveling!

As previously mentioned, I am working to assemble the pix I took of the day into a Flicker set/ sideshow for this blog… Soon…

In the meantime, a few observations:

The influence of Pixiv on the dojin creation fandom cannot be overlooked. See this post then go to the source and use page translate. Once again, note that Comiket/ Comic Market is unlike most North American “conventions” in that the reason for it and the overwhelming majority of the content is self-produced. It is all about fanzines and fan-work. Commercial participants are like delivery trucks in the narrow residential streets of Japanese neighborhoods; tolerated for the useful work they do, but they better damn well know their place and yield to pedestrians at all times. Having a place like Pixiv to post your practice sketches, get comments and tips and perhaps even engage in a bit of shameless promotion for your dojin is a force multiplier for the fandom.

The other really interesting thing about Comiket is the legion of volunteers. The orange baseball hats and armband brigade were everywhere. There are reportedly over 2,000 of them working the convention and they are all superbly organized. I want their ops manual. The know-how and the procedures for coordinating that many people, how they are detailed up for setup, crowd management, line-wrangling, take-down, ship-back and the myriad other tasks is amazing lore. You just don’t pull that kind of thing out of your ass and get away with it. Add to that how they coordinate with the staff from the Big Sight, the shipping companies and the industry booth folks and you really have an amazing level of organizational mojo on display.

Watch this fun video if you doubt…
Sauce: http://upvoted.com/2016/01/16/crowd-control-in-japan-is-mesmerizing/

While most of the folks at Comiket were looking at the stuff, I tried to  keep an eye on the volunteers. I’m sure that they had their share of tense moments and snafus but I saw no hint of such. You really have to have an institutional reserve of experience to pull something like that off. I am in awe.

Congratulations and thanks to all the staff and participants and fans! Happy Comiket 89.


One thought on “lore

  1. The online catalog is a godsent for people like me ordering from abroad. I believe it’s a relatively new development, too – as in the last 2 years or so(?) The phone book catalog is traditional, of course, but I can’t help but wonder if it will be phased out in the future. It is kind of a crazy waste of paper.

    I also recall “guy day” being on a different day (Day 2?) the first time I ordered back in 2010? Or was it that Day 1 and Day 2, the anime and game days, were switched? Maybe there were multiple switches?!

    Like a living being, Comic Market just keeps changing.

    Anyway, that’s not important. Enjoy the last day of Comiket! Enjoy your time in Japan! And have a safe trip home!

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