What more can be said?

Time to shut this blog down (?)

It’s been a blast, but when South Park discovers BL and redoes the Ogiue’s sin plot, it can only go downhill from here.

“I used to think that being gay was a choice, but you don’t get to decide. Japan picks who they pick and that’s that.” 

Full Ep here: http://cart.mn/TweekXCraig
Canucks can watch here: http://www.much.com/shows/south-park/episode/735209/tweek-x-craig/
Discussion: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/10/30/anime-style-boys-love-comes-to-south-park-with-yaoi-themed-episode/

The last violence we impose upon the queer of our straight imaginations is the burden of our hopes.

(Later: redacted a bit of me overdoing it in the comments section. The main point is of course not tweekcraig or the slashy nonsense but the needs of the town’s citizenry. Given the alternatives, call it a win)

8 thoughts on “What more can be said?

  1. Well that is sort of South Park cute ripping off real Doujinshi.
    But if someone really did SP doujin then the copyright holders would be
    on them like white on rice.

    Never shut down the blog because some commercial artists or production
    rips off without understanding it either / or yaoi.

    We still have Hato coming to an understanding just over the horizon
    and that should improve your mood.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Grin! I guess it would be hard to give this thing up.

      What struck me most about it was not just that it is going to clue a whole lot more N. American folks into the existence of BL/y, or the way they lampooned it, whcih was a hoot. It was how they wrote it as the whole town supporting a “fantasy of gay” the kage-dôseiai that is where I am left in most of my analysis of the larger effect in CJVC.

      We’re (I, better watch that usage positioning myself), (mostly) trying to behave better, mean well, but ‘we’re’ getting it wrong. And behind the new good intentions are very selfish reasons.

      It is a “violence” as much as all other otherings. I mean; what is “the shape of my heart” in all this?

      Behind the overdone mushiness of the ep. is something that I have been trying to tease out of CVJC’s fascination with this aspect of the fantasy other for years. And they summed most of it up in 22 minutes. Curses! foiled again!

      And WTF was Cartman’s cupid? A Stand? I shake my head in wonderment.

  2. And right after you purchased the domain for this blog! Life is a fickle mistress, indeed! But I’ll sit tight anyhow, since we were promised a “Return of the Otaku” post.

    Once again South Park surprises me. (Although I suppose this episode was a long time coming. Since they’ve already gone out of their way to visit tumblr nation and poke fun of it, I’m sure they got an eyeful of slash while they were there.) On topic, though, apparently this is part of some larger political correctness arc South Park is doing, so not sure where this fits in the long run(?) But the way they handled this was still a lot more affectionate than I expected. Tweek and Craig becoming friends again – walking in the park and playing video games, against that music, cutting to straight couples indulging in some innocent eye gazing and kisses – you can’t tell me we weren’t supposed to root for this relationship. TweekxCraig is the relationship everyone wants to want. Even if it’s fictional.
    [—- merging second comment—-]

    I think my comment got eaten but, to be concise, it was a great episode of SP! Remarkably affectionate towards its subject matter. Who has the right to deny the fantasy of TweekxCraig from us, if it elevates us all so? Not the creators. Not even Tweek and Craig, themselves! All of us need to be as strong and giving as Tweek and Craig. *nods sagely* The imaginary Tweek and Craig, of course. This is clearly the most purestest form of love and logic.

    Thanks for sharing Madakun.

    • Thank you and my bad… I wont give up, but as I mentioned in previous reply, I felt really “scooped”. And as if to chide me, “Return of the Otaku” showed up in my mailbox late yesterday. I skimmed it, it is ODD. It is co-written and looks like the co-writer Iida Kazutoshi had a big, possibly major part in it. And the goings on are supernatural and overdone- definitely in the realm of fanfiction-ish side story. Meanwhile, I can’t get that damn South Park musical number in the short vid out of my brain box.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence and the comment(s) which I merged.. let me know if this rankles and I will fix how you want. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. /M

      • It did kind of infringe on your territory. But SP only skimmed the surface, and I was simply pleased that when they did, they managed to pick up more than pond scum. You’ve got an in-depth academic outlook (plus Genshiken) that SP can’t hope to match. Catchy music not withstanding.

        re: “Return of the Otaku” I didn’t expect it to be good, exactly, but if it is indeed a joint project I’m curious where Kio’s influence shows. I’ll await your further thoughts.

        Haha. Sorry again for the confused and impatient comment spamming. I guess what I said in each was slightly varied enough to justify a merge. Thanks.

  3. This is a bit off topic, but wanted to give you a thank you before any more time passed. You made a post on Ogiue Maniax with a link to Laura Mixon report. I had never heard about all this and it was alternately fascinating and horrifying. And then I dug deeper….much deeper. How a nobody could come to wield such power was mind boggling.

    • Yes, scary isnt it? Then there’s all the other stuff with a certain gate of folks who play games and extremes of trollishness. Not being a game person, I can’t wrap my head around it, but some have suggested that trollish rants on youtube can be monetized and so feed the flames. What struck me about the thing that Mixon detailed was how an economic motive snuck in fast. Apparently the gate thing has bubbled up again on some panels involving south by south west. I note that one of the folks who caught in the fray is also a consultant/ freelance adviser on how to re-engineer web 2.0 stuff to defang the troll army. Guess this is why there will never be a dis-like or vote down on faceebook.

    • And here’s one more for the pile…
      Seems these guys in NZ were doing a manga-ish webcomic. they got flamed for “appropriated voice” and/or clunky Japanese. Whatever, but in the twitter-storm that followed, one of the authors got a bit intemperate and then it went out of control so they gave up and shut it all down… Shut down for the bad rep from the intemperate regretted comments, not the orig. webcomic.
      So the troll won. Got the over-reaction, destroyed something that was probably innocuous. I am not going to “type” the troll to any alleged/assumed ideological stand, since these are “burners” anyway. Like a $20 Wallmart pay as you go phone… I guess it is something to do on chilly rainy evenings… geh!

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