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Ohno, the Fanatics

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Ch 116 appears: a fine summary at OgiueManiax too.
(thnx for the inspiration! The composition looked soooo familiar and then it hit!)
(sauce: )

I really, really need to start working on the “No Yuri in the Genshiken” theory post, but too many fun distractions keep popping up.

Hey! Y’all have 2 weeks or so to make some steamy fic for Hatozine!
Up and at it! Shimoku-sensei has thrown down the gauntlet with Spotted Flower. What do ya want? An engraved wedding invitation and a box lunch?

2 thoughts on “Genshiken 116

  1. While I have not read Genshiken Nidaime chapter 116 yet
    but only glanced at Oguie Maniax’s pages I don’t feel
    that this is anything beyond teasing by the characters
    of the characters for the fan service it will give.

    If you want a true shoujo ai or yuri context plenty of
    other work to go around such as Whispered Words which
    happen to be re-reading for 4th or 5th time.

    As for the Genshiken Hato he is virginal yet I believe.
    But the Spotted Flower characters resembling Yujima
    and Hato have a passionate love and while SF Hato resembles
    a woman externally, I think it is mainly a heterosexual
    love. Since SF Hato had surgical breast implants it would
    be unlikely that s/he having a love affair with a woman, is
    on the hormonal treatment that would lead to surgery
    and the possibility of yuri interactions only.

    Now if you want yuri in Genshiken the characters in “Sasameki
    Koto” need to go to that University and join the Genshiken.
    One reads manga casually and writes text doujinshi, another
    passionate about a light novel author drags the first into
    the production of a magazine for an only event, one character
    lives in a book-lined apartment with her brother who is
    posing as woman in his writing and is idolized by the first
    two. The anime was only a brief section of the 3 volume
    story but is beautifully done, telling a great shoujo ai
    story in 13 episodes.

    Maybe the mangaka, Takashi Ikeda and Shimoku Sio could agree
    to send the girls and tv model girl to Shiou University where
    the karatka/octaku and otaku with celebrity friends could
    enrich the membership of the Genshiken and the girls karate

    If you need another example of a heterosexual TG look
    no further than “Hourou Musoku” published by Fantagraphics
    in North America as “Wandering Son” where the sexual initiation
    of the main character with a model girlfriend is intimated
    before the ending. I find the art to be minimalistic but
    definitely adequate to the purpose. The animation happened
    to be screened just about the time of the recent terrible
    tidal wave with such serious consequences and the ending
    was rushed but still true to the spirit of the manga’s


    • Agree completely and thanks for this.

      Koto/Whispered Words was one of 3 odd manga that started me down the path to perdition. Genshiken came a bit later. And total respect for Wandering Son, but the mangaka has sharper arrows in her quiver. Strange you should mention Koto, because I was to feature the “beta couple” Tomoe Hachikusa and Miyako Taema in the long simmering “No Lesbians in the Genshiken” theory post. They are actually the most interesting device in the whole thing, especially since I keep mirroring them off the use of class in Blue Flowers (my second of the odd 3) If you care to extrapolate the contents, wander over to kissa&*me and watch Nidiame OVA 4, very short, very annoying for the fearful undertones it gives off. Note the iconic gag pics involving Kannazuki no Miko. Watch Hato go into fugue mode to defuse the uncomfortable situation (though the IRL politician shipping snippet was funny) Then enjoy the recent monumental
      Beautiful and Innocent Female Same-Sex Intimacy in the Japanese Yuri Genre
      by Maser V. 27.9.2013 Universität Trier

      Click to access Maser_Beautiful_and_Innocent.pdf

      The most concise history of yuri I’ve yet to find. Note the crappy bad endings until Sailor Moon backstory. I found a couple of other, less interesting current bits of academia on yuri: that Eureka magazine issue last Dec was Zeitgeist. But I digress.

      GappleHato is, I guess Shimoku’s version on non-binary/ genderqueer. That gives the benefit of the doubt with a shot of “Oh Brave new world that hath such creatures in it” and a boob job with an almost-straight happy ending as a chaser. Some of the Hato fans over on Tumblr are less than convinced. They wanted nothing less than MadaHato. Less leaves them feeling cheated.

      Fakee Yuri, SF variant is not good enough, only a BL ending is good enough. Both original Shinso proto yuri (Hanna Monogatari-1920’s) and Bishonen protoBL (Heart of the Wind and Trees and Thomas) were women’s creations. One thrived, one struggled. Beauty and death; to steal a tagline from a fictional muddy goddess. I wonder why?

      Oh my, went on.. cheers and best /M

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