3 thoughts on “Spotted Flower 16.5

  1. I feel very vindicated lately regarding the latest developments in Genshiken and related universes, although I selfishly wish I could have made my claims before any extra evidence was uncovered. The 115 translation cemented the interpretation of Keiko I was already playing with, and now this.

    All in all, A+ for Spotted Flower 16.5. And though I can’t help but worry this is very red herring re: the main series. I honestly think I could care less who Hato or Mada or Yajima or whoever ends up with as long as Kio remains this respectful to who the characters are.

  2. The 579th meeting to discuss Spotted Flower and Genshiken.
    Let us call the Spotted Flower characters SF Hato, SF Yujima,
    SF Mada, SF Mada’s wife. I am not sure of her identity as she
    may be Saki or Sasahara’s little sister.

    The main thing to remember is that the esteemed author/artist
    cannot admit he is using the same characters in SF as in Genshiken
    as he is publishing and is contracted to a different magazine for

    But not only that SF represents only one possible future for the
    characters and in Genshiken the beloved author/artist may have a
    totally different idea of what to do with the aging characters in
    the future.

    For example SF Hato has been revealed to be rather hard on SF Mada.
    While already Genshiken’s Hato has given good advice to a heterosexual
    Madarame. Madarame may change as he is now gaining some experience of
    3D women as well as of a TG.

    But the all the current members of Genshiken will graduate in a
    few years (which will seem much longer in 3D space/time0 and if it
    is to continue in the comic space/time, the esteemed and beloved
    author/artist will have to come up with new significantly
    different members who may be able to have very different

    I have been enchanted by the idea of the the Genshiken and its
    possibility of institutional immortality from the early days
    when Saki was still slapping members around.

    bliss -the 78 year old woman who advised you of the new SF yesterday
    By the way thanks for all the references to learned papers you regularly
    publish with your views.

    • And thank you again. With your leave, I can edit the post to credit you in the main section, if you wish… Or stick with ‘correspondent’. One thing I noted that echoes in your comment – Someone on Academia.edu just upped a short presentation on BL tv series in Thailand of all things. In any case, the TS/TG people there are considered as being unsurpassed in providing “love advice”. Whether that is a euphemism for something else, or real advice to the lovelorn, well I prefer the latter.. Kind of an update to shaman duties. Fascinating.. And now, excuse me, I have to commit crimes with a photo editor

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