Genshiken Ch115: impatience

Wow! Looks like someone decided to sort things out!

Keiko loses it C115

Chapter 115 is out! (wheeeeee!)

We gotta talk c115

And as for certain sites getting all possessive with their ill-gotten content….


Some of the Tumblr Genshiken fandom has decided that they NEED a zine about Hato. Wow! HATOZINE want! must see!

Kio Shimoku might have invented Hato, might be writing Hato, but the Hato continuum is loose in fanspace and now belongs to all fans who care, ship and love the character.

I am moved by this.

From the FAQ at

” I’m a straight cis dude. Can I still participate in this?


I seem to have accidentally written a 5000 word essay about the intersections between the otokonoko and gay scenes in Tokyo and how Hato might potentially fit in once they graduate and uh…it has footnotes? Um…I don’t know if it-

Please send it to us immediately.”

Oh snap, this is sooooooooooo….

Want to see this, want to read this! Crap, I even broke down and regged up a Tumblr acct to see this, which is something an “old” like me should be careful about doing.

Full info at

Further Addendum: The review of chapter 115 is out at Ogiue Maniax. Most excellent Rika insight and meaty comments!

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