Genshiken Ch 91: Full Moteki Panic!

Warning, Spoiler lamp is ON! The good news is that sooner or later a far superior English translation of Ch 91 will probably appear, somehow.. You may wish to wait for it.

UPDATE: This is now obsolete. I was much closer than on this one than previous attempts, but I missed one REALLY BIG detail.. see extra notes at the end.

Genshiken 91_13 detailTime to learn how to use cut-lines

Fan-fictionish summary of a certain manga’s 91st chapter: 


The girls of the Genshiken, including Ohno and Angela are lined up for their
Bodacious Space Pirates group cosplay event. Yajima is standing in back with a
scowl on her face. Realizing that she needs to do something, she picks up the bag of dojins she bought and slips away, as Rika calls after her.


Finding Hato seated and looking through his purchases, she grabs his shoulder and announces Heh! to get his attention. She looks serious.


Still scowling, she holds the big bag of dojins up in front of her. Hato asks: What is it Yajima-san, as Mada, Kugupi and Kousabe look on, their faces showing rapt attention.


Kuchiki is there too, the guys look on as Yajima holds up the bag and tells him: Here are all the Duarrarra dojins I bought yesterday! Take them! Hato is flustered, he asks: Why? I never asked for these, I, blubber blubber blubber
Ok, I was wondering if there were any..


Blubbering Hato continues:
Anyway I gave up on reading BL…



Hato experiences a guilty flashback about trying to set Mada up with Angela. Mada tries to understand what is up,

Yajima’s serious face looms down, at Hato:
Just try not to do something you will regret later.


Hato looks up from his dojins dazed as Yajima relents for a sec..
Rika peers into the group from the side as Yajima points, hand outstretched

You can pay me for these later!

Rika: Huh? Yajimachi? Already finished? What happened?
Yajima: Shut it!


Yajima leaves with Rika in tow calling after her

Hato sits there trying to avoid attention.

Mada: What is going Heh? what just happened ???

Mada: What did she just say? Sell?
and when, she said sempai .. Was she referring to me?

It looks like all the Genshiken boys are in the huddle: Kugupi, Kousaka, Sas, Kuchiki

Kousaka answers: Well, I think so,
these were the conditions of the exchange, Right? You get a girl for  …
and Hato-kun gets to go back to buying BL

Kuchiki thinks: Wow! Yajima-shi sure looked powerful!


Kousaka continues via voiceover:

But Yajima-san, the idiot, intervened and handed him all the BL dojins he craved…

So it looks like there is no more need for you (at Madarame) to go with Angela!

Mada: What?

Kugupi: T-T-That must be a relief, right?

Kuchiki: So pathetic!

Mada: Nah … I’m just a little disappointed, if anything,
(did Mada just let something slip here? Like he is clued in a bit more than he lets on?)

Kousaka : Well….


Kousaka: I think at this point we cannot go back and change anything.

Mada: Why?

Kousaka: That would be an insult to Angela,
Isn’t that true Sas-kun?

Sas: Huh? Ah well sure

As a concerned Mada listens….

Sas to Kousaka: Women can be terrible when you put them in a conflicted situation. I mean really…

Kousaka: Yeah, He’d never get away with that.

Kuchiki commeting:  Argghh … The know-it-all comments from these two non-virgin so-called men-of-the-world are not convincing me.

Kugupi commenting: But he constantly embarrasses her…

Hato, feeling bleak:
All said and done, it is all my fault, my mistake, and I am sorry! I will take full responsibility!


Hato continues: I’m going to apologize to Angela and tell her to let it go.

overtext: (hato thinking?) Instead of giving up on sempai so … It ends up that I…
(Gawd he is looking shell-shocked)

His Stand appears floating above him:

Oh, look at the loyal Kouhai who has intruded on the love life of his beloved Sempai!

(a cut-away closeup of Hato’s eye looking even more batshit crazy)


The top panel is beautifully composed, almost like a renaissance painting. Hato is centered, in shock, hunched over his bag of dojins, Madarame sits from the back,  facing forward looking concerned at him. Left the guys peer at them, while rightmost his stand hovers, ironically spouting BL clichés and commenting on how they apply at the moment:

“I’m not gonna ever lose sempai to a woman!” Such a perfect feeling!

letter-over : Dammit! She hasn’t appeared lately, I thought she was gone after she turned into Kaminaga-sempai.

Mada: What’s up Hato-kun?

Hato: No! nothing…

Kuchiki: Hato-chin?

Hato: No, nothing ..

While his stand continues:
Your jealousy and blatant desire is showing, but you could never understand what sempai really wanted…

Hato breaks and lets slip an audible: Be quiet, you!

The stand continues behind a concerned, confused Mada looking on at Hato:
Well. maybe he will realise how you feel all by himself..

Mada: Uhhh.. I am not following you, what?

Hato thinking in overprint: The second I picked up that bag of dojins, she appeared! Is she reacting to this situation?  Dammit! I have to make her disappear as soon as possible!

The Stand continues:
The Sempai seems deeply impressed by the gallantry of his kouhai …And finally comes to accept his love…

From off-frame: EXCUSE ME..


OHNO: Do you have a minute, Hato?

Ummmm,  you look like you have finished your shopping.
So now you have a bit of free time, right?

??Mada or Hato:
Ah .. Ohno! More or less .. we just need to divide up the spoils.

Hato -kun do you want to join us for a bit of Cosplay?

I know that lately you have not been crossdressing, but it would be a waste
since I have a costume ready and everything, and you could have some fun, and do the lead role of the Captain.

Hato thinks: Cosplay! (thinking this might get rid of ..)


Hato: If it involves crossdressing, I’m your trap!

The rest of the guys: HUH???

Thinking, overprint: If I cross-dress she will have to disappear.

Rika: Are you sure you really want to do it Hato-chan?


Hato talking:
You and Tanaka and everyone have done so much work, And this is just cosplay … We are at Comifest,  so I must go with the flow, follow the magic of the moment of Comifest!

Genshiken 91_16 detail Captain Hato

Soon enough Hato, dressed as the Captain from Bodacious Space pirates takes place center in the ranks of the Genshiken group cosplay, his stand hovers above, perched over his shoulders like a happy puppeteer

Hato thinking: From bad to worse …
Usually When I am cross-dressing she… She’s still here!

[UPDATE: No, not exactly, note the breast size: It’s the Kaminaga wraith! Yikes!
What I missed was the Hato -though overprint saying: “when I crossdress, She appears! ]


The paparazzi go nuts, Hato looks out and sees Madarame looking at him (or in his direction) with a blank, slightly bemused look. Hato gets embarrassed and winces, as his Stand looks down at him, like a madonna to her child.


Hato stares out blushing, Madarame’s reaction is hard to read

Sas elbows Kousaka and sez:
A note on the last person involved in the moteki field effect of Madarame-san…

Kou: Yup!

Sass: It wouldn’t be Hato-kun? Would it?

Kou: Heh! .. You get it now?

Sass: Oh, of course, yes!

Kou: Well, The person who is at the center of this is giving no indication of concern (or being aware of it)

As the bottom panels close in on Yajima (frowning) Sue (frowning) Angela (smiling)

Out of his cosplay costume, Hato is apologizing to Angela afterwards:

To sum it up … I shouldn’t have pressured you into anything you may have or may not have wanted to do.. I butted in inappropriately, so I beg you to please accept my deepest apologies Angela-San.

Please try to pretend it never happened.

Angela gets the translation from Ohno..


Angela looks at Hato and sez (perhaps xlated by Ohno)

I have to put this carefully Hato … so you are not shocked, but…


In English. being Ohno -translated:

I’ve known of your feelings since last summer…

Since that time you stepped in between me and Madarame


(she says while grabbing nearby Sue)


(and grabbing Hato with the other arm)


Mada, squatting on the ground looks up at the advancing threesome


So that way.. (her declaration stops short..)
Angela to Ohno: KANAKO! This happens every time! You wont translate the important parts!

Ohno: No Way! Are you kidding?

Angela: Come on! Otaku boys are crazy about this kind of stuff, right? Their eroge are full of them! The harem route!

Ohno: Look! don’t confuse reality with video games!

Angela: I think it fits perfectly!

Ohno: Ugh! don’t ask me to translate any more of this!

Angela, determined to continue: MADARAMEY!

Uh, What?



As Sue upper-cuts her, Angela yells out:

(HOT STEAMY FOURSOME SECKS.. No didnt say that, darn..)

Recovering, Angela looks down at the Sue, then squeezes her tighter


As the panels close-up on Hato, Sue and Angela, she announces slowly:

WE         LOVE         YOU!



Genshiken 91_29 smoke rings

reaction shots from all, Hato and Sue have gone limp.


Madarame’s world starts to spin around.


Hato and Sue are mortified with embarrassment and /or are also caught fanning out on themselves over the predicament.. Angela smiles knowingly.


Mada gets up and glances around looking for an escape route.

Kousaka: Target is moving…
Kuchiki What? You’re going to refuse this?

Mada, breaking into a run, drops a quote line: “And I looked, and ran away“.


But Keiko is in the way, and he is running right at her..

He tries to correct on the slippery floor and falls, taking the weight on his left wrist, again

The text box gives the diagnosis: Madarame Harunobu, Left Wrist


Closeup of the wrist hitting the ground hard

Fractured distal radius
Prognosis : Time to heal: sixty days.

Voice overs:

Keiko: Who wants to do a group what with Watanabe ???

Angela: Madaramey!

Hato: Sempai!

(No sue voice??)

In the next chapter, let’s face it!
Duel standby! per Yugio..

The death of Madarame (will not be announced)


Of course, thanks to sources I will not name here, And thanks to the un-nameable bringer of light, who will sooner or later return to bring a more properly nuanced version of our fave to these grey parts of the world. I do this weak shit in honor of the task you started,

Will hold until relieved…

Also, If one is really, really stupidly obsessed with a manga, there is something to be said about going through it word by furreign, barely translatable word, to deepen that obsession. The focus! The concentration! Thank goodness I didn’t start cleaning and ms-painting the text into the panels or I would be waking up at 4:00 AM with grand unified theories of how Genshiken relates to everything and makes perfect sense, and could only be constructed the way it is, but per the teaser ending on the anime (and I said it first) needs a beach scene, or at least a Karaoke episode with the lads doing slightly gender bent gaijin songs for the squee of the rotten girls – Or are they any vocaloid experts out there?

Uhhh yes, That could happen, so I am glad I did not go there.


As for this chapter:  this is pure Kio Shimoku slap-stick arc-climax candy, but I hope it isn’t over yet. Someone deserves a happy (Good) ending, or at least the start of one. I am also sticking to my bet that Sue may not be interested “that way” in Madarame, but might be interested in Hato; only because Shimoku-sensei likes to tease his readers with telling glances that are directed at two people.

But the chances for Madarame look bleak in the immediate future, unless Angela annouces (per …for the duration of Comifest..) that she is staying on in Japan a bit; I mean, someone has to go buy some food for poor one-handed Mada or he will starve to death, waste away in his lonely apartment.

A pile-up of cooking girls and others threatens


PS: Ogiue Maniax’s review just came out today too!  Read it at:

Update: Per the addenda above, it looks like Shimoku-sensei has just upped the ante on Hato and his delusions: When he is in boy mode and doing anything that could be shipping service, his Stand pops out. Now, when he is cross-dressing and anywhere near Mada, Kaminaga-wraith pops out, and her puppet-master powers are much stronger than Stand-chan’s. Poor bastard is doomed. I suggest an exorcism and/ or checking into a Buddhist monastery.

3 thoughts on “Genshiken Ch 91: Full Moteki Panic!

  1. Gracias por el review y la traducción, es dificil encontrar una buena fuente en ingles

    Personalmente, yo creo que Sue es la que tiene más chances de tener un contacto romantico con madarame, y eso se ve en las diferentes ilustraciones que hace Shimoku-sensei con ellos dos, por otro lado solo nos queda esperar un desenlace justo para la vida romantica que para madarame: “… is wrong as I expected.”

    • A quick translation via Google :

      Thanks for the review and translation, it is difficult to find a good source in English

      Personally, I think Sue is what is more likely to have contact with Madarame romantic, and it shows in the different illustrations Shimoku-sensei does with those two, on the other hand we can only expect a fair outcome for life Madarame romance that: “… is wrong as I expected.”

  2. OH! I almost missed your main point! And I should have clued in, because I left a mangled note at the website of the “other language blogger” asking if they could post the text for their scanlations, along with their finished product. So much easier to run machine translate on a web page, than to type in every single word from the scanlation. This should be best practice among scanlators, if only to share the love across the whole planet !!!

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