Genshiken ch 91: Madarame’s time!

Priority! Priority! Priority! Extreme plot development immanent! Secure for extreme plot development! Spoiler lamp is ON! Priority! Priority! Priority!


Normally I would continue waiting until something other than the original Japanese version of my fave series was available, perhaps even until the successor to the bringer of light who shall not be named gets caught up with IRL concerns.

But not this time! Per a comment on another blog, I sought out the “raws”. You can find them too, if you look. You can even with Chrome Inspect Element, Resources, Images, Open in New Tab, Download – even if some places disable the context menu.

So what… it is all in moonspeak, right?

Not quite.

As for the rest, you can pretty well make out what is going on. Recall from the previous post it was mentioned that Ohno and Tanaka had planned for Hato-as-chan to be part of the Genshiken mass Bodacious Space Pirates cosplay event. That will get you partway through the chapter..

Enjoy the rest!

Christ, Buddha, and Bob on a bicycle, this one’s a winner !!!

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