Genshiken Ch 89: or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Wherein I do some random practice using machine translation and post the results

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. Whew, I got the broad strokes, but really missed a lot of important nuances.  Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok I admit it.. I might be wrong about the provenance of the Peruvian scans, and for that matter, the Haitian Creole ones. Still, I was so curious about what went on in chapters 89, 90 (and now 91 – from what I can see of 91, Kio Shimoku has really, really gone overboard with the slapstick) that I was compelled to take matters into my own hands.

Not too great, but better than nuthin’…  SPOILER LAMPS ON!

And if anyone has a better translation. localization/ approximation for any of this, please do not hesitate to contribute…


What a mess! See below the cut..

Oh well, Here we go:

Rika: You, you who were going “shut up shut up” before, You went and bought Hato-chan’s favourite dojins. After he said he had stopped reading BL.

Now you no longer have any excuses!

let’s just say it once and for all…


Rika to Yajima cont, corner of chapter splash page:

You like Hato-chan, right?

Title box: Chapter 89 Festival Evol

Yajima: Geh? what the heck are you saying? Where did you get that idea?

Rika: hmmmm?

Yaj: I simply started following DUARRAAAARRAAA after Hato showed it to me.
So what if I just bought up all the dojins about it that I could find?

And if he asks to see any of them later, I’ll have the set. Want to take a look?

Rika: Ah no … not for now, thanks..

um … That Yajima,,, she raised shields in two seconds… and anyway…
Yaj continues: And anyways, I wrecked my budget on them

<Incomprehensible idioms, something about buzzsaws and pr0n>, so either male or female readers should be able to get some enjoyment from them

Yaj: You think this is funny?

nothing nothing… A while back you were pissed off at all the buying frenzy. Dear Yajimacchi; wait an hour and you completely change your mind.

bottom panels

Yaj: by the way
Rika: What?
Yaj: About Hato quitting crossdressing…
Do you … think he did it just because he likes … Madarame-sempai
(Rika thinking in diminished text:) oH! And if we are talking about love here…

Yajima commenting on the boys hanging out: Oh, thats true! He gave up cross dressing.before getting completely… (a strategic retreat!) it must be so that…

Switch scene to boys camp:

Ku in background, to no one in particular: I can not stand any longer! I need to find a bathroom!
Then to Hato: You are ok, Hato-chan?
Hato, background: Yup, doing fine

Switch back to Yaj and Rika..

Yajima continues: however, in this case

Rika: ???

Yajima continues: Look! It’s a man to man discussion …. Something like that – would’nt that be an exciting scene from a BL point of view…

In the background: then we camp here for a while…

Hato: Sorry about that…

Rika: But come on, he went cold turkey on the BL stuff.

Yajima: Oh yeah

Rika: Oh well, he’s admitted it himself, that “objectively” Hato X Mada is much more likely when he was cross- dressing

Yaj: (background) It could be.. Geeehhh what a bloody mess!


Rika: Put it any way you want. But at this moment, Hato-chan is struggling against himself!

Sidebar: This comic look at the life of a university club that studies modern visual culture. named for its abbreviation; Genshiken. It is for fans of anime, manga, and more and has all kinds of people in it: fujoshis, cosplayers an  otoko-no-ko/ trap, and sometimes the stuff studied is risque.

Kuchiki is thinking to himself, rousing himself to action:

Hmmmm! Hato-kun you are not enjoying at all your precious time at Comifest… I can’t help but notice that you have given up all the things you enjoyed… And I feel that I have let you and everybody down somehow, by not butting in… Sooooo… there is only one thing to do

Kuchiki, thinking while glomping Mada: Time for action! Time to give him a hand!

(Hato looks shocked!)


Ku: What. are you doing …???  “What” you ask? Look at this! Do you feel anything watching us?

… By “what?” I mean…. about your “love for BL stuff”, Hato-chan!

Ku on a roll now:

Consider the behavior of a single otaku… among all those who are…


Ku continues:

Among all those who have more than once endangered the position of the whole category historically, (he’s being long winded and hard to understand here)

even if you can say that we have recently acquired a more positive image,

still the media do nothing but treat us like animals, freaks, and unable to deal with reality,

Considering all this,

actually … crossdressing could be very risky


Ku soliloquy continues in Hato’s direction:

But what’s the harm in loving BL? A fudanshi never bothered anyone!

Although I assume that you have caused more than a tiny bit of irritation for Madarame-sempai, That being said, and considering the current state of things, and worrying about your sempai here,

you must not get too worried! You should not worry about any of that now.

You should come to comifest for fun and not for unacceptable worries.



Ku ends speech pointing : We should head immediately to the womans circles.. Forward!

Hato: Thank you Kuchiki-sempai but it’s okay It’s good that there is a sempai who wants to cheer me up.


Conversation lapses as Hato zones out

(thinking:) if I continued to read BL my sexuality may change and I could fall in love with madarame-sempai

Hato is zoning out:

Ah! “”I do not love men”” (as he remembers HER smirking) “I love you ” goes the cliche…

bottom window,

Hato thinking:

Truely … something so basic .. I was actually starting to feel attraction “only for” Madarame-san…


Hato thinking still:

… and if I do not cut all ties with him…. none of this makes sense… how did I ???


Hato to Mada: Sempai… want to make a deal?

Bottom panel:

Rika : that’s stupid!

Yaj: Watch that you dont blurt out that stuff to Hato,

Rika: … stop being afraid of what you want. If you work a bit on Hato- chan, you’ve got it made​​.

This makes its own gravy!

Didn’t I already said that nothing is going on!

Yajima and Rika are talking, meanwhile down the hall a rhythm is generating:

Yaj: …and anyway. no mentioning any of this, is that clear?

Rika: Ah here are the others

Both looking at the scene of Mada being dragged over to Angela with Hato about to speak


Hato to Angela: Angela…


Hato to Angela, as Ku holds Mada in a full nelson

Do you want a go with Madarame sempai??

Flashback a few minutes;

Mada: What? Can Angela do what? and why?

Since you are perfect sou-uke, if I could find you a girl…

the members of Genshiken would stop making BL fantasies about you.

You should have no more trouble…

and I will go back to 2D BL

Mada: What???

Ku: Just look at this… I tried in vain to stop the growth of the Madarame harem effect

Mada: Yikes!

Ku continues: And now you are well set up to lose your virginity, you sneaky traitor!

I know I will never get a real life harem!

That kind of stuff is out of the pages of a light novel.

But do you think you can solve everything by playing dumb?

The truth is that you know very well whats going on!

You have very different intentions, I know this!

Hato: and in any case,

Mada: Huh?


Hato over memory of last time at comiket

You moron! Although she was not your type

You could have seized the opportunity, for once!

At least, it maybe could have changed your outlook on life!

Mada is just glaring now


Angela, thinking: Something must have happened, while I was gone

Angela is speaking in English.. Remember, Kuchiki can understand english

I’m flattered by the proposal, however,



Angela still:


What to do?

Thinking.: And then there’s Sue…

Fade out on Angela

Bottom right sidebar: unbridled imagination

In the meantime, Ogiue and Sue are still wandering arond the fair
but Sue is twitching, like she is cold, or agitated about something…

Ogiue thinking” Ugh! both sides have already finished selling

Teaser box:
next issue: what are you thinking Angela? Everyone is trying too hard to be nonchalant.


I am guessing that anyone who can read Japanese will be cringing at the heavy liberties and localizations, but hey, best I can do. Thanks to all who provided source materials, You know who you are, I will drop by and say thanks, as soon as I can figure out a way to get rid of the damn breadcrumbs.

Shimoku-sensei is sure going to town on this Comiket. And Madarame’s patience is really, really, really being worn down. Poor bastard! The road to heck-ville etc… Meanwhile everybody’s secret crushes are getting ruthlessly exposed. But I don’t think that everything will be out in the open yet, even by the end of Ch 91! Shimoku-sensei likes to play with characters who think they have everything all figured out, but miss something important.

For one thing,  I think Angela has read Sue wrong.

One thought on “Genshiken Ch 89: or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

  1. found alternative script here:
    In many ways it is easier to read, but the emphasis on the Kaminaga flashback has to be stressed more… Per mirror this on my comment on a senior Genshiken blog, the phrase is iconic in the Yaoi Ronso dust-ups that spanned the early 2000′ s in Japan, with real gay males calling fujoshis “drooling dirty old men who should just die!”. Shimoku is aware of some of the “canon” studies on Fujoshis from the 2000 decade and likes to use the stuff in Genshiken II – see the past post on the 2006 Eureka/ Yureka magazine articles, Including a long article in Japanese by Akiko Mizoguchi, who has pioneered the campaign against this trope (well, she goes a bit overboard, but point taken).
    Oooops.. Hobby Horse outta control, but I sure hope the creator of the other ch89 script does a C90 and a 91 too!!

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