Genshiken Ch 90 – The hard way

Wherein the universal translator is giving the crew trouble – Spoiler lamp is ON!

UPDATE: Well, for obvious reasons, this is now obsolete. This was the first time I tried re-translation, and it is the sloppiest. Still it was fun. Thanks to all!

Ok, I couldn’t wait any longer. With the help of much Google Universal Translator and online Peruvian and Bulgarian scans, not to mention the Haitian-creole ones (or so says Google xlate autodetect) I sat down and approximated out the dialogue script for Chapter 90. Or maybe this is just all fan-fiction

Genshiken 90_02

I think I have the hang of these new-fangled cut-line things

Whatever, here we go:

Kousaka: Heh! whats up?
Madarame.. Sorry I’m late

Comiket Day 3, an overcast dawn..
Kousaka: Whats with the girls.. Hiding?
Mada: Yeah! Another long story

Flashback to Hato asking Angela to go out with Mada being held by Kuchiki in an armlock


Angela replies: There’s still one whole day of Comiket left,
and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest.
So lets leave this until after

Kuchiki: Is what she said


Ku continues:
Everything is still unresolved, The girls are in a funk, Hato is moping because he gave up BL dojins, What’s wrong with this Comiket? I demand an explanation!

Mada replies.. you asking me? None of this is my fault..

Ku jumps around: You are wasting your big chance at love, You are wasting your super-moteki power! You are killing my fantasy!

Ogiue is overhearing this and going HUH!
Ohno sotto vocce to Ogiue: Things are weird over there too.. And look at Sue and Yajima, GRIM!
Ogiue : I wish I could better understand, but I missed everything yesterday.
Last time Angela really wanted to jump Madarame, but now she wont even talk about it until comiket is over.
Ohno: And she isn’t even telling me.. I asked..


Could it be that Angela sensed something That all of us missed?

Anyways.. Why not Cosplay with us to take your mind off it all?
Ogiue: No ! WAY!
Ohno: Awww.. Everyone else is going to be Cosplaying.. Or do you intend to just go off shopping by yourself?
Ogiue: Grrrrrrr

back with the boys:
Kousaka to Hato: So you really gave up on BL and..
Hato: Uh yeah, uh sorry..

<<Alternative, more foreshadowing translation:
Kousaka to Hato: “That’s the deal you’ve struck to be able to buy BL again?”>>


top panel
Saki-chan told me that Madarame-san has gone into moteki

middle panel
Kuchiki: Hear that? If the mighty Kasukabe says so, there can be no doubt!
Mada: No! impossible! No way I can have any moteki.
That’s something out of a light novel

Kousaka continues… According to her calculations

bottom panel

There should be Four of them. Four love interests for Mada!

what!!! Four??
Ogiue overhearing the boys..
so was it?
Better to stop trying to figure out this crap and just kill that fool
(after I ask Sasahara)
Rika Yoshitake: here comes the rain!

No text – rain hits day three of Comiket, crowds and all.

Kousaka: You have no idea who they could it be?
Mada: No NO!
Kousaka: Someone in mind,.. this is about you, right?

Kousaka: Let’s talk about the four people,
You should have a clue about at least one …
Nobody here’s gonna blurt this out you know,
try to name a few!

Mada: Uh..  lately, Sue has been acting strange in my presence
I guess

P 11
top bar.. Sue is cosplaying Pricess Serenity from Bodacious Space Pirates

Kuchiki: How?

over to the girls..

Ohno: Sue, please, lose the long face.
You are a perfect Cosplay Princess
You should have a smile as bright as the sun!


Ku: Not just the busty blonde,
you want to sink your filthy fangs into the fair loli girl too, Eh?
damn lecher!

Kousaka: there are two others still missing!
Sas: The other two must be in the Genshiken too..

over toward the Merei and Rika…
Rika: another perfect cosplay! This fits you perfectly Yajima. This time you even wore your contact lenses.
Yaj: Nowhere close to yours. I just got sucked in.
Rika: Are you still mad?

top panel

Rika Yoshitake:
If Madarame-sempai and An-san get together, that opens the route to a broken hearted Hato-kun . I would say that things are looking up for you, whereas yesterday ….

I told you tou are way off base with this .. (and stop snorting through your nose)

Yaj cross panel: No effing Way!

Next panel, back to the boys:
Kousaka: Nope, those two have nothing to do with this
um, in fact they don’t fit the profile one bit.
Huh? but that only leaves Ohno-san and Ogiue-san …

Kousaka: Hato-kun!
… paused long enough for misunderstanding… Can you think of anyone?
Hato in evasive mode: Four people… ?


I think… What about the sister of Sasahara-sempai
Mada: No! Not Possible! tell me that’s not true
Kousaka: exactly!
Sass: I had heard she was coming today. She was at the cabaret until morning. She should be asleep right now … at least I think … hope she doesn’t wake up early!
Kousaka:: Your reaction! Such a lack of respect for Keiko chan!
Kousaka: Well since these are all just Saki-chan’s speculations
I have no idea what’s true

Kugayama: a-anyway we still lack one, right? We are still short one, right?
I think we have exhausted all the possibilities
so it should be someone you do not expect right?

Still one short


(oh shit, same trick, but no they are just asking him again)
What do you think? (Hato looks grim here)


Hato: I have no idea!

later.. Hato to himself:
She knows (kasukabe guessed)
She was able to see that too
Kasukabe- Sempai…

Background yakking. one new one , please

..has read my mind …!

back with the boys.. Kousaka, mid conversation:
… We have not said anything about it right?

Ku: Ehhh?

Hato continues musing: Perhaps they also know, Yajima and Yoshitake-san-san .. And maybe even Sue..


Hato musing continues:
And Angela who was ready to jump him last summer
Now she’s left the matter hanging…

I should give up on sempai. This has to end badly, I should stop this now.

Ah … this circle was the last on my list
oh .. well

Hato gets hailed: here Hato-kun!

With all of us it was easy to clear our buy list


Okay, what’s next? (right top) if we want to split up the loot, there’s not even a bench free to sit on (centre top)

….as usual, the third level is a madhouse (small txt)

Do we want to just keep buying while carrying the whole load with us?

Sas: Ah , wait a second

that there, Sasahara?

Look: They couldn’t use the cosplay square today because of the rain

Um here

and so they moved indoors, right up there
The girls from the Genshiken are all there!


Sass: Should we try to go see them?

ummm ummm sez mada,
honestly, at the moment, the situation seems a bit delicate

Sas: .. I know, but to tell you the truth, Ogiue-san asked me to get you all to come ..


It’s an order from the President…

P 21

that all members of the Genshiken must attend!

(next to power Ogiue bodacious space pirate)


Huh? Ogiue-san ordered… why?

Ah they have seen us

Well in the beginning she had no intention of cosplaying, but the way things are,,

Ah .. therefore she is giving all of herself to the cause?

Thats right, Being the President,
She is doing what she can to dispel some of the tension inside the group


I feel a bit sorry for them getting mobbed

eh already

but I know that right now … I won’t be able to get any closer with all the paparazzi
Nothing we can do about it
Wait! They’re missing a character: Where’s the Captain?

That character was saved for Hato-kun

Ah of course,

Mada reacts to Sue glaring Uh?

Sue hides behing Angela


Angela happy
Yajima Glares
Kousaka changes subject : I managed to snag a bench over there
lets go sit down
.. stroke of luck!

p 25

Ok let’s split up the dojins now
We sure bagged some big game today

Hato  reading: let’s see .. Samideu and…


Yajima GRAB! Hey!
In the next issue, what will Yajima say? Happiness for all!


And that’s what I think is going on in Chapter 90. 

Next time, maybe I imagine what the dialog would be for ch 89.. Or something else..

6 thoughts on “Genshiken Ch 90 – The hard way

  1. Hmmm… Looks close enough to the one scanlation (a non-English, non-Spanish, non-Bulgarian, non-Haitian-creole one; something in the middle) I’ve found.

    • Damn right, but do you think I am going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for them who “bombed” my regular Genshiken supply? Hah! This is all just fan-fiction, it has nuthing to do with anything.. La la la…

      That said I heartily thank the folks who have xlated it in any languages I can at least try and decipher with the xlate box.. And I promise I will make the rounds, dropping off thanks, soon after I catch up on homework.

      Whew! The things we do fer…

      • >do you think I am going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for them who “bombed” my regular Genshiken supply?

        …and mine too? Not indeed!

        (Years ago, I once did try to read some Romanian fansubs, the very first I found for a certain episode of a certain anime. Not the last (subs), luckily).

  2. …the main difference being that what Kousaka says to Hato in p6 is rendered along the lines of:
    “That’s the deal you’ve struck to be able to buy BL again?”
    instead of:
    “So you really gave up on BL”.
    Ah, chapter 91 is out already! Yajima to Hato: “Don’t dare to sell Senpai for your BL!”
    And now back to reading it!

    • And thanks for those tips too… Oh yeah, wow.. Now I get it.. If the Kousaka to Hato: “That’s the deal you’ve struck to be able to buy BL again?” xlation holds, added to your mentioned CH 91 line, then Kousaka has seen through Hato like glass. Hato then goes from trying to “help his sempai” to “disposing” of him, so that he can go back to his perfect faux-fujoshi existence at the Genshiken without having to worry about 3D, his “stand” and other fallout from the glaring inconsistencies of his hobbies.


      • The four-letter-word is said too in that other… fanfic-about-chapter-89:

        Hato to Madarame:
        Sempai… want to make a deal?

        Since you are perfect sou-uke, if I could find you a girl…
        the members of Genshiken would stop making BL fantasies about you.
        You should have no more trouble…
        and I will go back to 2D BL

        So, Kousaka would have heard of it (from Kuchiki, I suppose) from the beginning as a ‘deal’, candidly called so.

        And Yajima is the only one unequivocally expressing disapproval (Sue is not too explicit, shall we say).

        Kuchiki has a vested interest in it too, besides helping Hato; he’s expecting Madarame’s current harem (by all rights _his_ (Kuchi’s) own!) to collapse after Angela deflowers him.

        …but, ah, how marvelously does Angela overcome all obstacles in ’91 with her gaijin-ish shamelesness! Her strong arms! Her resilient jaw!

        (Well, _almost_ all obstacles).

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