The girl on the train

There she sat, on the bench across from my friend and I, on a local train through Kamakura full of returning salary-men and construction workers. Almost 6pm. Somewhere between 17 and 27 – hard to tell, she was wearing one of the ubiquitous germ-masks, so common in Japanese crowded public spaces. not a high school student, or at least not in uniform, but wearing a very personally thought out bulky, loose-fitting, almost too big jacket and long dress outfit that must have started as a tribute to 1960’s girls high school uniforms and ended up as a  uniform for a secret society of ninja library science students.

I mumbled something to my friend, but she vigorously enforces all the rules of proper behaviour in Japanese trains and gawking at the acting-out fashion is not something done, so she shhhh’s me.

“Look”, I whisper out of the corner of my big stupid gaijin mouf: “look at what she is reading!”

On her lap, the girl on the train has a big bulky nondescript purse-bag and is rifling through it, pulling out one BL tankoubon after another, as if trying to decide which to read while indulging in a little public show of “what the fuck are YOU ALL looking at?!?!”


Keep up the good work kiddo, wherever you are!

In keeping with that moment, here’s a link to a new-ish post on TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT that just plain rocks.

Oh and hunt for his music links and download the rock operas.. they are big fun too.

That’s all, shitloads of theory and fanning next post.

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