Genshiken 81 – some thoughts on the royal harem route

Chapter 81 of Genshiken is now available to us leeches, and Kio Shimoku has of coursed dashed all immediate hopes for Sue x Mada shippers. Ogiue Maniax‘s preview was spot on, and this one was Keiko continuing to orchestrate Madarame’s ceremonial catharsis, until Kousaka, and then the cosplay brigade (with draftees) gets into the act.

No point in restating the analysis of the translator and other bloggers, but I will say that I am impressed as heck with Kousaka’s trap-game trolling. Kousaka didn’t go all Heinlein.. Naw.. He has become an adult. This is most unexpected.. Perhaps a son? He has grown a heart! An adult fun-loving, generous heart. That he would do such, with such humor, for Madarame is beautiful.

the explanation of the Sue line is an easter egg from the xlator

As for Sue, the only odd bit is that she is drawn a couple of times studiously avoiding staring at Mada and Saki, as they emerge from the clubroom only to vanish and re-appear at the end of the chapter making obscure references to the novel  Royal Harem Tales which was adapted to the almost-ghibli Like the Wind, like the Clouds anime movie. Huh??? Want more! Note the “studiously avoiding” again! Hope is not lost!

What else? Keiko is just being a bit closeminded about traps oops gender dysphoric Hato and his perceived indeterminacy – no need to read a huge jealousy vibe into it the tale yet. It has been 2 hours since she found out that Hato was cross-dressing, then found out he has all kinds of goofy kouhai behavior towards Madarame, then drafted him and Sue into their mission.  She is probably just re-doing the Yajima thing.

Saki has not given up on her moetekki brainwave; she made a big thing to Mada about sticking around the campus – she means the club – to get some harem route action. I wonder if she sees anything that we poor solids don’t; she did tell Madarame he should have taken Angela up on her offer. Most I can make of this is that she believes the only girl(s) for Mada are otaku-ish.

Tanaka and Kugayama go off with Madarame to drink at his place: no bar crawl. Wonder where Hato is going to change? Nope that can’t be right – Hato probably pulled a quick change somewhere else for the festival.

So I hope Kio-sensei can wring a bit more fun out of the night after the cultural festival. A heckuvalot has happened, both in Hato-land and in Mada-land but the new kids are not getting a lot of attention. Do they meet up with Sue and the manga club exiles for some heavy drinking? Something has got to do some plot advancement, now that Hato’s big secret is out of the bag and Mada’s big crush has been laid to rest.

La la la.

Unrelated news of the weird:

Right-wing Mayor’s wife heavily into Cosplay!


Ichigen koji (218)
Posted by Ampontan on Saturday, November 3, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

“Even though it’s the same body, I don’t get tired of it because she creates many changes by adorning it with many different costumes. My wife was a classmate in high school, and I’ve known her for 20 years. We have six children (now 7) and that’s because she fully develops her artistic ideas. School uniforms…tennis team outfits…all sorts of things.”

– Osaka Mayor Hashimoto Toru talking about his marriage

— end —

Don’t know whether to Yikes or Awww!  Said pol did admit to an affair back in 2008, but I guess he somehow won his way back into his wife’s good graces.
Somehow this reminded me of Spotted Flower, but I can’t exactly say why.

Otherwise, here in blog-land, things might get a bit sparse – work is going to get frantic soon (read yesterday). Time to stuff one’s ears with wax and row.


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