While we were distracted

…Kio Shimoku slipped a few fast ones over on us. Anyone notice how when Hato’s little friend tries to ship him, he’s cast as the seme? Notice how the prototype Kaminaga just uke-d him when she paired him up with his own brother. Guess he and Mada now share two things in common. Or maybe not. The pic is very YUU X KEN, but Kaminaga yelled out KEN X YUU.

Fujoshi pairing rules are incomprehensible

Here’s another oddity: google Kaminaga and the wiki for a famous judo champ who failed at the 1964 olympics and later coached pops up at the top! What an odd coincidence given that both Hato boys are judoka.

“In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man…”

Finally, the oddness of Hato being able to so easily impersonate Kaminaga cuts the other way: she better not cut her hair short or brother-san is in for a shock.

Could be worse: they could all resemble Kafuka Fuura!

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