A naive and sentimental lover

Well, so much is going on, in manga-land and in the real world, that I have barely any time to write anything here. Part of this stems from an annoying accident a few weeks back that has left me hurting (can’t think when I hurt!), part of it is getting over the departure of she-who-up-with-me-puts; a great visit, even with yours truly getting on the injured list for the last week of her stay. Then there is the heat around these parts, which, if mild compared to a Japanese summer, is still a real drag. Oh, and then there is work…

Over in 2D land, and on the interwebs, an embarrassment of rich material and fun diversions. SZS draws to a close, or rather a leaked ending scrambles frantically to fill in the missing pieces, I am in mild awe of Kumeta, who has pulled stuff like this before, but never to such an effect. Kafuka Fuura, we never knew you!

Something dreadful will happen

For some reason, I have a powerful urge to work kitchen sink Buddhism into an analysis of the ending, while playing with the 100 stories theme from ch 149. Basically: “”As long as all the hells are not emptied I vow not to become a Buddha. Only when all sentient beings are saved Will I attain Bodhi”” writes the whole piece by itself.  I admit it, I am moved.

Other stuff pokes its head into view: this blog is about desire, and I thought I would avoid sports manga entirely, but I found myself sucked into Kurogane –
the newer one by  Haruto Ikezawa  rather than the earlier historical Kurogane.
All that’s needed to to grab me is to graft a rather simple ghost story onto a standard high-school sports grinder.  I admit it, I am moved.

Sensei no petto

Finally, more blogs to absorb:

Tokyo Scum Brigade! How did I miss them before? Especially their Akiba series:

Borugo is a fun read, especially his inside-out Lacan analysis. I want to see him try some theory about cosplay. Maybe he has already, so I keep reading his back posts.

As for Genshiken, yup this is going to take a while. Hato will never be the same now that his backstory is out in full view. (or will be soon – all hail anon*, bringer of light..) Big question: does he have to “resolve”, or can he remain a big happy pile of contradictions? What are the limits of the Genshiken as a safe space?

“”Duh! When I am Hato-kun, I have a horrible crush on HER… So I became HER, and as Hato-chan, I think I am getting a crush on Madarame, or rather Stand-chan thinks I should, but I just want to draw my fantasies, if I can figure out what they are…“”

Much patience will be tried…

Meanwhile, read, work, heal.

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