Genshiken 70 – set-ups and the sack-o-weasels gambit

Almost another “Survey & Research Methods” post: Still too much to do at work, still lousy health, but at least there is another chapter of Genshiken:

Ch 70 appeared, with some interesting background stuff: The school festival approaches again, and the “new improved” Genshiken has a reputation to uphold, even if that means that everyone’s favorite content has to be toned down a bit. Also the old feud between the Manga society and the Genshiken is lampshaded with the predicament of Yabusaki and Asada. A far better handling of all this is available at the ever authoritative Ogiue Maniax review.

The old Genshiken rarely produced anything, for school festivals or otherwise. The new Genshiken is female weighted and surprisingly talented, but the institutional memory of the club holds very little the way of structure for such production beyond the name of the
long-dormant publication. Ogiue pulled a heroic rabbit out of her hat last year, but this year’s effort needs a much lasting structure; it is time to create a ritual that will work, produce works and that will serve as a legacy.

Note that this is different from the ritual of the Dojin circle, which is assumed to be well-known throughout fujoshi-dom and greater Otaku-dom. (loads of studies suggest that without fujoshi participation, comiket would be 1/4 – 1/5 of what it is today.- must dig up the links later)

On second look, this “set-up” chapter is excellent: We know that the author of Genshiken is committed to the idea of “a (productive?) social” being invaluable to the development, if not salvation of the lone Otaku. In this chapter we can also see how a well-established series like Genshiken can “make its own gravy” by methodically laying out the (mostly) realistic problems that develop from the characters and the situation, and then spinning the directions these will take in such a way as to maximize hijinx potential.

If < something must be produced > + < content must be toned down > then <each character> +  < do it the complicated way > = profit!

Ogiue and Sasahara are lovers – but occasionally mangaka + editor. Ogiue values her prowess as a mangaka, worries that Hato could blow her away, but has a responsibility as Genshiken leader and quasi-sempai to Hato to see if powerful work can be coaxed from the ball of contradictions that is Hato. She is also still insecure in her professional work – either that or (and) work has been keeping her and Sas apart to the extent that he has to steal time to visit and give her a pep talk in the club-room (note later Ogiue/ Sue scene). Other members have old loyalties that they wonder about, and only the cosplay contingent seems to know exactly what they want to do (moar cosplay! ).

And of course, we are venturing into a sacred space for all mangaka-dom: making a manga about making a manga. Second only to creating a manga about creating a dojinshi for comiket, expect the love to just gush out of every stray corner in the next few chapters.
As for a school festival on a Sengoku-era battlefield – “what? No shovel-wielding SZS Chiri-chan ???? Oh well plenty of other stuff to play with

On Hato:
I am tickled that Ogiue Maniax found Hato-kun’s manga effort so interesting too.
I love it to death (!) and think it is far better than any generic Yaoi scene.
SHIT!  I’d buy the t shirt.  So damn famous blue raincoat it hurts! (whuuups! wrong

Where indeed?

Another aside: Does Hato really mean Pigeon/Dove in Japanese?
Can’t help thinking about this now. Note that the game’s name is also a pun /
bad engrish for Heart-full. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……

In any case, the author is having a bit more fun with Hato. Looks like rotten Hato-chan holds absolute dominion over anything Yaoi-related, including drawing chops, thereby setting up a nifty “I can only draw well as a girl and when drawing hawt BL scenes” plot device. Or at least a ” I can only draw well when I am Hato-chan” device, which seems to grow organically out of the earlier 5 o’clock shadow incident at Ogiue’s dojin drawing party.
And we all thought he just wanted to keep his female self “on” so that he would be comfortable with the group and vice-versa. . .

Beyond the nifty two-faces-of-Hato exposition lies the other question: why must Hato fake up a manga for Ogiue to read. No previous output or ???????. Hato-kun can block out a page but can’t draw, Hato-chan can draw, but can’t block out a page? Guess the Hato X ??? fantasy dojin has still a bit of a way to go! (Can Hato solve ALL his problems by hiding the pining pair in battle medieval armor!) Never lose the opportunity to take the more complicated route when building up a good plot-pileup.

Behold! the sack-o-weasels tactic!
(put enough weasels in a sack and they take care of each other)


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