survey & research methods

After more digging through various manga, blogs and the like, it seems my research is a bit tattered around the edges. <grrrrr!!>

Many of the assumptions of this blog are too simple, lacking recent historical background, original sources, and validation.

“You are too naive, Ufu fu fu …”

” Yeah, I work hard to give that impression.”

On the other hand; I have found plenty more neat stuff to add to the pile:

First, a rather good Master’s Thesis, late 2008 from Amy O’Brien, Georgia State University on american yaoi fandom: O’Brien, Amy Ann, “Boys’ Love and Female Friendships: The Subculture of Yaoi as a Social Bond between Women” (2008). Anthropology Theses. Paper 28., which has some rather good explorations as to “why?”.

Query: how does this track back to Jp. fans?

Also, another fujoshi-meets-boy manga: Fujoshi Rumi (妄想少女オタク系, Mōsō Shōjo Otaku-kei?, (Geeky Girl Obsession) by Natsumi Konjoh (
Timeline roughly coincides with Genshiken Ogiue introduction. Natsumi Konjoh,  a woman mangaka who has done other stuff, mostly described as Hentai. (hmmmmm.. must research!) Nice light writeup at:

More background at: see:
and browse the site for his very detailed cosplay shots, which endear him to the western (does he have a Jp blog?) yaoi fans.

Light survey, not much meat:

The good news is that an expanded version of the thesis (no, not academic, just for fun.. ) is developing, but needs to be solidified into a simple plain english declaration, rather than pomo/ soc/ anthro/ structuralist speak. Something like the situationalist slogan: I TAKE MY DESIRES FOR REALITY, etc…

Must remember not to do the Wizard of Oz again. The archetypes for women’s fantastic bildungsroman are a bit thin.

Could it be that discomfort with, and the rejection of societal “maturity” scripts constitutes an erotic act in itself?

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